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Angry Woman

After A Breakup, Anger Hard To Shake

So, it's been a year since I got dumped. Frankly, I would not blame any of you for being at the point of thinking—if not saying—"Why the f**k hasn't this bitch gotten over this yet?" I wonder the same thing myself.

the good wife reivew

"The Good Wife" Was Pretty Good

The Good Wife premiered last night on CBS, and we were finally able to see what all those billboards, magazine and subway ads were all about. Turns out the show isn't half bad.

bride and groom

Is One Month Into Dating Too Soon To Get Hitched?

Word on the street is that Khloe Kardashian will be tying the knot with her LA Lakers boyfriend Lamar Odom this upcoming weekend. If these rumors are correct, that means the two will be agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together after only about a month of dating. But is marrying someone after such a brief time really such a terrible idea? Or does doing so have its benefits? We've thought it over, and come up with some reasons in favor of and against marrying someone you hardly know.

man or guy?

The Difference Between "Men" and "Guys"

New York Times writer Catherine Calbert divides all males into either men or guys. She says "guys" are more emotionally available where "men" are more closed off, yet able to handle responsibility better. Which do you prefer?

couple dressed in pirate costume

Pirates, Atheists And Other Online Dating Keywords

Online dating is haaaaaaaaard. But new research suggests that if you're not having any luck finding love on the Internet, you just aren't using the right words in your profile. Like "zombies" and "atheist"—apparently, just two of the "hot words" for today's single people.

first date kiss

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss On The First Date?

Four things we know we're not supposed to do on the first date: talk only about ourselves, send text messages, explain how great the sex was with our exes, get fall-down sloppy drunk. One question that probably never crosses our minds, but might be worth pondering: to kiss or not to kiss? The thing is, we know kissing is fun. And kissing doesn't necessarily imply any promises of further action whatsoever. Regardless, it might just be worth waiting for.

Still Intimate With Ex After Divorce?

Still Intimate With Ex After Divorce?

For all of these reasons, it is natural to have conflicting feelings. Long after love fades away, attachments can continue. The dependency, the comfort of the familiar, and the memories all contribute to difficulty in letting go. Angry feelings often co-exist with longing for the familiar spouse.