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7 ways to rock a blazer

7 Ways To Rock A Black Blazer Based On Your Celeb Style Icon

Like the iconic white dress shirt or classic trench coat, the black blazer is a must-have style staple for any woman. Why? It's timeless. With countless ways to wear a blazer, it's impossible for the piece to ever go out of fashion. It could just be the most versatile article of clothing in your entire wardrobe. Here are 7 ways to wear that black blazer you love!

Zac Efron

Man Bling And 10 Other Most Unattractive Looks EVER

Looks aren't everything, but we'd be lying if we said they weren't important—and these 11 ladies couldn't agree more. Read on for what they had to say about their dealbreakers when it comes to the looks that they want their men to steer clear of—from man-bling to tattoos, and everything in between.

eye roll

5 Reasons Your Advice Annoys The Crap Out Of Single People

Underneath all of your questions and condescending comments-disguised-as-concern is the assumption that we want your life because you're the standard by which we should measure ourselves. We're tired of the assumptions and we're tired of the unsolicited "advice"! Here are 5 reasons why.


10 Weird Ways To Seduce Someone According To The Kama Sutra

Most people associate Kama Sutra as a guide to sexual positions, and although there is a portion that going into great detail about sex positions that's not all of the information it provides. Kama Sutra also explains how to seduce someone and what a successful marriage looks like. Some of it is sound advice, but some of it is pretty wacky. We decided to gather 10 weird and specific rules of seduction in Kama Sutra.

Mullet Eugene The Walking Dead AMC
Mullets are like crack: They're wack. Just say no.

'The Walking Dead': 10 Reasons To Never Trust A Man With A Mullet

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead! If you love the show but aren't caught up, don't read this until you've had a DVR binge. The Walking Dead has a new person for us to hate while we wait on Beth to come back (or not) from the hospital full of rapists and their apologists. Eugene Porter, who claimed to be working on the Human Genome Project and that he knew what caused the zombie outbreak, is a liar.