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Join YourTango At NYC Lit Crawl On September 11

YourTango is proud to be a part of the New York City Lit Crawl 2010 for the second year in a row. On Saturday, September 11, YourTango editors and writers will read essays they've contributed to the site in the past year to an audience of interested, literary New Yorkers like yourselves.

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9 Things A Job Hunt Can Teach You About Dating

After job-hunting for the past year or so, I've concluded that nothing resembles the search for love more than the pursuit of a career. Both enable an obsession with checking your phone and email. Both make you think twice about what's posted on your Facebook profile. Both are an exciting, yet scary transition that we're likely to face multiple times throughout our lives. Naturally, sending out cover letters and going on interviews has reaffirmed a number of valuable dating lessons, including:

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Don't Try This In Bed

Manly Marie Claire blogger Rich Santos posted 7 downright horrible lame guy sex moves. From the mid make-out pass-out to leaving the TV on, it was a list of real oh-no-he-didn'ts! But after over a decade of my own slut baggery, I've come up with another 23.

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6 Ways Apple's Ping Will Influence Relationships

Apple's newest endeavor is Ping: a social network for iTunes. Jobs himself described it as, "Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes ... but it's not Facebook, it's not Twitter. It's a social network all about music." Users will have the chance to create a Ping page where it lists the music they listen to and love, giving them the opportunity to follow the music tastes of their friends and the artists themselves.

Bachelor Pad: The Good, The Dumb And The Ugly

Bachelor Pad: The Good, The Dumb And The Ugly

Now that the pool of hotties is getting further whittled down with each passing rose, the temperature in the "Pad" is chilly at best. As always, the show starts where we left off, post-devastating rose ceremony, where Gia and Weatherman said goodbye. What to do but have an eighth glass of champagne and spend the next day sleeping it off, right? Wrong. The peeps running the Pad had other plans. The cast was presented with the task of filling out a survey. Easy enough, right? Wrong again. This survey was a test of guts, truth and spelling. They all had to spill the beans about how mean, dumb, shallow and physically deformed each of their housemates are.

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Speed Plating: Speed Dating For Foodies

Speed Plating, celebrity chef Danny Boome’s brainchild, is a little speed dating shindig at a restaurant where each participant noshes on every course with a different date—four in all at 20 minutes each. The combination of creative, aphrodisiac-conscious yet unpretentious food and the unlimited bubbly had me at hello.

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5 Types Of Flirting Men Love

When it comes to sex and dating, much has been written about the simplicity of men and complexity of women. So when it comes to flirting, logic may (incorrectly) tell you men love nothing more then no nonsense shoulder tap and head nod to the nearest hotel. Why flirt when you can just get down to business? In reality, men take flirting just as seriously as us gals and love the subtle dance as much as the ladies do. Below we've mapped out a plan that includes five types of flirting men love.

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Why Are You Still In A Dead End Relationship?

Bad Band. Jew Joker. Sandwich. The Brute. AwwMike. Babycheese. My laundry list of discarded loves reads like a storyboard of comic book villains, each nickname a clue as to their respective fatal flaws. Anyone who knows me well knows I have a history of dating men who are wildly inappropriate for me.