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The Breakup Warning Signs

4 Breakup Warning Signs

Getting dumped sucks… there's no doubt about it. There aren't many things more heart-wrenching than finding out that the person you love thinks he will be better off without you. But this news can really make your guts fall on the floor when it comes completely out of left field. If an "out-of-the-blue breakup" has happened to you in the past, I don't have to remind you of how much it hurts. But the good news is that I can show you how to make sure it never happens again. You see, the tell-tale signs of an inevitable breakup will always be there if you know what to look for. Keep reading to find out...!

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Life As An Asexual

Being asexual does not mean that I have no appreciation at all for what is physically beautiful or aesthetically appealing in others. In the past, I have often tried to imagine myself with the people that I have shown some kind of interest in, but I realized in retrospect that this "attraction" was never more than friendly or purely appreciative. I can certainly admire the looks of an attractive person, but I feel no sexual or romantic desire for them.

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How To Seduce Difficult Women

Certain men—gays and hairstylists among them—have a particularly astute handle on what women want. Richard Temtchine, who is decidedly not the former but who was, for 22 years, the latter, is one of these men—and he's translated this insight into his new film, How To Seduce Difficult Women, opening in New York City on Friday. The Paris-born Temtchine wrote, directed and produced the film, which follows Philippe, a married Frenchman living in New York, as he instructs hapless American men in the art of seduction, while sustaining ample practice himself with various mistresses. Temtchine came up with the idea after running into an acquaintance who struck him as a particularly difficult woman, and realizing he had the tools to make her soften, if not melt.

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What They Don't Tell You About Moving In Together

There are only two reasons why I'd move in and live with another girlfriend. We're married and determined to fill a sweatshop with our nimble-fingered love critters. Or she cracks me in the head with a shovel, sews my mouth shut, replaces my eyeballs with marbles, and sits my stuffed body in the corner. Whatever you do, don't move in with your boyfriend. What? It's too late? Sweet Zeus, Odin, and Quetzalcoatl, winged serpent god of the Aztecs! I hope your cohabitation doesn't end the way two (two!) of mine did – with helicopters launching off the roof amidst tornadoes of debris and smoke, a single individual hanging off the skids, flipping the bird to the person whose name is on the lease.

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3 Life and Love Lessons From 'Modern Family'

We all remember growing up to Growing Pains, and Family Ties, but so much has changed since the '80s and '90s. We were in need of a family sitcom that portrays life as we know it today. Modern Family, which recently premiered on ABC, does just that. In the end though, what all of these characters have in common is the love that binds them.