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There's Nothing Wrong With Couples Therapy

There are topics people won't touch at cocktail parties because it's not "polite conversation." These are subjects people secretly want to discuss, but, when broached over hummus and Merlot, make them uncomfortable. These are precisely the things I love talking about. So here goes: My husband and I just graduated from couple's therapy.

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Bad Date? These 10 Were Probably Worse

After I go on a great date and wait with bated breath for a call that never comes, I of course conclude that the guy must have been kidnapped, has suddenly accepted that he was gay, or has died.

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I'm In Love With A Friend. Now What?

It's hard when you think you're fine being just friends with someone, but upon his Facebook status changed to "in a relationship," you realize you're not as happy for him as you should be. Here are 6 questions to ask before telling a friend you're in love with him.

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9 Traits Of Irresistible Women

How do you get a man to call you back date after date? How can women draw attention to themselves without going over the top? Here are 9 easy ways to become utterly irresistible to your dates.

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10 Words We Invented For Sarah Palin

The Twittersphere recently made Sarah Palin the butt of its jokes when she tweeted that "peaceful Muslims" should "refudiate" the the mosque being built in the spot were the Twin Towers once stood. Unfortunately, "refudiate" isn't a word. But does that really matter? After the jump, 10 words and phrases we think should be added to the love lexicon.

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Sugar Or Spice: With Men, Which Is Better?

Although Frank seemed to be the man of Ali's dreams, the bachelorette still has two handsome, eager, adoring and completely different men in front of her: Chris L., the kind-hearted, down-to-earth landscaper from Cape Cod, and Roberto, the sexy, Spanish-speaking former baseball player (with the body to match!). You might look at it as a decision between sugar and spice. So, when it comes to men, which is the better pick? We've sized up the men below. When it comes to men and dating, is it better to opt for sweet and kind or spice and sexy?

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Need To Talk To Your Man? Get To The Point

Brevity is the soul of relationship talks. The shortest distance between two hearts is a straight line. Don't be a blabbercheeks. I don't think I'm being clear: When you are discussing important issues with your significant other, keep the conversation short and sweet and to the point. One of the great male stereotypes is that men loathe having to talk about anything serious. That dudes would prefer a forced eel colonic to sitting down and hashing out our feelings. Part of this stereotype is the notion that men are scared of their emotions. This is actually partially true. We are scared of our emotions, and that's why we respect them. Emotions can make a man feel like a soaring kite one moment and a gym sock full of warm parfait the next.

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How To Get A Free iPad

Technology is changing the way we find, create and continue our relationships. Online dating recently surpassed bars and clubs to become the third most popular place to meet a mate. Long-distance lovers can video chat face-to-face with little more than the click of a mouse. Newlyweds are more likely to share wedding photos on Facebook than to wait for friends to come over and view a physical album.

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6 Mobile Dating Tips

We had the chance to glean mobile dating advice from SpeedDate CEO and co-founder Dan Abelon. SpeedDate is a 10-million-user-strong dating site that host virtual speed dates between singles via IM, video chat or live audio. The site also offers iPhone and iPad applications, which means you could feasibly meet Mr. Right while you're killing time at the laundromat or waiting at the dentist's office. Abelon offered us the following tips for those dating on the go.