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Does Porn Stop People From Having Sex?

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that sex for women over the age of 35 is rapidly declining — or, at least, people are more willing to admit to declining sex in their relationships than they used to be. Today, the same paper is suggesting this trend could be blamed on men's increased preference for Internet pornography over sex.

jealous woman

What Makes 77% Of Women Jealous?

For as long as we can remember, women have had a reputation for jealousy and cattiness. It's why studios greenlight movies like Bride Wars. It's why the Team Aniston verses Team Jolie debate continues to rage more than five years after Brad and Jen announced their separation. It's why today, Woman's Day and AOL Living published a "jealousy survey," which polled 2,000 women on what made them envious. Here's what we've gathered:

better marriage blanket

Your Marriage Problems Solved... By A Blanket?

A small-town teacher has created a product he claims will solve all of our marriage problems: The Better Marriage Blanket. We were excited when we first saw the press release. After all, the bedroom is pretty much ground zero when it comes to marital spats, what with the unmade bed, the laundry on the floor, couples' wildly divergent sleep schedules, etc. Visions of a product that could solve it all danced in our heads. And then we read on.

"The Marriage Ref" Makes Us Want to Stay Single

"The Marriage Ref" Makes Us Want to Stay Single

We got a sneak peek at Jerry Seinfeld's new show, The Marriage Ref, which centers around the fact that, apparently, all married couples fight about absolutely inane topics, and the only way to resolve their issues is to take it to a celebrity expert panel—in this case, Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa, and, ahem, Alec Baldwin. As the host and "marriage ref" Tom Papa pointed out, "If you are, been, just got, or are getting out of marriage—we consider you an expert!"

Newlywed Sex Tips (We All Can Use)

Newlywed Sex Tips (We All Can Use)

When writer Miriam Arond and her husband, psychiatrist Samuel L. Pauker, M.D., surveyed hundreds of newlywed couples across the nation, they discovered that 85 percent had made love before tying the knot, yet the frequency and quality of unmarried sex had little to do with the reality of married lovemaking. Nearly half said that after marriage, they didn't have sex as often as they'd like; 20 percent of new wives reported low sexual desire. For a fourth of the wives, sex meant painful intercourse or elusive orgasms, while 1 in 10 husbands experienced premature ejaculation, and 1 in 20 had erection problems.

Look For These Red Flags In Online Dating Profiles

Look For These Red Flags In Online Dating Profiles

Online dating was supposed to make it easier to meet and screen potential dates, but sometimes it seems as if it’s just added one more layer of effort that requires you to filter out the crazies to get to the good ones. But the good ones are indeed out there, and luckily, the bad ones usually reveal themselves early in the process.

i don't want to get maried again

Why I'm Done With Marriage

I love weddings. I stop dead before store windows to gaze at gorgeous dresses and drool over diamond rings. I'm thrilled when I happen upon a noisy banquet in a Chinese restaurant. I read the New York Times wedding announcements every Sunday. I love watching "Say Yes to the Dress." But I don't want to get married again.

women's bodies like drugs for men

Women's Bodies Make Men High, Literally

The more pronounced the waist to hip ratio the more the male brain mimics that of being high or drunk. Looking at pictures of rounded backsides, scientists say, instantly activates the brain's natural reward system.