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reject someone nicely

How To Tell Him You're Just Not That Into Him

You know the scenario: you've inadvertently attracted an admirer, but you just don't share his feelings. What to do? In this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother, the gang explained the "bait-and-hook" theory to Ted, which says that everybody has at least one admirer they keep around but don't actually like. Out of reluctance to hurt someone's feelings, we end up sending the message that we can't date that person "right now," even though by "right now," we actually mean "ever." Eventually, though, the person's going to either confront you about his intentions, or, if he's already done so repeatedly, you'll get so annoyed at his efforts that you'll end up being a jerk. Either way, you can't string that person along forever, and oftentimes, avoiding his phone calls or fielding his attempts to hang out just isn't enough to get the point across. Awkward as it sounds, you need to have a little chat. Here are five ways to turn someone down without looking like the bad guy:

millionaire matchmaker dating tips

5 Dating Tips From The Millionaire Matchmaker

Jimmy D. swore up and down that he was ready for a real, deep woman (and for once, he wasn't talking about her cleavage). After a near-death experience (he was beaten and lost…an eyelid?) he was ready to find real love. Mateo swore up and down that the most important thing to him was his woman's religion; he wanted to raise a Christian family. What did both guys do at the mixer? The exact opposite of what they said!

5 ways to avoid sex

5 Surefire Ways To Say No To Sex

There comes a time in every girl's life where we find ourselves in a heavy (but not so hot) sexual situation. Namely, we just don't want to do it. At times this mysterious anti-sex aversion doesn't make any kind of logical sense. We'll rationalize that he smells fine, has bought us five dinners and seems to be in decent shape, so surely we should want to sleep with him, right? Yet the harsh reality? Nothing would make us happier then to read a book alone fully clothed in our own apartment—and we'd like to leave now. While our convictions might be strong, some of us ladies have an annoying tendency to bend our own wishes to mesh more easily with his. Our motives for doing this are two-fold, we're empathetic, want to protect his ego and we'd like a harmonious post-date atmosphere.  Sex Does A Body Good Here are 6 no-fail tips that won't make him feel unsexy.

marriage roles

Modern Marriage: He's My Wusband, I'm His Hife

I'd argue that, for all of my wifely qualities (I can obsess over throw pillows with the best of them), I have an inner husband who tends to drive at least double the legal speed limit and leave socks on the floor, while my actual husband— tall, handsome, manly-guy that he is — has an inner wife who lives to make sure we both have clean underwear. ??Call us Wusband and Hife? ?? These labels, at least, allow for a little overlap: A division of labor based on what we're each best at, not just what's assigned us by virtue of chromosome.?? Of course, in some ways, we resemble happy "normal" newlyweds: I like to cook. For him. My husband, on the other hand, is very able to cook—but usually he'll start the pasta sauce along with a line of questioning like: Do I add water? Should I put it in the microwave? If I add garlic, do I chop it first? Most nights I wind up manning the pan, while he happily goes back to Guitar Hero.

Bachelor Jake: Vienna & Dancing With The Stars

Bachelor Jake: Vienna & Dancing With The Stars

Oh, we may have to agree with the immortal words of The Bachelor host Chris Harrison: last night was, indeed, the most dramatic rose ceremony yet. The season finale dawned with Jake the Pilot and his two lady loves—has any man since Bill Henrickson so often proclaimed to love so many women at the same time?—still sunning themselves and occasionally weeping on the island paradise of St. Lucia. But there are others afoot, specifically, Jake's family. Yes, his mom, dad and a passel of rowdy, blonde brothers and their wives are flown in to meet/judge the remaining women.


Does Porn Stop People From Having Sex?

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that sex for women over the age of 35 is rapidly declining — or, at least, people are more willing to admit to declining sex in their relationships than they used to be. Today, the same paper is suggesting this trend could be blamed on men's increased preference for Internet pornography over sex.

jealous woman

What Makes 77% Of Women Jealous?

For as long as we can remember, women have had a reputation for jealousy and cattiness. It's why studios greenlight movies like Bride Wars. It's why the Team Aniston verses Team Jolie debate continues to rage more than five years after Brad and Jen announced their separation. It's why today, Woman's Day and AOL Living published a "jealousy survey," which polled 2,000 women on what made them envious. Here's what we've gathered:

better marriage blanket

Your Marriage Problems Solved... By A Blanket?

A small-town teacher has created a product he claims will solve all of our marriage problems: The Better Marriage Blanket. We were excited when we first saw the press release. After all, the bedroom is pretty much ground zero when it comes to marital spats, what with the unmade bed, the laundry on the floor, couples' wildly divergent sleep schedules, etc. Visions of a product that could solve it all danced in our heads. And then we read on.