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Dating Tip: 6 Ways To Avoid An Awkward Setup

Unfortunately, well-meaning friends are not top-notch matchmakers, as nuanced matchmaking requires either supreme intuition, practical training or serious practice on willing subjects. At some point during your season of being single, a friend (or your mom) will probably shove you toward some stranger at a party. Yeah, it's a little awkward, but rather than waste time feeling uncomfortable or shy, why not seize the opportunity to get to know someone new? Here are 6 steps to overcoming an awkward setup.

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How An Unhappy Marriage Can Damage Your Health

The long-standing theory is that there are major health benefits for the marrieds of the world—they tend to live longer, healthier lives. But new research is showing that this “marriage benefit” does not extend to those that are unhappily married, divorced, or widowed.

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7 Things All Single Women Need

A list of 7 essential items every single lady should have. From a Romance Pro/Con notepad to a great no-holds-barred dating guide, every single woman wading in the dating pool should keep these 7 things on hand.

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Get Inspired: 10 Famous Love Quotes

Sometimes we take the most fundamental things for granted: The taste of a strawberry milkshake on a hot day, finding out you have the day off when you thought you didn't, seeing a man hold a baby. All of these experiences are a teensy bit cliche, but they have something in common: They make you feel good. You might think some of these famous love quotes are cliche, too, but stop and think about their meaning for a minute. There's nothing stale about universal truths and good advice. So read on for some nuggets of time-tested wisdom from the most famous people in history.

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How To Handle A Rude Date

Even if your date is rude, there's no need for you to feed the beast and follow suit. Instead, you need to know how to comport yourself with class when confronted with a brute who is abusive to waitstaff, bartenders, valets or whatever other poor, unfortunate "help" may fall in his crosshairs on this particular evening.??

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Single? Here's How To Celebrate

I have big plans for my birthday this month. BIG ones. Wanna hear them? OK, I’m gonna sit at home in my pajamas, eat chocolate cake and watch reruns of “The Gilmore Girls.”

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How To Save Your Marriage

We’ve been married for 13 years and during this time we’ve learned that just about everything we’ve expected from love and marriage is the opposite of our actual lives. We’ve discovered there’s no such thing as happily-ever-after so we’ve opted for the more realistic “ever after.” We may not be blissed out every minute of the day, but in our “ever after,” we're raising a kid together we madly adore, we’re cracking each other up, and as far as we can tell there isn’t anyone else we’d rather spend our lives with. It’s in this spirit of lowered expectations that we’d like to share a few of things we’ve gleaned from our relationship.