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3 Ways To "Size" A Man Up

OK kids, first things first. Size does not matter to every woman. Plenty of women are satisfied good and plenty and even preferably with some skillfull fingers and well-played tongues and a good battery-operated assistant. That being said, it does matter to some women and it certainly seems to matter to lots of guys who want to know if they measure up or not (as our many other articles on the topic might indicate). But how can a woman (or man) tell if a man will measure up (before the clothes are off, that is)? Are there certain ways a person can know for sure just by looking? We don't think there are definite 100% board-certified correct answers to these questions, but we do have some ideas of where a person may want to look, if this is a topic of importance to him or her.

What's the Longest You've Pined for Someone?

What's the Longest You've Pined for Someone?

In the world of competitive pining, it's not an exaggeration to say that I'm a legend. My journey towards greatness began in elementary school, when I nursed a secret crush on the lovely Naomi for five long years, an All Saints School record that remains unbeaten. By the time I got to high school, I was so good at longing lunchroom glances that I was named captain of the varsity unrequited love squad. And I'm sure most of you know all about my Crysman-trophy winning college career. My years as a pro have been marked by great triumphs--the candle I held for a woman with a boyfriend is in the Pining Hall of Fame--but also monumental struggles. To be perfectly honest, it's hard to pine in New York City.

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4 Halloween Pick-Up Moves

Halloween! The same month that's synonymous with ghosts and goblins is also prime time for gettin' some. And because we're just so durned helpful, we've listed the top four ways to do just that while incorporating your favorite fall activities. Yes, they're cheesy, and yes, they'll probably work.

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He's Perfect, So Why Don't I Like Him?

I should be in heaven, right? But I'm not. Because as perfect as he is, John just doesn't make me want to rip my clothes off. And I don't know why. After the jump, the best guess as to why.

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Do You Fart In Front Of Your Guy?

In every relationship there comes a time when nature calls and you have to ask yourself, 'Am I comfortable enough around this person to let 'er rip?' Or maybe, like Carrie in that one episode, your sheet session is embarrassingly interrupted by an unexpected toot coming from -- oh, dear God no -- you. Thanks to Lemondrop, here are 3 Toot Survival Techniques for when you can't help but pass gas.

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4 Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

Somehow dating—especially in the early parts of courtship—got all tangled up in endless rounds of booze. Check out these four ideas for booze-less dating.

Best Of YourTango!

Best of YourTango: Flirting, Friends & Exes

As the leaves drop, we are reminded that there is a season for everything under the sun. So, too, is there for love at YourTango. This week we gave you something for every stage of the relationship: Emergency flirting tips at the start, steps to avoid forgetting your friends when you're head over heels, meditations on Prince Charming and gender differences for that in between period, and finally, weddings, invitations, and Ex's (Oh My!)

Couples Retreat

'Couples Retreat': Just What You Were Expecting

If you're willing to just embrace the inherent inanities of the star-studded romantic comedy genre, then this is a perfectly acceptable date-night flick for a married couple. Just don't look too far below the surface and you'll manage a few guffaws and knee slaps.