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Neenah Pickett

52 Weeks, 30+ Dates, 1 Blog, 0 Husbands

The New Year is off to a bittersweet start for Neenah Pickett. The New Jersey media consultant, 43, spent all of 2009 searching for love and not finding it. Still, Pickett emerged with hope and pride intact. At her Web site 52 Weeks 2 Find Him, she chronicled her dozens of dates and introduction to online dating and social networking sites—her message being that finding the love of your life should take work. "I did not put any effort into dating and went on two first dates in 14 years," she said of her past approach. "I thought, 'If I give all my effort like I do in my career and other areas of my life, will that make a difference?'"

crazy beauty trends

The 5 Most Disturbing Things We Do For Beauty

Yesterday, The New York Times printed a small piece on edible beauty products, highlighting such odd concoctions as Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water and, even more disturbing, a coffee in Singapore that contains collagen, and which is meant to improve the skin. In Japan, they even add collagen to yogurt drinks, dried fruits and other foods. It seems like a weird way to go in order to simultaneously satisfy your beauty and your caffeine fix. Then again, we've seen worse.

Leap Year: Worth Seeing?

Leap Year: Worth Seeing?

If you're a fan of romantic comedies, then Leap Year—the story of a woman's journey to Ireland so she can propose to her boyfriend—may (may) leave you sap-filled and misty-eyed.

couple in bed

Best Bedroom Vows For 2010

Here are my resolutions for 2010: to go to Bikram yoga three days a week, to get in touch with friends I haven't seen in awhile, to pursue a new hobby (maybe photography), and to take two really awesome vacations. Oh, and I have a few sex resolutions too. Last year I vowed to give less blow jobs (achieved!), but 2010 is here, I'm back on the blowie train, and I'm ready to make a few new sexy vows for the next decade. After the jump are 25 sex resolutions—a few of them are mine, but I'm not telling which. What are your sex resolutions for the new year?

how to stay thin when married

Are Single Gals Thinner?

The New York Times recently featured a study of 6,000 Australian women that revealed significant weight gain after marrying or even moving in with a significant other. Keeping our waistlines while cohabiting in domestic bliss comes down to being vigilant with how we eat. And, perhaps we could all aim to be a little sportier with our significant others. Go bike riding, take up a class at the gym, train for a marathon, play kickball or the Wii, even. Or if you really aren't the sweat-in-public type, at the very least you could aim to have more athletic sex.

Sleeping Woman

Sleep Your Way To A Better Relationship

Mom always got on us about getting our Z's every night. As annoying as that could be, as much as we wanted to stay up and talk on the phone/watch late night TV/read magazines, she was on to something. And who is the most sleep-deprived in our culture? You guessed it: single, working women and mothers. What do you think, can you and your S.O. vow to get a full night of sleep every night for a month?

dating site kicks off fat members

Dating Site Drops Fat Members: PR Stunt?

Five-thousand members on BeautifulPeople.com woke up one morning to find their accounts were inactivated due to their holiday weight gain. We registered on the site to see if the members are really as stunning as the site claims they are. The results were surprising.

conveyor belt of love

Get A Man Straight Off The Conveyor Belt

Just last week, we wrote about the possible benefits of mobile dating, the most attractive of which is plain and simple convenience. But at the warp speed at which technology moves, this is suddenly not convenient enough for us anymore. Why get your man off an iPhone app or the Internet when you can more easily get him off a conveyor belt?