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"That was great ... now let's take a selfie."

Cover Your Eyes: #AfterSexSelfies Are Now A Thing

If you've seen the #aftersex tag trending on Instagram lately, but have yet to click and see what the buzz is all about, let me clear up any confusion you might have about it: it's a selfie couples are taking after sex. Why? I don't know; perhaps to prove that they are, indeed, getting some? Great; congratulations! You'll get your medal in the mail.

couple unhappy in bed
A little spice never hurt anybody.

Bedroom Intervention: 13 Signs Your Sex Life Needs A Boost

How do you know if you actually need sex advice? Are you really just curious or are you seeking advice because deep down you know that your sex life isn’t doing that well? In order to find out we have 13 signs your sex life needs a boost and solutions for each problem.

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Every minute 38 people contract an STD.

It's STI Awareness Month: 4 Things You Must Know About Safe Sex

April is Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month. The CDC estimates that at any given moment there are 110 million STIs out there, both new and existing, among American men and women. Here's an infographic filled with important information every sexually-active person should know.

What do the stars have in store for you?

Love Horoscope For April 2014

Welcome to YourTango's monthly love horoscope column from astrologer Ellen Whitehurst! Look up your sign to see what the month of March has in store for you in the romance department.

sex seflies
Hold on, let me take a sex selfie.

Strike A Pose: In Defense Of Sex Selfies

According to a new study by extra-marital dating site, AshleyMadison.com, 71 percent of British guys and 69 percent of the British ladies have taken a "sex selfie." Once you compare that to sex selfies being taken globally, we're looking at 60.19 percent of guys and 51.6 percent of ladies joining the party.

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"The younger guys, in my experience, treat you better than the older ones."

Talking Numbers: What Women Really Think … Of Your Age

We asked some women their thoughts on age. Although the first few who responded did so with a simple, "Older!" and nothing more, once we got the conversation going, we realized older isn't always better, and preferences aren't exactly what we thought they were.

You'll be surprised about what they have to say about the color purple.

Decor Dilemma: How Your Wall Color Is Ruining Your Sex Life

If you read '50 Shades Of Grey' and thought, "Wow, they're having way more sex than me!" you're not alone. You're also probably normal — Anastasia and Christian are not the average couple. But that doesn't mean you can't pump up the bedroom excitement with a small décor change. If your love life has been feeling a little drab lately, this part of your house may be responsible.