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A Badly Dressed Man

How To Make Over A Badly Dressed Man

I once dated a guy who clothed himself almost exclusively in band t-shirts, pleated trousers, and an ever-present fanny pack. (And no, he wasn't a German tourist.) I remember thinking when we met that I'd finally cast eyes upon the archetypal rock critic. That he actually was a rock critic made the experience all the richer. Because he was smart, funny and cute-ish, I chose to overlook his sartorial missteps and we quickly fell in love. But despite my best efforts—including renaming the fanny pack his "colostomy bag"—I never could convince him to spiff up.


Are You Too Picky On First Dates?

It's Just Lunch, the online dating site for "busy professionals," teamed up with American Way (that magazine tucked into every American Airlines chair) to get into the mind of online daters. Some of the results were disheartening. For example, 66 percent decide within 30 minutes of a first date if they want a second or not. Twenty percent of the 16-39 age group are super hardcore and ready for the check after five minutes.


What's With The 09.09.09 Wedding Madness?

For some soon-to-be-married people, the most important thing about choosing the wedding date is the weather. For others, it's the availability of loved ones. But for those who place a special value on numbers, it's something a bit more straight-forward: the auspiciousness or memorability of the date itself. And for those particular couples, it doesn't get much better than today: September 9, 2009 (or 9.9.09).

hitler safe sex ad

Using Hitler To Ensure Safe Sex

The media is a all a bustle about a German safe sex advertisement depicting a woman getting banged by Adolf Hitler. The minute-long advertisement starts with two lustful things ripping each others clothes off and after a few passionate thrusts the man lifts his head and reveals a Hitler face. The ominous German phrase: Aids Ist Ein Massenmorder (translation: AIDS is a mass murderer) is then splashed across the screen. Will Hitler's face make you wear condoms?

find love

How Saying 'No' Will Help You Find Love

You are in a state. "Pangs of love," you say as you roll over on the couch, pantomiming stab motions to the heart. Your roommate looks bemused. It's the third or fourth date, and lately you've been struggling to hold off sending those late-night, inappropriate text messages. "Head. Heels. You. Me." (send--no wait, delete.) Instead, you're on your knees, head in hands, summoning the forces of the universe to carry your love cry out to the one you desire. Does he hear? Maybe. Will it be returned? The silence of everything you feel and everything that has not been communicated is deafening. Surely he feels it, too? Why do you not pick up the phone and call? Why did you cancel on Friday? Why are you still not Facebook friends? Why? Because Beth Wareham says so.

why women have sex

Do Relationships Kill Women's Sex Drives?

Clinical psychologist Cindy M. Meston and evolutionary psychologist David M. Buss set out to find the blunt answers to female sexuality in their new book, Why Women Have Sex: Understanding Sexual Motivation—From Adventure to Revenge (And Everything in Between). Turns out women have sex for presents and to alleviate boredom quite a bit.


Scientific Study Finds Men Like Looking At Breasts

A new scientific study has just "proven" what every female on the planet already knows: men like looking at breasts. What's more, men don't just like looking at breasts, but nearly half of them (forty-seven percent) will look at a woman's breasts before he looks at her face, and will look at them longer than any other body part.