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The Day My Gay BFF And I Became Lovers

The Day My Gay BFF And I Became Lovers

Some of us secretly fantasize about the day our hot, adorable gay pal realizes that he's totally straight for you—even what he's been looking for this whole time, and you fall into each others' arms, giggling and cuddling forever. Well, I decided to live the dream when I started a hot and heavy affair with a flamboyantly gay man. This is that story.

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Helping Others In Relationships Helps Your Own

Earlier this year, blogger Caitlyn Boyle began "Operation Beautiful," a movement that encourages women to tack inspirational Post-It notes onto the mirrors of public bathrooms. By reminding other women that they are beautiful, the movement's participants transformed the way they saw themselves. That simple act of kindness got us thinking—can helping people with relationships improve our own love lives?

How To Liespot Your Man

How To Liespot Your Man

There are times it's obvious when a man is lying. Like when he opens his mouth. Just kidding! We're not that bitter (typically). But seriously, there are times in some relationships when you wonder if he really was at his buddy Jim's house playing poker until 3:30 a.m. Or if that woman Mindy with the ginormous ta-tas who friended him on Facebook really is "just some girl that used to live up the street" from him.

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9 Sex Positions That Enhance Emotional Intimacy

Certain sex positions facilitate higher levels of emotional intimacy. These positions allow a couple to go beyond their sensory experience, intensifying the intimacy of their encounters and imbuing them with emotional meaning. Eye contact, kissing, caresses, trusting, watching . . . these are emotional complements to the physical experience, and these nine sex positions promote that beautiful, emotional connection.

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Is Your Male Friend Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Can men and women be just friends? If you ask any Hollywood film producer, the answer is a resounding "no." Hollywood's magic formula for success seems to take seemingly platonic friends and make them "suddenly realize" how in love they are. (See: When Harry Met Sally for proof.) But what about real life? Are platonic friendships between men and women ever truly just that?

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10 Places We Do And Don't "Like It"

The web is atwitter this week about the Facebook breast cancer campaign currently trending on and off the social network. Women are updating their status messages with "I like it" followed by a list of locations such as "in the kitchen" and "on the washing machine." But aha! The rub is that these posts are not in reference to where they like to have sex (which all of our dirty minds are meant to think) but to where they set their purses down. While the web debates whether or not a campaign like this actually raises awareness or money for breast cancer research, we went ahead and took the updates seriously. Here we've compiled a list of five out-of-the-bedroom locations we like to have sex, as well as those five locales that are cool in terms of novelty but not so much in terms of having a good, solid romp.

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Political Victories Put People In The Mood For Sex

Sex and politics: Google searches for pornography spike after political victories. A husband and wife psychologist team decided to get to the bottom of whether or not political victories cause an upswing in pornography usage. It turns out, YES, there is in fact more titillating viewing going on the night of an election, but only if you happened to vote for the winning party.

The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading

The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading

When it comes to marriage, the news is often doom and gloom these days. Turn on your TV or open the newspaper or your computer, and it's not long before you're reading about another explosive celebrity divorce. Troll the web for some marriage or divorce advice, and you're likely to find a whole lot of theories about why more and more marriages are failing. And certain groups of us who want to marry are having to fight tooth and nail for the right. And how many times have you been reminded that half of all marriages end in divorce? With such depressing news, it's easy to think, what's the point of even walking down that aisle?

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Men Are Wired To Shut Down During Fights

Clamming up during an argument may be a guy thing after all, a new study suggests. "We have known through other psychological studies that men, on the average, are less empathic and less emotionally tuned in to others than women," said Dr. Daniel Carlat. "This study appears to reinforce this well-known finding."