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What The Year Of The Rabbit Means For Your Love Life

In the Chinese calendar, 2010 was the year of the Tiger. If you're feeling a little tuckered out after these past 12 months, that's natural. It was quite a torrid affair--full of tumultuous mood swings, lots of hard work and over-the-top passionate adventures. Yeah, we know. Phew. We survived the drama, and even enjoyed it to a certain extent, but it's time to move on to a calmer year and animal. Enter 2011. On February 3, it's the year of the Rabbit. Need a little schooling on what that means for your love life? We've got you covered.

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Depressed? Your High School Boyfriend Could Be To Blame

For many young people, high school love is full of firsts. You can probably think of a few yourself--first relationship, first kiss, first heartbreak or even the first time. However, we're betting you would have never guessed this first would ever be added to the list. Researchers at the University of Maine performed a psychological study which brought to light a new first for kids in love, and it has nothing to do with magical moments. They found that early relationships can often reveal the first signs of depression.

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Should She Dump Her Drunk Baby Daddy?

Do not talk this over with your boyfriend. Do not give him any more opportunities to make excuses and empty promises. Simply leave. Leave him as soon as you can. Leave him tonight if you're able. Pack your bags while he's at work or at the bar getting plowed and stay with a close friend or family member until you can get a place of your own. If you lack resources, contact a battered women's shelter in your area that can provide a safe place, counseling, and assistance in getting set up in your own home. You don't have to do this alone. There is help available.

Should Kate Middleton Have Quit Her Job To Plan Her Wedding?

Should Kate Middleton Have Quit Her Job To Plan Her Wedding?

I'm not what one might call an international news junkie, but some headlines just catch your eye... KATE MIDDLETON QUITS HER JOB. My first reaction: Oh no! Was something wrong? Was someone being cruel to her? Has she actually always wanted to be a writer and decided now was as good a time as any to finally pursue her dream (please that, please that)? "Kate Middleton has quit her job in order to prepare for her wedding to Prince William, says the London Evening Standard." Oh. Well then.

Love Bytes: What Men Really Think About Skinny Women

Love Bytes: What Men Really Think About Skinny Women

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links. Coupons on dates, Spring trends men are going to hate, and how skinny is too skinny for men on the hunt. 10 sexual practices we've never heard of, 9 things you're doing wrong on a first date, and 5 ways to fix these mistakes. These links, along with a story about a proposal left on the wrong voicemail, and how social media is turning us into sluts.

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Young Adults Prefer Compliments To Sex

People might associate college life with pizza and promiscuity, but according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality, students would rather receive an ego boost (from compliments and good grades) than have sex. Incidentally, ego boosts also trump favorite foods, which actually makes sense considering how closely hunger and sexual compulsions are compared.


5 Services That Turn Social Media Into Romantic Keepsakes

It's easy to act snobby about social media. Facebook? What a waste of time. Twitter? Narcissist central. Unless you're an avid diaryist, though, there's no denying that your Facebook profile contains the densest amount of information about your daily life. Information doesn't have to mean pointless niceties, like what you ate for breakfast. If you're in a relationship, it can mean the first flirty wall post your significant other ever sent you. It can mean a slew of congratulations you received after making your engagement Facebook official. Depending on how personal you get, your blog posts and tweets about someone may contain an immediacy lost in a relationship with twenty years under its belt. Granted, you probably won't want to scroll through two decades of Facebook statuses in the year 2030. If only there were a service that would bundle your social media profiles as sentimental, prettily-packaged keepsakes, right?

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What I Learned About My First Love From Facebook

Facebook is really great for reconnecting with old friends and finding out what your buddies are up to. What it is also great for: shattering every illusion you ever had about your first love—just like it did for me this weekend.

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14 Percent Of People Would Choose Pet Over Partner

If you had to choose between your pet and your significant other, who would you pick? Most people would pick their partner and a few would say it depends on how long they'd been dating that person versus how long they'd had the pet. Meanwhile, 14 percent of people polled by AP-Petside.com admitted that they'd break up with a human before they parted with a pet.

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Poll: What's The State Of Your Union?

Poll: What's The State Of Your Union?: A. My union gets an "A" for effort and execution. B. My union is pretty good. C. My union is just so-so. D. There's very little cooperation happening between the aisles of my union. F. My union could use a major bailout.