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Couples Retreat

'Couples Retreat': Just What You Were Expecting

If you're willing to just embrace the inherent inanities of the star-studded romantic comedy genre, then this is a perfectly acceptable date-night flick for a married couple. Just don't look too far below the surface and you'll manage a few guffaws and knee slaps.

exercise date

How To Go On An Exercise Date

For a lot of people, exercise and dating don't really go well together, but there are other ways to enjoy quality time with your sweetie while still being active. Here's our guide to finding—and keeping—a fit fella.

shotgun wedding

Is A Shotgun Wedding Right For You?

Brandy did it a decade ago. Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow did it a few years ago. Christina Milian did it just last month. And plenty of regular people have done it for most of recorded history. We speak, of course, of the old shotgun wedding; a tradition that, fortunately these days, rarely involves a shotgun. Are you pregnant and considering a shotgun wedding? If so, we recommend you ask yourself a few questions first.

online dating advice for men

5 Mistakes Men Make When Dating Online

Are you a dude on an online dating site? Are you having trouble getting women to actually go out with you? Not sure why? The problem may be you! From corny pickup lines to photo no-nos to profile mistakes, The Frisky gives you the lowdown on the top five mistakes men make when dating online—from the female perspective. Get it right, and we might let you take us out on a date!

love and grocery

3 Love Lessons From The Supermarket

Good love advice can come from unlikely sources, such as your local grocery store. We Love Buzzers don't exactly have cold hard correlations, but it sure is interesting to think that a study about consumerism can speak volumes about human relationships. Here are three consumer food studies that translate well into love lessons.

prince charming david letterman

Are Women Still Looking For Prince Charming?

The David Letterman affairs-with-female-colleagues scandal has brought the nature of workplace relationships—specifically those with older, male bosses—into the spotlight. And with it, the debate about gender equality, both at work and in relationships. Yesterday, Bonnie Fuller wrote that Dave Letterman’s inner office, screw-happy shenanigans won’t likely lose him any female viewers because women have a Prince Charming complex.We'd like to think Letterman won't lose viewers because we've all become jaded about cringe-inducing sex and the entertainment industry, not because we cling to an out-dated notion of fairy-tale romance. In a world where we know more about the canoodlings of Jon Gosselin then we do about our own friends, Letterman sticking his pen in the company ink just makes us shrug, force out the mental image and move on.

is marriage antiquated?

Marriage Is, Like, So Last Generation

Love and marriage, love and marriage, they say it goes together like a horse and carriage. Well, perhaps it did in times gone by, when things like "horses" and "carriages" were relevant. Unless you're living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they just aren't anymore, are they? If you count yourself in the under-30 crowd then you're sure to agree: One-third of young Americans (18-29) believe that marriage is an "antiquated institution," according to a newly released survey.


Being In Love Makes Us More Creative

A new study by psychologists Jens Förster, Kai Epstude, and Amina Özelsel at the University of Amsterdam says romantic love—or even thinking about romantic love—opens the curtains of the mind and unleashes creative thinking.

confused child scratching top of head

Wacky Childhood Misconceptions About Sex

Below, check out this roundup of childhood sexual misconceptions, helpfully ranked on a scale of Sexual Confusion. And thank your lucky stars for public school and HBO, because if we hadn't eventually learned about sex, we'd all be pregnant, in prison, or incredibly frustrated by the search for the elusive navel G-spot.

kind of guy

What Kind Of Guy Would You Be?

Confession: Sometimes I wonder what kind of girl I would be. Not in a pre-op, "call me Rhyanah" way—more like a "If I was a woman, I’d totally buy that dress" sorta thing. Everyone has those thoughts sometimes, right? What kind of guy would you be?