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Mixtapes & 6 Other Obsolete Love Trends

As the 21st century flies by, there's an ever-increasing host of objects, phrases and protocol relating to love that—if they haven't already fallen—are teetering on the edge of extinction. "Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By" chronicles the goods and practices rendered out of date, now, faster than ever. The back cover reads: "Today, we experience in one year the same amount of change that it would have taken generations to experience a few hundred years ago." gone are things like body hair, full words (obvi) and sadness.

where to meet men

6 Secret Places To Meet Men

In a single woman's dating life, she reaches the point where bars, gyms, clubs—even online dating sites—have lost luster as a means of meeting a good guy. What then? We asked our male friends at Asylum to help solve this single-lady conundrum. Below, their list of six untapped locales for meeting men.

Best Of YourTango—Dating Sober, Short Men

Best Of YourTango—Dating Sober, Short Men

This week on YourTango we covered one of the biggest issues in modern dating: how to do it sober. It's not as easy as you think. As such, we managed to come up with some solid advice and tips on dating without alcohol. Also, how to deal with short men, lying bastards and one-night stands. How do you leave things with them the morning after? Should you give a gift?

Unemployed Libido

Unemployment Good For Libido, If Nothing Else

If I'm any example, my layoff has sent my libido to frenzied new heights: The desire for humpin' and bumpin' didn't start the minute I lost my job. Like most over-achieving, over-educated, Type-A people, I had been told my whole life that the world was my pearl-stuffed oyster. I'd been informed that hard work and determination would take me far. So I had every reason to believe my current status as a jobless American would only be temporary. I would beat the odds.

how to define sex

What Counts As Sex?

How to distinguish between having sex and messing around. Definitions vary. Fifteen years after Lewinskygate you'd think we'd all have it figured out, but it seems we don't. Teenagers who haven't had intercourse are having oral sex and calling themselves virgins. Heterosexual couples who are in the early throes of a relationship say they still haven't gone all the way even if they've heavily petted.

Angry Woman

After A Breakup, Anger Hard To Shake

So, it's been a year since I got dumped. Frankly, I would not blame any of you for being at the point of thinking—if not saying—"Why the f**k hasn't this bitch gotten over this yet?" I wonder the same thing myself.

the good wife reivew

"The Good Wife" Was Pretty Good

The Good Wife premiered last night on CBS, and we were finally able to see what all those billboards, magazine and subway ads were all about. Turns out the show isn't half bad.