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Winter Couple

7 Reasons Winter Romance Rules

Sometimes winter can seem like a drag—runny noses, dry skin, biting cold, days spent inside... you know the drill. Well instead of pining for the romantic rites of spring to start, focus on all of the many ways a winter affair can warm you up, pass the time and bring color to your cheeks!

how to have sex like you just met

How To Have Sex Like You Just Met

When you've been together for awhile, the sizzle in your relationship can oftentimes reduce to a low simmer. In Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer's "Have Sex Like You Just Met," a new book due out this month, you'll find a multitude of tricks for keeping the intimacy alive, and the sex life sizzling. Because monogamy without makin' love can be very monotonous, indeed.

Flirting Mistakes We All Make

Flirting Mistakes We All Make

One night, over a shared bottle of wine, she was explaining the finer points of her technique, when a cute guy walked over and poked his head between us. "What are you drinking?" he asked. "What does it look like we're drinking?" I answered snottily. That night was filled with valuable lessons. The main one being, if someone asks you a question—even a dumb one—they're trying to engage you on some level, so don't shoot them down. Here are a few other flirting don'ts I discovered along the way.

Love Bytes: Huxtables Gone Wild

Love Bytes: Huxtables Gone Wild

Ten must-click love and relationship links: hottest guy in the world, homosexual Sherlock Holmes, what we can learn from Robin Hood, hooking up with your cousin, what not to say at the dinner table, and 10 worst post-breakup books.

bad boyfriend

Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend: One Man Tells All

In the interest of full disclosure, one man decided to chronicle several of the things that make him a bad boyfriend. This way, once we start dating and things go terribly wrong, he can at least say you were warned.

date a smart person

How To Woo A Literary Lady

At the beginning of the month, blogger Lauren Leto wrote up a hilarious list of stereotypes, based upon the authors people most love to read. It's insulting, but we can't help nodding our heads and chortling because—you know what?—we judge others based on their writing abilities and book choices as well, especially when we're considering spending a lot of quality time with them in the future. Some prosal faux pas to avoid when it comes to the literal language of love?

Handling The Holidays When Your Life Is In Limbo

Handling The Holidays When Your Life Is In Limbo

Sure, the holidays are filled with great food, fun parties, and general good cheer (I was at a crowded Macy’s yesterday, and I wasn’t shoved once!), but for a lot of people, this is anything but the most wonderful time of year. Those of us in periods of transition—even positive ones—are especially susceptible to the feelings of loneliness, frustration, depression, and the stress the holidays can elicit. After the jump, a few tips for surviving the holidays during some of life’s biggest transitions

inappropriate last-minute gifts

Need A Last-Minute Gift? Don't Buy These.

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