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Is Gratitude The Key To A Good Relationship?

We're all well aware of the top relationship-strengtheners: mutual respect; communication; a satisfying sex life; a mutual affinity for frozen pizzas. But sometimes, boosting your satisfaction within a relationship can be as simple as saying thank you. Is gratitude the key to a happy relationship?

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Is Your Spouse The Best Sex You've Ever Had?

A depressing new study that depressingly found that 63 percent of married women would rather get extra sleep or catch up on their reading than have sex with their husbands may also have depressingly pinpointed why: Less than half of women surveyed say they married the best sex of their lives.

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What If Mr. Right Doesn't Exist?

You’re almost 35 now and want nothing more than a flesh-and-blood child of your own with a man you love—more than you wanted that master’s degree, that great job you have, that beautiful house you bought with your own money or that strong, athletic body you worked so hard to get back after he broke your heart the last time and ran off with someone else.

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His 4 Outdoor Sex Fears

As you get older and come to terms with the dwindling of your time on this planet, you realize there's some stuff you really need to do before you check out. For some people it's climbing K2, for others its reading Don Quixote, starting a charity, having a child, or curing cancer. I'd just like to bone a girl outdoors. Here's the hitch—I'm one of those people who thinks too much about stuff. Sex in public presents inherent problems for us, as we immediately conjure every potential insane scenario that will ruin the moment or get us fired/arrested. A public bone-sesh is something most guys want to check off their lists. But honestly? A lot of us are too scared. I need to know if anyone out there has a remedy for us that doesn't require a prescription.

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Should You Try Sex Therapy?

Despite the fact that there is a greater openness about sex today, and sexuality itself seems to be a popular topic on television, too many women and men have very little knowledge about their own bodies and how to use them for sexual pleasure. For this reason, you and your partner might want to seek the help of a sex therapist.

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A Spray That Makes Men More Emotional?

Men. They can be just as confounding as women when it comes to emotions—especially if it has to do with expressing them. But a recent study conducted by Dr. Rene Hurlemann of Bonn University's Clinic for Psychiatry and Dr. Keith Kendrick of the Cambridge Babraham Institute is finally offering some insight into why men are lacking in the empathy department. Hint: Blame it on Mother Nature. In the experiment, Hurlemann and Kendrick recruited 48 men, half of whom were spritzed with "empathy" spray—a.k.a. the hormone oxytocin—before being shown emotionally charged photos, like a kid crying or a man mourning. The results: Men in the oxytocin group registered higher empathy levels than those in the placebo pool. Intrigued, we mined professor Kendrick for more about how the male emotional mind really works.