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spring braids
One must-try? The braid!

7 Days, 7 Spring Beauty Trends To Try This Week

Are unpredictable spring weather patterns putting a damper on your beauty routine, and dating life? Make him see clearly (even if the rain isn't gone), while boosting your own spirits, with the season's most attention-grabbing trends all in a week's work).

Laurent Nsabimana Beatrice Mukarwambari
Laurent Nsabimana (perpetrator, right) & Beatrice Mukarwambari (survivor)

Love Is A Unifying Force In Powerful Photos Of Genocide Survivors

It is estimated that 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans were killed during the genocide that lasted from April to July of 1994, when the Hutus slaughtered much of Rwanda's Tutsi population. Now, twenty years later, the country is trying to come together in peace and forgiveness.

woman running
Escape an awkward moment before it happens.

Want To Avoid Your Ex? Here Are 6 Apps For That!

Trying to avoid your ex? Not only can you be alerted when your ex is in the vicinity, but there's a new app called Split that will also provide you with a plan of escape to avoid an awkward encounter.

It's Science: Why You Forget Your Hookup's Name After xSex
He's upset because you have no clue what his name is but it's not your fault!

It's Science: Why You Forget Your Hookup's Name After Sex

So, you met a cute guy or girl at a bar and things went well enough that you woke up next to this stranger the following morning, only to realize you forgot their name. Besides drinking, is there a scientific explanation on why you don't remember a hookup's name? The answer is yes!

couple fighting
Is it truly time to call it quits?

Love Bytes: How You Know The Relationship Is Over

Grab some tissues and get ready! An 11-year-old was walked down the 'aisle' with her cancer-striken father since he won't be there for her future wedding. Are you making these six classic mistakes with men? Lauren Conrad wants to help you get over your ex. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!