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My Boyfriend Cheated on Me With 22 Women - And I Forgave Him

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me With 22 Women - And I Forgave Him

It was my first week in college when I saw him walk into the cafeteria. A mix of Ralph Macchio and Andy Garcia, he was tall, dark and handsome and just my type. Better yet, he arrived complete with a leather jacket and overly-macho attitude that made this California girl experience that weak-in-the-knees moment one only gets when too young to know better.

The Graduate

A New Study Says 20-Something Men Want Older Women (Yes, Really!)

Along with sharing that depressing news it also shared this painful line: "Once a woman passes the age of 22, she becomes exponentially less attractive to men." Oh, how lovely. And while that still may be true for some men whose fear of ageing keeps them grappling like a rabid vampire for a woman young enough to be their daughter or granddaughter, another study has come out revealing otherwise. Yes, ladies, there is hope for all of you over 22 after all. Can I get a collective high-five?

Emma Watson at the premiere of "Gravity" and Disney princess Belle of Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson as Belle? We called it!

17 Celebs Who Look Like Disney Princesses Come To Life

Emma Watson being cast as Belle in Beauty And The Beast got us thinking: Disney princesses get a pretty bad rap. Sure, they often have impossible bodily proportions, weird patriarchal relationships and until recently married at 16 and essentially viewed every living matriarchal figure in any given kingdom as wicked, evil and selfish. (Thankfully, modern flicks like Brave and Frozen have made huge feminist strides in Disney princess films.) But still, you love them, right?

coworkers kissing

How To Successfully Date Your Co-Worker Without Getting Fired

It is possible to date your co-worker without getting fired or ruining your workplace environment... you just have to keep a few rules in mind. If you're beyond interested in the person who sits a few cubicles away from you, read on. These 10 tips on how to date a co-worker will ensure that work gets a lot more interesting very soon.

couple laying in bed

16 Mind-blowing Health And Beauty Benefits Of Doin' The Dirty

There are a few things most of us women have in common: we appreciate a decadent dessert, we love a clearance sale at our favorite store and we all wouldn't mind looking and feeling younger and healthier. Well as it turns out, the secret to youth (and beauty) might just be right between the sheets. That's right. Sex!

LOL: 15 Honest Photos That Depict Modern-Day Parenting

LOL: 15 Honest Photos That Depict Modern-Day Parenting

I've been a single dad now for about a year. And one thing I've come to recognize is that parenting three young kids is quite possibly the most insane/difficult/rewarding experience there is to be had. I love my kids: Violet, 6, Henry, almost 4, and Charlie, who is coming up on his first birthday. But it's tough sometimes, same as it is for any parent, single or not.

waving goodbye

10 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date Without Being A TOTAL Jerk

In the world of romance and online dating, it can sometimes seem like bad dates happen more often than good ones do. And everyone knows that there are few things worse than being stuck on a horrible date with someone you are not clicking with at all. Whether your date is rude, the restaurant is terrible, or you're just clashing on everything, one thing is for sure: there's nothing you want more than to get out of there.