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gold digger
Jessicas, you're not safe either.

Bad News For Jennifers: 5 Signs You're The Ultimate Gold Digger

DirtSearch, after weeding through 2 million background searches done on their site, was able to find what lady names have been searched the most. The searches covered "petty crimes such as personal property, vandalism and identity theft," as well as women more likely to be gold diggers than all the rest.

A symbol of strength to children who have been abused.

What These Bikers Are Doing For Abused Kids Is Amazing

Not many people know about them, but there is an organization of men and women around the globe stepping into the darkness to bring our children back to safety and happiness. BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) is an international group devoted to protecting and helping children who have suffered abusive relationships, often at the hands of people they should have been able to trust.

passover dinner
"It's been a while, so maybe I should stick to the English side of this book."

We Came, We Saw, We Ate: My First Passover With My Boyfriend

I grew up under this false illusion that all Jews were as laid back about being Jewish as my family is, only to later find out my family was the exception, not the rule. This fact was brought to light when I attended my first (I hesitate to say "real" in case my Grandma can read this from beyond the grave, but you get the idea) Passover with my then boyfriend.

couple on a date
Beware of the sweet talker.

Women, Watch Out: 5 Types Of Men That Are Bad News

What is important is knowing which types of men to avoid. Some are universally bad news. If your guy sounds like one of these, you might just need to cut your losses (and fast). Why set yourself up for heartbreak on purpose. Makes no sense, right?