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college graduates

Report Finds That College Graduates Have Better Marriages

The National Marriage Project has released a new state of unions report indicating that marriages are more stable among Americans who have a four-year college degree or more. According to the latest national data, "Middle Americans," defined as the 58 percent of Americans with a high school education but no college degree, have a lower marriage success rate than their affluent counterparts.

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I'm Grossed Out By My Guy

As soon as your boyfriend showed signs of being more committed or invested in the relationship than you were prepared to be, you should have alerted him to how you were feeling. But it sounds like rather than speak up, you let him continue thinking there was more between you two than there actually was ... to the point of you being repulsed by him.

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How Not To Handle The Holidays: A Singles Guide

The holidays, and winter in general, are for couples. I swear, I'm not beating my usual "life is cruel for us singles" drum, because we pretty much own spring and summer. In winter, though, people pair off and disappear like the end of a key party, and we're of just left sitting there on the couch in our Fair Isle sweaters, wondering where everybody went.

La Senza Models Singing.

Singing Lingerie Models Help Holiday Spirits Rise?

From the "Christmas Cheer Has Gotten Out Of Hand" Files: Canadian lingerie company La Senza introduced the Cup Size Choir just in time for the holidays this week. The choir is comprised of models showcasing bra sizes from A to G flirtatiously piping out Deck the Halls while lying on white mattresses. Is this cute or creepy?

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Is It Time For A Relationship Rewind?

We're always reading wedding announcements (shut up) about married couples who (shut up) fell in love after an unsuccessful first go-around. So, let's do a little investigative work and break this down. Hopefully we can see when it is and is not the right move to contact your potential hindsight soul mate again.

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Win A Free Love Life Makeover From YourTango

Have you ever daydreamed about turning your relationship (or your search for one) over to a professional? Well, now's your chance! YourTango is looking for two couples and one single to take part in our 31-Day Love Life Makeover challenge that starts January 13, 2011. We've selected three of the country's top relationship experts to help our three lucky winners strengthen, repair or, simply, tweak their love lives. Winning participants will be profiled on YourTango throughout the challenge.

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4 Relationship Lessons From "The 10 Most Fascinating People 2010"

We’re always reading between the lines for relationship lessons, so naturally we were happy to see that Barbara Walters’ Thursday special had plenty of them. Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 hit the small screen last night. The program featured a few women who have recently grabbed headlines for their captivating personal lives. Fascinating? Yes. Enlightening? Also yes. Here’s the information we gleaned from the big-name stars about love, life and the lessons in between.

Photo of Annie Lobert founder of hookers for jesus

From Hooker To Happily Married: Hookers For Jesus’ Annie Lobert

YourTango interviewed with Hookers For Jesus founder Annie Lobert. With a new TV show, Hookers: Saved on the Strip premiering on Investigation Discover, Annie dished to us on prostitution, honesty and self-worth. As a former prostitute, Annie knows how to overcome a difficult past and open yourself up to new relationships. She gives us advice on how it's done.

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My Latest Boyfriend Is Just Like Dad

For most of my 15-year dating career, I went for Fledglings, Makeshift Men, pre-release beta tests of the fully formed adult male. I was drawn to men who were nothing like the soft-spoken, principled and straight-laced person who had been the dominant male presence in my life so far: my retired CPA father.