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Debunking 8 Common Prenup Myths

Prenups are a backup plan. Like any other backup plan—the fold-up flats in your purse, tampons in your desk drawer at work, the rape whistle on your keychain—you don't expect to use it, and you really hope not to, but thank God it's there when you need it. For women, divorce is financially dangerous, and you're necessarily subject to a 50 percent chance of suffering from it if you marry.

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How TIME "Person Of The Year" Mark Zuckerberg Changed Dating

Today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was named TIME "Person of the Year 2010." If the people at TIME were looking for a game-changer to receive this honor, they found the right man. Zuckerberg has undoubtedly altered the way more than half a billion people connect. He has changed our generation forever, and he definitely deserves the this distinction. However, we would also like to personally note Mark for yet another feat. He's managed to make our dating lives that much more complicated.

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New Business: Let Me Fund Your Divorce! (For A Cut Of Winnings)

Divorce can be a messy business. As if the emotional fallout from a broken marriage weren't stressful enough, the legal bills and settlements are a major point of concern for spouses who have an entire lifestyle to lose. In response to the rising costs of divorce, firms like Balance Point Divorce Funding, have begun investing money into divorce proceedings for a cut of the winnings.

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Woman Claims To Have Two Vaginas

Viewers were shocked by the latest guest on The Tyra Show. On Friday, 29-year-old Lauren Williams announced on the show that she had been born with two vaginas, drawing gasps of dismay from the audience. No less startling to many women watching the show was Williams' confession that the condition seems to give her two menstrual cycles, as she says her periods last 21 days. In addition to two vaginas—which she has since had surgery to merge into one—the young English woman also has two cervixes and two uteruses.

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8 Ways To Close The Door On A Failed Relationship

If anyone ever figured out how to bottle the ability to achieve closure after a relationship ends, they would be rich and famous. As someone who has stumbled in finding closure a few times in my life, all I can say for sure is how it feels. It feels peaceful; it feels freeing, like taking a rock out of your shoe. It is the moment a chapter in the book of your life has been written, read, reread, and filed away for posterity. No matter what the situation, closure is a feeling that comes from within. Here are some tips for getting closure when you have to go at it alone. Share your suggestions in the comments.

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5 Ways NBC's "Playboy" Show Could Earn the Key to Our Hearts

What do you get when you marry Mad Men and Sex & the City? Potentially the new hour-long drama that's in the works over at NBC, called Playboy. Variety reports that the show would take place in the 1960s and focus on a group of women working as bunnies in Hugh Hefner's exclusive New York Playboy club. Here, five characters/plot points/historical moments we hope the show explores...

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Report Finds That College Graduates Have Better Marriages

The National Marriage Project has released a new state of unions report indicating that marriages are more stable among Americans who have a four-year college degree or more. According to the latest national data, "Middle Americans," defined as the 58 percent of Americans with a high school education but no college degree, have a lower marriage success rate than their affluent counterparts.