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5 Breakup Myths That Are Total BS

Ending a relationship is rough. We discovered that women aren't wallowing and eating their feelings post-breakup, as pop culture might have us believe. Instead, they're taking healthy, proactive steps like exercising, spending time with friends and avoiding ex sex—all in the name of moving on from an ex.

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7 Standout Love Lessons From Leslie Knope You Better Not Forget

I'm both disappointed and relieved that Leslie Knope isn’t my real life best friend. I just wouldn't have the energy to keep up. I'd love to attend one of her Galentine's Day breakfasts, but only if it were later in the day. I don't understand how people can see their friends first thing in the morning and remain friends.

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10 Common Sexy Dreams (And What They REALLY Mean)

An online survey of 700 people found that the number one thing people dream about (and want to dream about!) is ... flying. Well, obviously! Not too far behind, though, were "physical activities like having sex and playing sports." We've all had a sexy dream, but what do they REALLY mean? Good news, I did the research for you! Behold, 10 sex dreams and what they mean.

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Rock On! 6 Date Night Ideas For Music-Obsessed Couples

Everyone loves music! But if you happen to be one of those couples who just can't get enough of certain artists, genres and experiences, then take a look at these six date night ideas for music-obsessed couples. (They're perfect for pairs that want to dance, sing and play the night away—together.)

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11 Singles Reveal The Biggest Things They Judge A First Date On

For the fourth year in a row, Match.com conducted their annual "Singles in America" study so that, you, the singles of the world, could see exactly where you rank amongst your fellow singles. While the study delved into how people met their most recent first date, what topics to avoid, and appropriate behavior at night's end, it also found that people can be very, VERY judgmental when it comes to their date.

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Science Explains What REALLY Happens To Relationships After Kids

When it comes to parenthood, there is no better feeling than raising a family with the love of your life. To say that making the decision to have kids with your partner is life-chaning would be a major understatement and pretty obvious (so we won't say it). And according to recent studies, they are even more perks to having a "mini me" running around the house!

13 Brutal Truths About Loving An Aries (As Written By An Aries)

13 Brutal Truths About Loving An Aries (As Written By An Aries)

So you're in love with an Aries, huh? God have mercy on you. KIDDING. We are fantastic people to love. We will literally RAM you into a corner with our love. (Oh, puns.) Anyway, now that you're involved...there's a few things you should know about us Aries-folk. The first and most important thing is that it's been astrologically proven that we are the best lay of the entire zodiac. I'm fai