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couple skinny dipping
Break out that birthday suit.

Sexy Tan, No Tanlines: Here Are America's Top 10 Nude Beaches

Do you have skinny dipping on your bucket list this summer, but are too afraid to sneak away and do the deed? Well, perhaps it's time to find a clothing optional beach. Many think that nude beaches can only be found overseas, but America actually has a good handful of nudist-approved beaches with clothing optional areas all over the country.

Homosexuality: 6 Reasons Gay Couples Make The Best Parents Ever
One reason? Their kids are more nurturing.

It's Science: 6 Reasons Gay Parents Make The Best Parents

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to "general health and family cohesion," it's the children of same-sex couples, as opposed to traditional couples, that really shine. In a world where some people are still living the archaic dream of "one father and one mother does a family make," this is beautiful scientific news. See more facts that will prove that gay parents really have this parenting thing in the bag.

Marriage: Wedding Songs & What They Say About Your Relationship
Did you pick the right song?

What These 10 Wedding Songs Reveal About Your Relationship

Many aspects of your wedding allow you to express yourselves as a couple to your wedding guests. One of the most telling however, is music. The lyrics to a song can tell your guests how you feel about each other, while the genre can give them a taste of your culture and interests. We decided to pick 10 popular weddings songs and explain what they say about your relationship. Did we hit the nail on the head?

Love: even a caveman could do it!

Should Your Relationship Go On A Paleo Love Diet?

Despite all the fancy technology we have nowadays, we're more disconnected from our feelings and emotions than ever before. So maybe the cavemen and women had the right idea when it came to love and relationships?

sexy poems

5 Sexy Poems To Spice Up Date Night

Let's keep things spicy in the bedroom by brining in some sexy poems. These five erotic poems are sure to titillate and delight your honey. Read one to him or her as you get ready for bed, or send one to them at work to prepare them for a night of passion. Whatever you choose to do, do it ardently.

couple sitting together.
Just stop.

The One Mistake You're Making That Is Killing His Sex Drive

There's no question that we can all use a little reassurance from time to time but constantly requiring affirmation is a major turnoff (not to mention a total hit to your partner's sex drive). If you often find yourself asking him "Does this make me look fat?" or "Do you see the roll over my jeans?", we're going to have to stop you right there because this intervention is more than necessary.