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10 Ways Stress Erodes Your Health

If you've ever been faced with a tight work deadline, cared for a sick loved one or struggled to pay the bills, you are well acquainted with stress — that overwhelming feeling that the world is demanding more than you can deliver. Unfortunately, stress isn't just exasperating; over time, it can wreak havoc on your emotional and physical well-being too.

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Poll: Where Do You Get Your Best Dating Advice?

Poll: Where Do You Get Your Best Dating Advice?: Family (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) Friends Clergy/Coach/Therapist TV shows (talk shows like Oprah or scripted TV like Glee) Self-help books Print media (newspapers or magazines) Online (websites, Google, Facebook) Other (please list in the comments below)

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Dating Terminology We Need To Ditch

Sometimes, the worst part of dating is having to endure the cliche phrases that accompany it. I swear, if one more person says, "He's just not that into you," I'm going to jump into my oven and never come out. It was fun back in 2003 when the phrase debuted on Sex and the City and then became the title of a book (and then a movie!), but let's be honest, it’s totally played out. I get it. I grasp the concept. He's just not that into me and if he was, he would be. Next PLEASE? I beg of you single population-at-large, let's make dating somewhat hip again so we can feel non-lame while engaging in it. Here are some dating phrases that we need to put the kibosh on. Add your suggestions for replacement phrases in the comments.

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Can A 'Fighting Formula' Improve Your Relationship?

If you're in a relationship, you've most likely had a spat or two. And according to recent research, arguments about small, nagging things may happen as often as 312 times per year. Some research even shows that how you handle conflict in your romantic life may have less to do with your relationship and more to do with how you were raised. But regardless of all the small arguments, or how your mother messed you up, enduring screaming matches multiple times a day with your spouse, or stonewalling your boyfriend post-argument may mean that your disagreements have gotten the better of your romance. It's helpful to know the hot button issues in relationships, and the red flags indicating that it's gone from lovey-dovey to knock-down, drag out.

Are You Dating A Master Manipulator?

Are You Dating A Master Manipulator?

Christine Donovan knew something wasn't right in her relationship when she didn't want to go home from work. "I felt anxious all the time," she says. "I never knew what kind of mood he would be in, or if I had unknowingly done something that would have upset him." But Christine wasn't in an abusive relationship—at least none that she had ever seen. "He didn't hit me or get violently angry. I just thought we were having normal relationship problems that we needed to work through," she says.

Love Bytes: The Creepy Thing Guys Are Doing On Facebook

Love Bytes: The Creepy Thing Guys Are Doing On Facebook

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links. Exploring whether your ex owes you something after a breakup, 7 ways women like to be surprised, and the VERY surprising thing dudes are doing on Facebook. Why you should keep mum about your guy's mom, how he wins approval from your friends, and why your married friends make the best matchmakers. This, along with solid advice from drunk people on St. Patrick's Day.

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Jilted Bride Sues Cheating Ex-Fiancé For Cost Of Canceled Wedding

Can we just say this? What happens in Vegas does not stay there. Just ask almost-groom Robert Leighton, who definitely found that out the hard way. Apparently, the Chicago lawyer went a bit too far at his bachelor party and was hit with a lawsuit courtesy of his ex-bride-to-be. She discovered his Sin-City hook-up, and he discovered that poor decisions always crawl back home with you.

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Domestic Violence: Is It Just As Bad When A Woman Hits A Man?

Is domestic violence one area where a double-standard is justified? One writer argues that it is. In an article for BlissTree, Valerie Curnow says: "Usually I'm fiercely against double-standards, but I have to admit: I don't think that a woman hitting a man is the same thing as a man hitting a woman. Don't get me wrong: I'm anti-domestic violence (physical and emotional), or any violence for that matter, but I just don't believe that if a woman hits a man, the ramifications are the same as when the reverse happens." Should this double-standard exist?

Are Asians The Most Favored Race In Online Dating?

Are Asians The Most Favored Race In Online Dating?

And if populations ratios were to level out, then the average monthly messages received by white people would go down while it would go up for latinos, asians, and blacks, with asians receiving the majority of messages. In the chance that asians became the predominant race, 74% of white senders would send to asians, with 98% of asians, 71% of latinos and 66% of blacks doing the same. So, at least in online dating, is race relations just a numbersgame?

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Work On Yourself Before Working Things Out With An Ex

I began to revaluate myself and the way I treated others. During this time, I left my ex alone, which is actually harder than one could imagine. This might seem pathetic, but I wanted to call him every day. But for once I had to make things better, not rely on someone else to clean up the chaos. When the time came to do the dreaded exchanging of personal property, I had decided that I was going to ask him if we could give it another chance. If he said 'no,' I swore to myself that I would not weep and lay in bed ordering empanadas while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the aftermath.