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deadly sins of dating

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Dating

How come your relationships don't last—or never even get started? Here are seven ways you might be sabotaging your chances of finding love without knowing it. If you recognize yourself in the list below, consider doing a little soul searching so you can get out of your dating rut and back on the path to finding The One.

domestic abuse

Men Don't Hit Their Wives By Accident—They Plan It

A recent Israeli study concluded that domestic violence between couples typically occurs as a calculated decision from the inflicting partner. The aggressor typically knows what sort of consequences he or she will face and weighs it before acting out. "Someone who uses verbal violence might well move on over time to threatening physical attack, and from there it is only downhill towards acting on the threat," one of the researchers says. In other frank words, get out of the cycle now!

5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Sex

5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Sex

Not that we're complaining—being fellow Earthlings and all—but it seems that just about everything and its cheap knock-off is "going green" these days. But no green lifestyle is complete without some eco-friendly habits in the bedroom. With these four environmentally friendly sex tips and products at your disposal, it sure brings a new meaning to being sustainable in bed, eh?

women on the phone

Should You Confess To Sleeping With Your BFF's Ex?

The better question isn't whether you would tell your BFF that you slept with her ex, but whether you'd sleep with her ex in the first place. Conversely, could any of you ever find it in your heart to give your friend your blessing if she slept with your ex and wanted to pursue a relationship with him?

find couple friends

4 Ideas For Finding Couple Friends

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a happy couple must be in want of another happy couple to be BFFs with for life. Fred and Wilma had their Barney and Betty; Lucy and Ricky had their Ethel and Fred. It seems that for every dynamic couple, there exists an assumed want for a complementary pair of friends, who are also a couple, to bond mutually with.