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Whore 2 credits Jessica Sager actress Suzanne
These are the credits and the other Jessica Sager who appears in "Whore 2" as "Susan."

I'm In A Movie Called "Whore 2" And It Landed Me A Boyfriend

Have you ever Googled yourself? I'll admit that I'm self-absorbed enough to do it occasionally, usually while job hunting (just in case). And the first time I Googled the name "Jessica Sager," I came upon something horrifying. Apparently, there is a Jessica Sager in a movie. That would be cool, right? Except the movie is called Whore 2, and it even has an IMDB page. There is a Jessica Sager in a movie called Whore 2.

robot hand with human hand
Who knew a machine can help you with Tinder?!

Want More Tinder Matches? There's A Robot For That

Some people use dating services and selectively choose their partners based on attractiveness, proximity, and whether they have anything in common. Others use dating services and purely see it as a numbers game. That means they will send out the same message or interests to as many people as possible hoping someone will respond. Well if you are all about maximizing your number of responses, at least on Tinder then it may be time to turn to robots!

house on fire

My House Went Up In Flames — And So Did My Marriage

And nothing will ever really be the same, I guess. There was a stranger there, a man in his fifties I'd say, and he had a wild look on his face, desperate eyes and a serious mouth. It was the look you get when you need to tell someone that their house is on fucking fire. He stuck around, the guy did.