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Why Are Women Under 30 Having So Little Sex?

According to a group of new studies, young women between the ages of 18 and 30 are suffering from low libido at rates never seen before: 43 percent of women have sexual problems, they say. And 1 in 10 women doesn't want to have sex at all, trumpeted a recent ABC News story. The weird part isn't the fact that women are reporting what experts like to call "sexual dysfunction," but that women this young are: Usually we think of sexual issues as the stuff that plagues the over-40 set. But sexperts are now blaming 20-somethings with low libido on everything from stress (we're worried about our jobs/working longer hours) to birth control/antidepressants (both are potent chemical cocktails that can make lust dry up), and, well, Hollywood.

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No-Nonsense Divorce Advice

"Tough love" advice on dealing with financial woes after divorce, feeling restless in your marriage and being an adult with divorced parents.

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How To Wear Red Lipstick

For a date night out or a sexy night in, nothing beats the look of a classic red lip worn with confidence and a smile. Think you can't pull off it off? Think again. Follow the easy steps below for a perfect cherry pucker.

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Weddings: Should The Father Give The Bride Away?

The first thing you need to know is that Dan asked me to marry him while we were brushing our teeth. We had been together for almost 10 years at that point, living together for five, and we had plenty of people despairing as to whether we would ever get around to tying the knot. We finally settled matters after flossing. Big romantic gestures? Not our thing. We like to lie around eating ice cream straight from the container and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reruns. But then we jumped into planning mode for the wedding, a day that's supposed to be nothing but romantic moments and symbolic traditions. And even two cynics like ourselves couldn't help getting caught up in all the excitement. But when it came to walking being a bride and walking down the aisle, did I want my father to give me away?

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How To Handle His Mood Swings

It's a nice feeling when your boyfriend expresses interest in seeing you often and is disappointed when you can't get together. It's most certainly not a nice feeling to sit and watch in horror as a grown 36-year-old man gets red in the face, curls his lips into an exaggerated pout, stamps his feet, and makes whining sounds. Was Chris just passionate, or was I dating a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

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7 Questions To Ask Before Trusting A New Partner

Last week, NPR featured a story on people who have Williams syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that makes it biologically impossible to distrust others. That is, they suffer an imbalance of oxytocin, a hormone that the brain generates after perceiving a non-threatening situation. Learning To Trust Again Although the story focused primarily on children's trust in strangers and on society's trust in the government, it inspired the question of how we perceive the trustworthiness of desirable strangers. When we're meeting new guys, especially at bars or parties, how do we gauge their trustworthiness? How do we even know that our "trust radar" is functioning properly?