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Your Dating To-Do List For 2011

Well, 2011 is upon us. After a year of sluttin' it up and having a grand ol' time doing it, I feel very ready to meet someone special. A boyfriend, a partner-in-crime, if you will. With that in mind, I've already made some dating resolutions for the upcoming year, and have noted the 10 types of guys I plan to avoid now that I'm looking for a relationship with some depth, not to mention an exchange of last names. Having been actively online dating for the last year, I have definitely “put myself out there,” to use the annoying phrase lobbed around by advice-filled smug monogamists, but I also think I need to be more open-minded about WHO to date. Here are the 7 types of guys to date in 2011.

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Must-Read Sex Secrets From Dr. Ruth

Everybody's favorite sexpert, Dr. Ruth (or Ruth Westheimer, Ph.D, if you're curious about her full name) is out with a new book, "Top Ten Secrets for Great Sex: How to Enjoy It, Share It and Love It Each and Every Time." In an interview with AOL Health, she reveals a few of her secrets and answers to some of her most frequently asked sex and relationship questions.

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A Casual Fan's Guide To The NFL Playoffs

Even if you don't get a visceral thrill from the violent, steroidal ballet of professional football, you (and your relationship, if your partner's a football fan) cannot escape the NFL playoffs, which begin this weekend. Football has never been bigger. It's not just the most popular spectator sport in America, it's the hottest thing on all of television – eight of the top ten broadcasts in 2010 were NFL games. What, you ask, is all the fuss about? Here's a casual fan's guide to the playoffs.


Love Bytes: Getting To Fifth Base & A Groupon Engagement

Each week, LoveBytes rounds up the best love and relationship links of the week. This week, we're talking new baseball metaphors (fifth base anyone?), marriage proposals on Groupon, and why you never see guys at brunch. We've got 21 things every woman should have in her arsenal, 10 strange marriage laws you've likely never heard of, and 15 things guys do to turn us off. Which are the deal breakers and which should you grin and bear?

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The Surprising Link Between Monogamy And Getting Drunk

The key to monogamy is getting wasted? Now we’ve heard it all. According to a new study conducted by Mara Squicciarini and Jo Swinnen, and funded by the American Association of Wine Economists, the more a society drinks, the more they practice monogamy as well. We would have assumed that a high alcohol intake would equate to looser sexual beings, but apparently if this research is to be believed, that isn’t the case. It’s just the opposite.

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5 Ways To Save Your Marriage

How do you know when a marriage is past the point of saving? With the advent of no-fault divorces in the 1970s, it became especially easy for couples to escape their unhappy marriages, despite there being no clear breach of the marital contract. After all, who wants to languish in a loveless marriage when one's true love may still be out there, waiting? Poor communication? Lack of respect? Absence of support? Diminished intimacy? Why deal with it!? The thing is, that initial happy-go-lucky honeymoon period doesn't last forever, and problems with respect and intimacy can easily crop up, no matter how much you care for each other. Healthy relationships take work that most people don't expect. Despite what the Hollywood rom-coms would have us believe, love isn't necessarily easy.

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Don't Date These 10 Dudes In 2011

On the heels of my dating resolutions list, I'm also thinking about the types of guys I've dated this year—the ones I've had fun with, the ones who've hurt my feelings, the ones who've wasted my time, the ones with whom the timing was just wrong. My girlfriends have also been through a bounty of man types and shared some of their best and worst. Some we would date again and some, well, we wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

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Does Winning The Lottery Ruin Relationships?

Winning the lottery is something we all fantasize about. And though many of us believe scoring the Mega Millions would solve all our problems, there's a chance we could be wrong. Here we take a look at the pros and cons of a couple winning the lottery, exploring the possibility of how lottery winnings could ruin your love life.

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13 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Should Try

Every couple needs to change up their sexual routine every now and again so it doesn't become just that -- a routine. Sexual experimentation is key for keeping a long-term relationship fresh, fun and fulfilling. Opening up about your desires can also bring you and your partner closer together. "Experimenting with each other requires a willingness to be vulnerable, which improves intimacy," says Mort Fertel, a Baltimore marriage counselor and creator of the Marriage Fitness Program.