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New Orleans Boasts Big Boys

New Orleans Boasts Big Boys

According to the condom retailer Condomania, men in New Orleans have the largest penises. Penis measurements were culled from a particular service called 'TheyFit' condoms, where men use a customized "FitKit" to find their true length/girth size.

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Being Broken Up With Is A Win-Win Situation

Let me tell you, hot stuff, getting dumped is truly a win-win situation. Sure, most people think the dumper has it easy, but they've got it all wrong! In actuality the dumper has to be the bad guy, because they can't admit to feeling sad since it's their fault and they have to agonize over their decision, plan it out, and bear the brunt of the guilt. Yikes! As if those weren't enough, here are nine more reasons it's better to be the dumpee.

Inside The Mind Of A Cougar

Inside The Mind Of A Cougar

Seven years ago, I was a young widow, trying to date again after a 23-year hiatus. I was disillusioned about love. Divorce and death took the two men I'd married, so I started dating again.

7 Love Lessons From Winter Olympians

7 Love Lessons From Winter Olympians

Sports and love, as evidenced by Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xu's gold medal in pairs figure skating last night, are closely related. The discipline, dedication, and disappointments athletes experience for the love of a sport can easily apply to how they love another person. That being said, check out what these Olympians have to say about sports—you might never learn how to speed skate ordo the skeleton bob, but you might learn a thing or two about love:

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5 Things The Olympics Teach Us About Love

The torch has been passed, and the flame has been lit—the Olympic Games have officially begun. Beyond the usual feats of strength, speed and agility, the Olympics have a lot to teach us. For one thing, the games can show us what love is all about.

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This Week's 5 Most Shocking "Bachelor" Moments

This week, bachelor Jake took his remaining three ladies—Tenley, Gia and Vienna—to St. Lucia for the most amazing romantic getaway ever. Monday's promos promised a shocking twist, with past contestant Ali calling Jake and saying she'd made a huge mistake. As you might remember, the San Francisco girl was issued an ultimatum by her employer: come back now or lose your job.

Sexlets Gum Helps Men Perform

Sexlets Gum Helps Men Perform

If you've got a slight (secret) libido problem and too much pride to ask for Viagra, fear not. The scientific powers that be have dreamt up a product that's perfect for your garden variety, below-the-belt limpy—erection-enhancing chewing gum! Sexlets officially hits the market in a few weeks.

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Sleep: The New Battle Of The Sexes

Nobody gets enough sleep. But while both men and women suffer from lack of sleep, they differ in what prevents them from getting a sound rest.

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Are College Students Failing At Love?

According to The New York Times, women are totally outnumbering men on campus. The stats say that female enrollment is up to about 57 percent at most major universities (except the Ivys, where men still outnumber women) since the 2000s. So what does that mean for collegiate dating life? It means it's in crisis.