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Should I Tell Him How I Feel?

For the past few months, I’ve been developing a friendship with a guy named Kevin. I felt some kind of a connection with him from the beginning, and that has continued to grow the more we spend time together. I didn’t really put much thought into our connection, however, because he had a girlfriend he seemed pretty crazy about and I considered him off-limits. But that all changed when his girlfriend suddenly moved cross-country last weekend for family reasons, presumably for good. Should I tell him my feelings now, wait for a while, or just forget it altogether? When will I know that it’s right, or that I should just give up?

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Neck, Back And Right Knee? How Women Judge Dancing

What do animals in the wild and men have in common? Their dance moves, of course! OK, not so much their moves, but the messages their moves say to the females around them. British scientists have determined not only what makes a man a "good" dancer but that this designation usually corresponds to a man who's in good health. Moves like "twisting, bending, moving, and nodding" are sure to catch a woman's eye, just as they do in the animal kingdom. A male dancer whose moves are rigid and repetitious is less attractive to women than one whose neck, torso and—curiously—right-knee movements are flexible and varied.

Casual Sex Study Finds Booty Calls Have Better Sex

Casual Sex Study Finds Booty Calls Have Better Sex

Going through a dry spell? According to a recent sex study, people seeking better sex lives might consider becoming someone's booty call. That's right — science is endorsing casual sex, but moreso if you're a little bored, and if you're enjoying it in a friends-with-benefits arrangement rather than in the context of a one-night stand.

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Having Kids Chemically Bonds Couples

A recent study out of Israel suggests a man's oxytocin levels may actually be on par with their wives/girlfriends during the child rearing process. Researchers drew blood from 80 couples who were raising a six-week old baby and found identical amounts in their blood stream. As the child matured to six months, the scientists once again analyzed the levels and found the same result. It seems that a mother and father's oxytocin levels rise together while they watch their wee one grow.

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Bachelor Pad: Down To 3 Couples (Yawn)

It looks like the Bachelor Pad is getting converted into a starter home. What started out as a highly competitive show with sexy challenges demanding prowess and skill, has quickly gone down the hot tub drain. Last night's episode was such a joke. It was the poorest example of a competition reality show I've ever seen. The definition of competition is to present a challenge where each person engaging in said competition has a fair shot at winning, right? Not on the Bachelor Pad, apparently.

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When Love Means Having To Say You're Sorry

It's Kiss & Make Up Day, and nothing kicks that party off like a good old-fashioned apology. It's the crucial get-down of patching things up. It's the spackle to your relationship wall. Whether you've wronged your man, your BFF, your mama or even your grand-mama, here's how you show them you're sorry, as painlessly and effectively as possible.

How To Navigate A One-Night Stand And More

How To Navigate A One-Night Stand And More

I'm 24 and finally had a one-night stand. I didn't bother leaving my number or any contact information (or even my name) in the morning for fear of coming off as clingy or naïve. But I accidentally left a couple of accessories at his place, and now I have no way to get in touch. Should I have just offered him my cell number and left it at that? Do I just cope with the fact that the guy and these items are lost forever? MC

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Buying My First Sex Toy? Not So Scary

Up until yesterday, I have always taken a manual approach to masturbation and my fingers have suited me just fine. But I couldn't help but think I was missing out on something by being sans sex toys. So I decided to be a big girl and set out to buy my very first vibrator.