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11 Signs A Lady Is Telling Lies

She may think her poop smells like roses, but her BS definitely stinks! So, when in doubt, here's how you can figure out if your lady is being straight with you.

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The Pros And Cons Of Lying To Your Spouse

Into every marriage a little lying must fall. While some small fibs can be a sweet way to boost your man’s ego, others may ultimately be harmful to your relationship. Here are eight common marriage lies and the verdict on the benefits or damage that bending the truth will cause.

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Will Science Fix The Female Orgasm?

Is there a logical explanation as to why lady parts can't orgasm consistently or (in some cases) ever during sexual intercourse? Can a pill, patch, cream, or vaginal collagen injection, morph a frigid woman into a sex pot with O-faces aplenty? Here's a round-up of how science has tried to help women reach orgasm.

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4 Theories About The Al And Tipper Gore Divorce

Al and Tipper Gore were Washington's fairytale couple—especially when they stood next to the Clintons. The high-school sweethearts stuck together through the rearing of four children, Al's eight tumultuous years as Vice President, and through his devastating loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election. Luckily it seemed that things had gotten better for them in recent years—heck, Al won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007! And who can forget the famous kiss at the 2000 Democratic Convention? Yes, we admit it was a bit painful to witness, but before the Age of Obama, a glimpse into a happy, loving, political couple was such a breath of fresh air. "Wow," we all thought to ourselves, "if they're still happily married, there must be some hope for me!" But then, after 40 years of marriage the Gore's pulled the rug out from us all by announcing their separation. They didn't divulge much, saying only that the separation was "a mutual and mutually supportive decision". Well, like the rest of the country, the lack of information has driven us to speculation. The following are our best theories as to what may have caused the split.

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Do You Trust Celebrity Relationship Experts?

Here's a round-up of five celebrities turned relationship experts. We have Heidi Klum and Seal's new show on Lifetime, Jennifer Love Hewitt's self-help book, Ice-T's wife CoCo's blog, Jerry Seinfeld on The Marriage Ref and Teri Hatcher's website and book.

Is It Possible To Date Your Political Opposite?

Is It Possible To Date Your Political Opposite?

The other day, as I watched Laura Bush tell Larry King that she’s pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, I instantly pictured the Bushes having shouting matches at the dinner table, looking around furtively to make sure no one was witnessing the spat. Reading my thoughts, Larry asked Laura whether their politics were a source of friction between the couple. Unflinchingly, Laura said no. "I understand his viewpoint," she said. "I really do. I understand his viewpoint, and he understands mine." Really???

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CheatConfession Wants Your Tales Of Infidelity

Is it just us, or are confessional websites the Internet trend du jour? In between PostSecret, FML, and Texts from Last Night, we've been suffering an sinister blend of schedenfreude and TMI. CheatConfession, which is exactly what it sounds like, is the latest collection of diatribes and tales of despair to emerge from the crop.