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10 Timeless Love Quotes From Mad Men

Over the course of 4 seasons, the characters of Mad Men have had their fair share of romantic drama—and they've given us some great quotes about love along the way. We admit that a lot has changed since the smoke-filled 1960's (we would never pour a glass of whiskey at a business meeting or be able to pull of any of Joan Holloway's outfits). But matters of the heart never seem to change. We love these 10 quotes from the always-clever Mad Men... after all, nobody says it better than the wordsmiths of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

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10 Things Women Do That Men Really, Really Love

Oh, hey, Lemondrop readers. I'm writing to you from the Mariana Trench–level depths of a reasonably significant hangover. The reason I tell you this is because I think I have some helpful information for those of you out there who also like to take a drink now again: The best way to combat a particularly rough day after is to Think Positively.

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Do You Know What Men Want In Bed?

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren't satisfied with just getting laid. They want it to be good and exciting too. I know—so demanding. But I aim to please and with that in mind, I convinced a couple of guys I know to confess what they really wish women did more of in the sack.

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The Modern Take On Marrying A Rich Man

I'm not saying you're a gold digger, but maybe you should be, say the authors of "Smart Girls Marry Money." According to co-writers Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake, blindly following your passion for that guy at the coffee shop without considering other factors first could leave you single and not so well-off later in life.

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What Women Want Is Not A Question; It's An App

"What Women Want" is an application that features "an automatic calucation of a woman's 'average menstrual cycle,'" tarot cards, an obesity checker, reminders for men to give their lovers a gift, "various functions of what women want directly" and more. According to a recent iTunes app store search, this clever application was among the top 50 downloads (it's since been replaced by the likes of DashboardAquarium and TeaTimer... yawn.)

5 Excuses A Man Will Give For Watching Porn

5 Excuses A Man Will Give For Watching Porn

We all know that men like to A) watch porn, and B) enjoy themselves while doing so, but many ladies out there have gotten firsthand knowledge of this by actually catching their men in the act. For those women, and for all the women out there who are at risk of walking into a one-man party, we offer you the top excuses men give when caught in the act and also some advice on how a classy modern dame can handle such a situation.

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7 Signs You're A Man-Eater

The Frisky ran a story recently called "10 Signs He's A Womanizer." Our first reaction was that any guy being chased by a pack of women all chanting "You're a womanizer, womanizer, womanizer" is a pretty good indicator. Nonetheless, the Frisky goes on to make some valid and necessary points about some of our more sleazy fellow males. "The difference between a womanizer and a good man," they explain, "is a womanizer acts in this manner to get in your pants, not your heart." Womanizers and man-eaters alike want to make like bunny rabbits. In other words, we consider man-eaters just as sleazy as womanizers. Here are seven signs you're becoming a man-eater, and what to do about heading back toward normalcy:

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Can Your Relationship Survive A Road Trip?

I can hardly believe it, but Drew, my husband, and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in just five days. Has a whole year really gone by since the day we said "I do"? Actually, no, because neither of us said "I do." I think what we really said to the Rabbi when he married us was: "We will say "yes" to whatever you ask us as long as we never, ever, ever have to plan another wedding again!" Anyway, according to the calendar, almost a whole year has gone by since that day, and, I'm happy to say: so far so good. But all that could change next week when Drew and I go on our first ever road trip together to celebrate our anniversary.

Little Black Book

Little Black Book For iPhone Helps You Rank Dates

Why conceal your little black book under the floorboards when you can tote it around on your iPhone? DateMate, which promises to simplify the complex and highly confusing world of dating, is a new iPhone app that records past dates, measures compatibility among partners and even tallies the number of times one has had sex.