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Can Better Teeth Lead To A Better Love Life?

We can't say for sure that better teeth will lead to a better love life, but a great smile definitely can make you more confident, which is pretty much the key to scoring any major love win (you know, the first date, the next date, the wedding proposal, etc.). In fact, scientific research has proven just how important those pearly whites are: a national survey from the American Dental Association found that people rank a smile as the most attractive physical feature, above eyes, body and hair.

Elizabeth Edwards and children

6 Love Lessons from Elizabeth Edwards

The sad news broke yesterday that attorney, public speaker, best-selling author and activist Elizabeth Edwards, 61, passed away after her ongoing battle with breast cancer. Taking the public stage initially as the wife of 2004 Democratic candidate for vice-president, John Edwards, Elizabeth spent the years following the '04 election coping very publicly with John's infidelity, and her fight against cancer. However, in the midst of one tragedy after the next, she became a shining example of grace, vitality and courage. As a mother, wife and friend, Elizabeth demonstrated strength of character that made her a heroine to many. Here, a few of the lessons on love and relationships we learned from Elizabeth Edwards.

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Is DNA Really To Blame For Cheating, Promiscuity?

Remember that boyfriend you dumped years ago? The one who couldn't seem to be faithful to you to save his soul? Well, maybe he couldn't help it. Really. A new study out of Binghamton University State University of New York suggests that people who cheat may have a gene variant that's driving them to do so. New research shows cheating and promiscuity are in our genes. Can we really blame DNA?

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Is He Husband Material?

Relationships can be blinding. When you are truly in love, you want to overlook the other person's imperfections. However, it is vital that you don't ignore fatal flaws. If you two have been throwing around the topic of marriage more than just casually, there is a good chance you're blinders are up right now. And who would blame you? Definitely not us, but we think you owe it to yourself to ensure he's husband material. Trust us. It's much better to figure it out now rather than after you've walked down the aisle.

Smiling women at a baby shower

Everyone Is Pregnant But Me

It was like the post-WWII baby boom at my publishing company in Manhattan. The ladies' room was full of women patting their stomachs, complaining about morning sickness that lasted all day and chugging Cheerios to battle nausea. I had never seen anything like it at any place I've ever worked.

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The 10 Worst Fashion Trends Of 2010

Zoosk.com asked single online daters which style trends they hated in 2010—Are you guilty of these clothing fails...or are you just as baffled as we are by some of the trends that made the top ten?