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Cooking For A Date? Here's How NOT To Screw It Up

Cooking For A Date? Here's How NOT To Screw It Up

College Senior Andrew Jack was just trying to make a few extra bucks to help pay his way through school. In addition to running his own catering business, and working as a cook in fine dining establishments throughout the Madison, WI area, he began teaching private cooking lessons to the clients that sought him out for his expertise. What he found was that 95 percent of his students were taking lessons in order to impress a potential significant other.


Want A Guy With A+ Sperm? Just Look At His Face

It may not seem like much of a stretch that looks have a lot to do with offspring. I mean, obviously, any simple math equation will bring us to the conclusion that one good-looking person plus another good-looking person, will likely lead to one gorgeous kid. Of course this isn't always the case, but in many cases it is. In addition to that, a new study suggests that not only do good-looking guys possibly make for good-looking babies, but, overall, their sperm quality is just far better than that of other men on the market.

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Confession: If You Make Less Than Six Figures, I Won't Date You

Let me give you a little context to explain my decision. When I was 19, I started my own very successful freelance writing business and by the age of 22, I dissolved it not only because of the economic downturn, but because I saw a more profitable career in Corporate America. Within three years, I was making six figures, flying across the country, buying stocks and working to earn a master’s degree - all while working full-time. I made good and bad choices financially, and twice, I’ve walked away from jobs, leaving me with no income streams.


7 Things Women Do To Ruin A First Date

We knew the ladies would have a lot to say about the first date don'ts they won't stand for — but we were pretty surprised to hear the things that these 8 guys listed as first date dealbreakers! Read on to find out what caused them to permanently lose their date's number.