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Men Propose Sooner In Cities With Few Single Women

Decisions, decisions. Anybody who's ventured down the candy aisle at Target knows that the more options you're presented with, the harder it is to pick one of them. Apparently, the same philosophy applies to single men, who put off proposing when they have a surplus of single women to choose from. Forget romantic locales, the best cities for singles are the ones with the most available men.

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Too Many Men Think Tight Jeans Ask For Harassment

For as long as we can remember, people have debated whether women who wear provocative outfits are just asking for verbal harassment. While "provocative" is a relative term, it apparently applies to a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a white top. In case you haven't heard, Ines Sainz, a reporter for Mexico's TV Azteca who donned the aforementioned outfit, was allegedly sexually harassed by New York Jets players while she was conducting interviews in the team locker room. 78 percent of the people surveyed on Asylum said that her pants are a "ploy for attention," while only 21 percent have answered that sexual harrassment is unacceptable.

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What To Love About Being Single

Being in a couple isn't without some disadvantages and sacrifices and, looking back on my single years, it's apparent there were a few things I took for granted. I wouldn't trade my present for my past (well, I'd take my 22-year-old ass back, please), but there are advantages to being single.

I Called The Other Woman, So What?

I Called The Other Woman, So What?

After she had dating him for four months, freelance writer Lindsay Hitchcock ("Orlando's Carrie Bradshaw") thought she had found the perfect man. He was "10 years older, mature, confident, and established (and tall!)." However, Hitchcock began to get somewhat suspicious when a "mystery blonde" kept texting and calling this "perfect" man during dates. It wasn't long before the suspicions took over; Hitchcock went through his phone and called her...

5 Things To Know Before You Plan A Wedding

5 Things To Know Before You Plan A Wedding

As I mentioned earlier this weekend, I spent Labor Day attending the most awesome wedding I’ve ever been to. Granted, it probably meant that the bride, groom, and both sets of parents bled money consistently for the past year, but there were some non-financial lessons to be learned as well. Here are 5 tips to remember when planning a wedding.

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Can Women Trick Themselves Into Better Sex?

A recent study out of The University of Texas at Austin and Baylor College of Medicine studied 200 women with sexual arousal complaints (low sexual desire, low sexual arousal and problems with orgasm). Out of the 200, 50 were administered placebos in place of libido-inducing medicine. Surprisingly, the scientists found that a third of those taking the placebo marked an increase in sexual arousal and all-around better sexual experiences with more stimulation within four weeks. Needless to say, none of the women's partners were counseled on better sex tips.

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Is TV Biased Against Female Sexuality?

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, that all-natural blend of botanical oils meant to prime ladyparts for sex, has had a tough time getting TV advertising space. Not only have Facebook and WebMD refused to run Zestra's ad, most radio stations and TV networks have only OK'd the spot for the late-night graveyard or other non-primetime shifts. Was there ever such hoopla over erectile dysfunction ads? Why do men regaining erections get Superbowl commercial spots while middle-aged ladies desiring more orgasms can only be seen by insomniacs? Is there a double standard, or is the ad really just too suggestive? Watch it and tell us.