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The Female Libido: 5 Ways To Turn Yourself On

My libido has never been particularly off the charts but, lately, I've come to feel that—due to the perpetually barren desert between my legs – I'll never find my way out of this vast Sahara of a sex life. It's disconcerting. It's frustrating. But I'm not the only one. Luckily, you can turn your libido around.

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Why Your Ex Should Stay In Your Past

Getting back together with an ex, haven't we all considered it at one point or another? It would be so easy to slip right back into that comfortable routine, picking right back up where you left off. Or not. Here are 10 very, very, very good reasons not to back for round two at the ex-boyfriend buffet.

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6 Tips For A More Compassionate Relationship

In relationships, compassion can often take a back seat. Life is busy. We stop making the effort to be in his shoes or to see his point of view when it's one we disagree with, or worse, one we believe is intended to or is actually hurting us.

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5 Love Lessons From The Office's Michael Scott

The news recently broke that Steve Carell is leaving his role as Michael Scott on The Office. This leaves us bereft, huddled in the fetal position, our knees tucked up to our throats. Why? Well, aside from the fact that Michael Scott is the heart of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, he's taught us an awful lot about love, and we don't know that our love lives will hold up without him. Jim and Pam? Dwight and Angela? Andy and Erin? They don't hold a candle to Michael Scott and his... rotating cast of awkward love interests. So what are the top 5 things he's taught us?

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4 Signs A Guy Is Too Good To Be True

When we first met current Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, she was leaving last season's The Bachelor to fulfill obligations to her job. This season, in what is arguably the most dramatic departure the show has seen, it was contestant Justin Rego's lying schemes that put a damper on Ali's search for Mr. Right. Here, 4 signs a guy is too good to be true.

Does Male Menopause Exist?

Does Male Menopause Exist?

A new British study of 3,000 men reveals that what many drug companies have called "hypogonadism" a sort of male menopause blamed on low testosterone—mood changes, body changes and a loss of energy—might just be plain, old aging. Nothing less. Nothing more.

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Why You Should Remain Facebook Friends With An Ex

Bridges are built, burned down, and built up again only to see more destruction before you are finally done with your ex. You know why you shouldn't delete his phone number, but what about Facebook? We're all guilty of FB stalking (don't deny it). We could win prizes for our undercover investigations via wall-to-wall post and photo albums. While we certainly advocate un-tagging him in all your photos, there are very good reasons not to cut yourself off from him completely by removing him from your list of Facebook friends. After the jump, check out 5 reasons why you should never defriend an ex on Facebook.

5 Fragrances That Make Men Drool

5 Fragrances That Make Men Drool

Baked goods, candy, fruit—skip the musk: it's these scents that really make men drool. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (say that 5 times fast) sniffed out the smells that attract men most. The surprising finding? It wasn't just perfume that they loved: it was the scent of some common yummy foods that got the guys aroused.

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I'm Engaged, Why Don't I Feel Happier?

For five years, Deidre Walker, 32, had dreamed of her boyfriend proposing. But when he finally pulled a ring out of his pocket and said, "Will you marry me?" during a romantic gondola ride in Italy, she didn't say yes right away.