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lady gaga mental orgasm

Lady Gaga Can Orgasm Without Touch—And So Can You

Some of you may have missed it, but buried amongst plentiful Lady Gaga gems lies an especially interesting nugget about orgasms. She explains to the author of a recent New York magazine interview that acting classes she took during her youth helped her to fine-tune her imagination. From drinking out of an imaginary coffee cup, to thinking herself to an orgasm. Says Lady Gaga: "I don't know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful." And, there, Lady Gaga managed to convey what researchers and sex therapists have been trying to communicate for years: when it comes to sex, it's all in our heads.

glo launch cover

Meet Glo, Our New Best Friend

YourTango readers, meet Glo , a new women's website that is a collaboration between bigwig media companies MSN, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. and BermanBraun.

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Is It A Date Or Are We Just Friends?

Few phrases are more easily misinterpreted than "We should hang out sometime." Such a simple statement only summons countless questions: First, is it an invitation or a polite suggestion? What does he mean by hang out? Does he mean hang out as pals or as something more? What was that tone of voice? What does he want us to do together? While it's a little awkward to ask someone directly whether or not we were just asked on a date, it can be even more embarrassing to misunderstand someone's intentions when you're out on the date (or non-date) itself.

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Unvarnished: Could This Site Could Ruin Your Life?

Unvarnished.com, a user generated work review site that's still in beta, is kind of like the sleazy little sister to Linkedin.com. The site aims to help out employers with written reviews by co-workers of a person's actual performance on the job. Could this ruin a person's career and love life?

connected divorce

Redbook Editor On How To Divorce With Respect

Redbook magazine editor in chief Stacy Morrison's new memoir, Falling Apart in One Piece (just out in bookstores), is a true confessional in every sense: Subtitled "One optimist's journey through the hell of divorce," the book begins just as Morrison's marriage begins to end. One minute she's swishing arugula through the salad spinner, and the next she's hearing her husband say, simply, that he's done. Here's her story.

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How To Deal With An Inappropriate Crush

It happens to the best of us. One day, we're eying regular guys as usual, and then BAM, we start crushing on someone who probably doesn't belong with us: our best friend's boyfriend, the dreamy part-time assistant who is barely of legal age, or the doctor for whom we are tempted to invent aches and pains. Thanks to the forbidden fruit factor, inappropriate crushes are often more potent than the average ones, and thus require special attention to either eradicate or indulge.

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4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes

It's no secret that scent is a powerful weapon when it comes to getting close. So get even closer with our top picks for date night fragrances, from the best perfume to pair with slinky lingerie and a night in, to the first date scent that's effortlessly sexy.

traveling as a couple

Tips To Travel Happy As A Couple

I love to travel, but my man stresses out if we go anywhere not reachable by subway. So after six years of togetherness, I tend to either travel by my lonesome or extend the rare trips we take together for a few days after he's gone. But we're going to Puerto Rico in a couple weeks. And as I feared, the bitching has already begun.