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How To Make Guys Want You

Amy Spencer is a dating expert and the author of Meeting Your Half Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match (out in February 2010, Running Press). We asked her the dating questions that continue to baffle us.

single lady songs

Top 10 Single Lady Songs Of 2009

You know those songs that come on the radio when you're with your girlfriends and you just let loose and sing along to it? They're songs that you may be embarrassed to love, but darn it, they make you feel good. In the spirit of strong, unattached ladies everywhere, here are 2009's top 10 single-but-ready-to-jingle tunes. Come on, we know you like 'em too…

best chick lit books of the year

Top 5 Chick Lit Books Of 2009

2009 was rife with chick lit. How to choose the best tales of dating, love and lust? From Stephanie Meyer to Candace Bushnell, we've selected the best books by women for women. Check out YourTango's top five chick lit picks from the year and let us know what we missed.

the league

'The League' Secretly A TV Show About Love

Fantasy football maybe the premise, but 'The League' is really just another FX "moap opera" (man soap opera, that is). We're not complaining. The TV show gives a pretty fab look at modern relationships.

american marriage documentary

Marriage. It's Complicated. Is It Worth It?

Between the fight for gay marriage, the prevalence of open marriage, prenuptial agreements, infidelity, and more, the actual institution of marriage can be a bit... bewildering. So why is it so easy to enter into something so binding, when the chance of failure is so high? And why do we do it? The "American Marriage" documentary aims to answer our questions.

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Why Do Men Cheat On Beautiful Women?

As this alleged Tiger Woods affair has played out, surely you, like me, have heard numerous friends or significant others say something to the effect of, "How could he have cheated on his wife? She's so gorgeous!" Yes, Elin Nordegren is a freaking blonde-haired Swedish former model and her turd husband allegedly still cheated on her. What I want to know is why we insist a woman's beauty—which is highly subjective!—is some kind of barometer—which is highly shallow!—of whether or not her hubby will cheat.