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Getting Over A Breakup...Guy Style

Life does not end with rejection at a bar, a note left on a pillow, or coming home from work to an empty apartment. Combining a few bits of advice from friends and my own life experiences, I think I am able to provide a dependable resource you can refer to the next time a man or woman decides you and your genitals are inadequate.

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Can Flip-Me Cards Get Us A Date? We Put Them To The Test

FlipMe.com might be the dating industry's latest wrinkle in bringing folks together. Picture it: you're sipping an espresso at a coffee shop when a stranger drops a card on your table. On its front, a simple and mysterious phrase: "I'm flirting with you" "You're too good for a cocktail napkin" "With this card, I thee break the ice." You get the idea.On the back, a flipme.com URL, a member id and card id. It's here—assuming the card reciever creates a FlipMe profile, too—that the pursuer and pursue-ee can connect via online dating style once the reciever sends a message.

angry bride

Mom Frames Daughter As Terrorist To Stop Wedding

Not every mother is thrilled for her daughter's wedding, but while some dissenters hold their peace, others accuse the bride of being a suicide bomber. Over the weekend, CNN reported that a Russian woman told police that her daughter planned to explode a plane. The flight was delayed and the bride, who was traveling to Morocco for her wedding, was taken away for questioning. Investigators later traced the call to her mother, who admitted that she disapproved of her daughter's engagement to a Moroccan citizen.

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Exercise Your Way To Better Sex

Ladies, if you're wondering why your sex life isn't as thrilling as you would like it to be, forget about picking up tips on how to wow his world from some self-help book or women's magazine. The answer may be as simple as shaping up the right muscles. "When it comes to great sex, preparing for a little fun in the bedroom isn't any different than what athletes go through to prepare for their sport," says Marta Montenegro, exercise physiologist and creator of the Montenegro Method. "You need the right amount of strength, power, flexibility, agility and stamina to perform at your best, which is why a well-designed exercise program is crucial."

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Is Multitasking Destroying Relationships?

You may not think multitasking affects your relationship negatively (after all, if your boyfriend doesn't hop out of bed to water his Farmville crops after sex, what's there to fuss about?) But it's likely that the do-everything-at-once attitude so pervasive in today's culture is affecting your relationship more than you think.

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How Twitter Can Doom Your Wedding Day

Watch what you retweet—Twitter, it seems, could wreck your nuptials. Case in point: The UPI is reporting that a Chinese human rights activist, Cheng Jianping, was arrested on what was meant to be her wedding day, all because she retweeted her fiance's politically-charged tweet.

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8 Ways To Avoid One-Night Stand Awkwardness

It's hard to willingly endorse the one-night stand because it either goes one way or another: a one-nighter can be blissful, but it can also be a cringe-inducing horror. While a lot of things can go wrong with your quickie, most of the problems will occur during the aftermath—the morning after, and maybe even the few days after that. Here are some things that you just. shouldn't. ever. do.

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Can Love Replace Advil?

Want less pain in your life? Fall in love. A new study has scientists talking, and for once, their suggestions might be fun to follow. As TheScientist reports, a recent study suggests that romantic love actually functions as a painkiller. Researchers discovered that the goo-goo-ga-ga feeling associated with new love actually activates your brain's dopamine centers. These centers are also influenced by illicit drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines, which may explain the phrase "addicted to love".