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Thinking About Cheating? Read This First.

Think your relationship is on the brink? Fantasizing about someone else? Thinking at all about...cheating? Ronnie Koenig of AOL Health invites Ian Kerner and Dr. Patti Britton to give anyone in a relationship going south some much needed advice before walking the potentially dangerous path of infidelity—this could potentially can save your marriage...

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7 Types Of Relationship Advice People Love To Give

There are bits of love advice that we've heard thousands of times—so often that we stop taking them seriously. These sayings may be tired, but there's a reason things become clichéd—because they're often true! Here are seven pieces of boring-but-beneficial relationship advice, and what they might mean for you.

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Is Your Relationship Holding You Back?

If you were porking someone the weeks leading up until Freshman Orientation and using the L-word, chances are you are "doing the long-distance thing" at college. And chances are a sizable percentage of your brain is elsewhere, when it should be focused on making new friends, pitching a column to the school newspaper, and discovering the least disgusting dining hall. I am here to tell you that it's Band-aid time: that is to say, rip it off real quick. Do it. Dump your high school boyfriend. Gather 'round, college freshmen, for a grizzled tale of love and loss from one who has been around the block.

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Couples Don't Grow More Alike Over Time

We've got good news (for some of you at least): A new study reveals that contrary to popular belief, couples don't actually grow more alike over time—even after years and years of living together. What's more, the same study found that opposites don't really attract, after all.

6 Secret Sex Dangers

6 Secret Sex Dangers

Emotional pain and heartache are risks we often take to experience the thrill of love and sex. However, recent findings have discovered that more than just your tender heart may be on the line. Dubious prophylactics and dangerous chemicals dot today's sexual landscape, threatening your physical health as well.

Tim Gunn Is Celibate. Could You Give Up Sex?

Tim Gunn Is Celibate. Could You Give Up Sex?

Tim Gunn reveals in his new book that he has been celibate for "decades." Though he claims that celibacy has not kept him from a "perfectly satisfied and happy" life, Jennifer Wright of TheGloss.com argues that a lack of sex, regardless of whether or not you feel it, means a lack of fulfillment.

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Want To Prevent Cheating? Try Prayer

Every year, countless couples consult books, therapists, friends, and websites for advice on maintaining happy relationships. At least two recent studies suggest, however, that couples approach a more divine source of answers: God. Scientists say that couples who pray together are less likely to cheat on each other, and more likely to experience satisfaction in their relationship.