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According to the Dalai Lama, you'll have less drama.

No-Nookie Zone: 7 Little-Known Benefits Of Dry Spells

We live in a society that has us believe that if we're not getting any, then our life is a failure. OK, that might be dramatic. But if you're not getting laid your friends often look at you with pity in their eyes, as they try to console you with promises that you'll have sex again, someday, even if that someday is five years from now. 

I Married My Drinking Buddy — But Then One Of Us Quit Drinking

I Married My Drinking Buddy — But Then One Of Us Quit Drinking

At the age of 20, I met a tall, skinny kid in a bar (fake IDs were used, though *cough*, I don't condone that sort of thing). In each other, we found love, companionship and an amazing party buddy. He appreciated the fact that I was a beer drinker and not some girly girl hiding behind a fruity concoction with a paper umbrella. I appreciated the fact that he could hold his liquor without becoming a burden to everyone in the Irish pub. We both appreciated each other's mad John Travolta dance moves.

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Quiz: Are You In Love With A Narcissist?

Have you ever wondered if you're in love with a narcissist? You had a feeling, but just weren't sure. If so, this quiz is for you! Answer these 10 questions to find out if you are, in fact, in love with a narcissist.