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Is Your Man Too Girly?

A new survey finds that men are spending more time in front of the mirror... but while they've been plucking, tweezing, and primping, have they forgotten how to do "guy stuff" too? Have men today redefined masculinity with traditionally girly habits?

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Should I Quit My Job For My Boyfriend? Again?

My bf and I had a falling out days after I quit my job, and he broke up with me. I knew I had to beg to get my job back, but the management only asked that I commit to them at least until I finish school and I agreed. Well, this last weekend my boyfriend and I met up and had a great time, reminding me of why I wanted to make the move in the first place. He begged that I continue the relationship and relocate my life, but I feel so conflicted. He's suggesting I leave a resignation letter the day of and never return, but that's just not my style. Is it fair to quit my job twice within a week's time?

A Frank Discussion About "The Friend Zone"

A Frank Discussion About "The Friend Zone"

When I find myself in the Friend Zone, I feel the same way a sleep-eater must after he realizes he unconsciously mauled a box of Wheat Thins, two unpeeled bananas, and an ashtray full of cigarette butts. I can't believe I spent the last six weeks trying to hook up with a girl and ended up in her book club.

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Sleeping With A Virgin: What It's Really Like

I was twenty-seven when I met “David.” He lived in my neighborhood and we seemed to have the same schedule and/or routine, because we would see each other all the time. Whether I was grocery shopping, getting cash from an ATM, enjoying Happy Hour, or just simply wandering around on a Saturday, I would always see him. It became a running joke with my friends that I was stalking the pretty boy. It also became a joke between David and me, because after several months of awkwardness (it was really that often), we finally started acknowledging each other with smiles and nods that eventually evolved into waves and small talk, and soon, full-fledged banter.

Mr. Mom And Prince Charming: Can Men Be Both?

Mr. Mom And Prince Charming: Can Men Be Both?

Think gender inequality only affects your salary and chances for promotion? Not exactly. According to a new Harris Interactive Poll, most of us still feel sexism is very much alive, and it's affecting our careers and our love lives. Not surprisingly, there's a huge divide between men and women over how far we've come in terms of gender equality: While 55 percent of men believe things are pretty much equal now just 32 percent of women would agree. The problem isn't just that we still feel like we're being treated unfairly, although that is a factor, considering that 80 percent of women feel that they don't receive the same pay for the same job and 75 percent feel they are discriminated against when it comes to promotions. The glass ceiling's also taking a toll on our relationships.

He Didn't Cheat On Me—I Gave Him Permission...

He Didn't Cheat On Me—I Gave Him Permission...

"She was cute and he thought about our 'night off' talk, and he made a date to have coffee with her a couple days later. They had coffee. Oh boy, did they have coffee. After coffee they went back to her pad and 'talked' a little bit—a casual conversation which led to casual kissing which led to casual sex... And that, David told me, head in hands, was it. His one night off. Now he felt bad. Really bad."

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YourTango Survey: Is Your Sex Life Satisfying?

As we gear up to launch our 31-Day Better Sex Challenge, bringing you 31 days of better sex advice, we want to know: how is your sex life stacking up right now? We've created a brief, anonymous survey that we hope you might take and pass along to others. We value your input, and frankly, we depend on it, so we know how we can best serve you.

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Advice: 9 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Marriage

You may think you know what your marriage will be like—after all, you're in love, and you've been living together for two years! Truth is, you never know what will happen in the future. But while you can't tell exactly how things will change, you can at least know where those changes might occur. As your faithful guide in dating, marriage and beyond, YourTango has collected quotes from nine women on what they wish they had known before they got married.

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Join YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge This October

We here at YourTango have gathered our very own relationship experts to launch the "31 Days to a Better Sex Life" challenge. Starting October 1, readers will have the opportunity to actively create more vivacious and healthier sex lives with the help of YourTango Experts, a consulting network of thousands of relationship professionals.