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valentines day gifts

5 Valentine's Day Gifts We Actually Want

Valentine's Day. It's coming, and fast. Feeling nervous? We understand. After all, we've seen you—time and time again—attempt some grand, sweeping, romantic gesture, only to fall back on the same-old, same-old. And we want you to know: It isn't worth it. Because, when it comes to what we want, we're pretty easy. We swear. And flowers, chocolates and jewelry are nowhere on our wish lists (though there is that one necklace we spotted on Etsy...). What we really want?

technology date

3 New Ways To Date Online

The Internet is still a great place to find men because it reaches an infinite population you’d never meet otherwise. Here are a few ideas to test out in the new year.

sawyer lost

5 Love Lessons From "Lost"

Beyond smoke monsters and the Dharma Initiative, Lost is really about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the bonds between them (OK, and Sawyer's abs). Here are five love lessons we've learned from Lost; thankfully you don't have to be stranded on a tropical island to take advantage of these relationship tips.

Second Thoughts On An Open Relationship

Second Thoughts On An Open Relationship

One guy capitulates to his girlfriend's desire to open up their relationship ... and finds that the emotional turmoil it causes is a little more than he can handle. Is he overreacting, or hung up on an unhealthy relationship?

masturbation tips

5 Bogus Masturbation Myths

A lot of people are wary about self-pleasure. Why? Well, there are a number of negative rumors swirling around, about both masturbation and the folks who practice it. We're here to bust those rumors. Because a little self-love can go a long way.

bad advice

Why "Put Yourself Out There" Is Bad Dating Advice

As is the plight of many a single woman with friends who have settled down, Cecilia has been getting plenty of unsolicited advice about how she can meet Mr. Right. One of the most common pieces of advice? "Put yourself out there!" Cecilia and I share a mutual loathing for this particular phrase.

moobs and beer guts what women think

Man Boobs And Beer Guts: Turn-Offs?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported that the number of male breast reductions have increased by 80 percent in the past year. Indeed, most women we polled will take a beer gut or receding hairline over man breasts any day of the week.

how to ask a woman on a date

For The Guys: How To Lock Down A First Date

Earlier this week, Telegraph newspaper ran an article in which they listed nine tips for men to secure a first date, including "learn to dance," and "be patient." In a real mind-twist, the article also suggested men "ignore all dating tips they find online." Better advice would have been to ignore dumb dating tips online. Men don't need to learn to two-step to secure a first date, but there are some helpful strategies that can actually go a long way in making that first step — asking a woman out — more successful. After the jump, eight ways a men can score a first date (no dance class required!).