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Should A Boyfriend Double As A Best Friend?

The first time I met him, I thought my now-boyfriend was a really cool guy, and I hoped we would become friends. Now, this man is not only boyfriend—he is my closest friend now, too, the one who knows everything about what goes on with my family, what goes on at work, what weird dreams woke me up in the middle of the night. And I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.

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The Post-Breakup Technology Cleanse

Fumigate your technology like you would a roach-infested kitchen, here's how to wipe out every trace of your ex from technology. Think about it this way: seeing your ex in your phone or online only makes you think about what he/she is doing, realize you're no longer privy to that info (at least not right now, maybe friendship lies ahead), and—as any human would—suffer as a result. Why not make technology work for you and remove the catalysts for this negative reminder? We say, cleanse and be free.

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5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples

For anyone who is remotely active on Facebook, you no doubt have been faced at some point with inane updates on one of your friend's kid's colds or how wedding-planning was coming along for one of your engaged friends. Their updates are filled with flowery adjectives and almost always include the words "amazing," "luckiest," and "best! ever!" So, without further ado, I present Facebook's Five Most Annoying Couples, after the jump.

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Get Happy Faster: 6 Breakup Behaviors To Avoid

Keeping your ex in your life, aka "exing" -- whether that involves a no-strings-attached hook-up or daily monitoring of his Facebook page -- is sabotaging your future happiness. Here are six common exing patterns to 86 from your life (along with that dude!).

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Consider An IUD

While the IUD has long reigned supreme as the world's most widely used form of birth control, you'd be hard-pressed to find an American woman under 40 who's familiar with the intrauterine device. In the U.S., less than two percent of women use the IUD, which has been overlooked as a mainstream birth control option. If you haven't though seriously about the IUD, there are benefits to consider.

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Why To Try Blind Dating

The idea of going on a blind date can seem nerve-wracking. Contrary to common misconception, blind dates can actually lead to long-term relationships. Here are ten reasons to consider going on a blind date.

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How To Tell If He Has A Temper

A hormone known as androgen, which affects masculine traits like aggression and strength, can affect the development of a baby's finger length in the womb.