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Man slipping dollar bill into stripper's bra

My Days As A Stripper Still Haunt Me

The person you date doesn't necessarily have a right to know every little thing about your past, including a three-week stint as a pole dancer at a strip club. Furthermore, there's no need to be sharing something like that about yourself with every guy you go out with.

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Annoying Couple Habits Reveal A Shaky Relationship

If your partner calls you "pookie," beware: a new book claims that mushy pet names actually indicate relationship problems. In Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex, authors Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis elaborate on a number of couple habits that ruin relationships by eroding sexual attraction. Besides the use of cute nicknames, these practices include sharing hygiene habits and having sex on the kitchen table to revive an interest in sex itself.

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Women Without Kids Up 80 Percent From 30 Years Ago

The number of American women without children has risen to an all-time high of 1 in 5, a jump since the 1970s when 1 in 10 women ended their childbearing years without having a baby, according to the Pew Research Center. About 1.9 million women aged 40-44 - or 18 percent - were childless in 2008, an 80 percent increase since 1976, when just 580,000 -- 10 percent of those in that age bracket -- had never given birth, the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey shows.

Man with fist raised to hit woman

How To Avoid An Abusive Relationship

The first thing anyone asks a battered woman is: "Why did you put up with that?" Author Judy McGuire, herself a domestic violence survivor, discusses the warning signs to watch for in your relationship.

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The 5 Styles Of Flirting

Researchers at the University of Kansas have been busy interviewing a ton of people about their flirting styles and their dating histories, and they've managed to pretty much solve some of the mysteries of dating.

Love Bytes: Do You Get Past The First Date?

Love Bytes: Do You Get Past The First Date?

Love Bytes: Getting past first dates, fighting too much, the ills of high school casual sex, love letters, being-single backup plan, getting married later in life, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, women's thoughts on bad sex, spanking parents mean dysfunctional marriages, Charlie Sheen porn star date's secret past, soul mates, and boyfriend used to get around...? Don't miss these 14 must-read love and relationship links from our friends around the Web.

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I Stopped Falling For Jerks And So Can You

I liked assholes. No, I loved them, but now, looking back, I realize it wasn't just that. For the most part, every man who failed to call me was capable of calling someone else, and at a certain point, I had to face the fact that it wasn't just them, it was me. I begged for men to be unaccountable. I allowed them to be untrustworthy. And I expected them to leave.

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8 Ways FedEx Can Improve Your Love Life

There is something implicitly romantic about paper mail. Go ahead and call us old fogies, but we've been reminiscing about the days when we used wall calendars instead of Google calendars, and when love letters were scrawled on personalized stationary instead of typed over email. Anything other than email and Facebook Events sound old-fashioned nowadays, but sometimes you just want to hold something in your hands. In the spirit of paper over pixels we were recently surfing the FedEx website, and came across all these services that could help you make a classic romantic gesture—FedEx, we had no idea! Here are a few things you can do.