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I've Promised Marriage To Multiple Men

Despite the fact that I've never had a relationship longer than nine months and that one was with a 15-year-old boy, I still believe in love. I believe in the love of friends and family and despite all evidence against, I believe that I will someday meet a man who will make my life even better. Even with this hope, when I imagine the future, it generally involves a goat farm and some really cute babies, but I've blurred out the vision of that burly be-flanneled man of my dreams. It seems that even though I will meet a guy and tell my friends, "I think I can be with this guy for more than a few months! Yay!" A week or a month later, I'm already washing my hands of another false start. It's not like I can't relate to or love men, but all my closest relationships are to ex-boyfriends. It's for this reason that I've set up marriage promises. Lots of them.

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16 Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

Splitting up may be the right thing to do. To help you recognize the mistakes you may be making now -- and to avoid future missteps -- here are 16 of the biggest and most frequent divorce blunders.

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What Confuses Us About How Men Fight

Men. Who can understand them? Not me. The thing about men I understand the least is how they fight. I literally feel like I'm speaking another language when I'm arguing with my dude. Are we talking about the same thing? Did we have the same conversation? Wait, are we even on the same planet? That's when I feel like that men are from Mars, women are from Venus BS might have some truth to it.

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Oral Sex Should Be Less Kung Fu, More Tai Chi

From the Department of Unexpected Sex Tips: A New York-based sexpert insists that men can improve their oral sex skills by comparing their cunnilingus style to martial arts. Excellent. Is Bruce Lee what we want our partners thinking about while they're riding the southbound train? As we dig deeper, we find Dr. Ian Kerner does, indeed, have a point.

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Study: Men Prefer Women Who've Been Dumped

Ladies, if you were recently broken up with, congratulations: you just got more attractive. New findings published by the University of Michigan say that men prefer women who were dumped by their last boyfriends, while women prefer men who initiated their last breakup. To study how past relationships affected future efforts, researchers gauged the responses of 198 heterosexual participants to fake online dating ads. Participants were asked to rate the ads based on shallow information, and then upon learning how that person's last relationship ended. Researchers also asked subjects to note whether they wanted a long-term relationship with the person, or whether they just wanted sex. For men, the woman's relationship history mattered only when he wanted a serious relationship with her. When it came to trysts, he didn't care who did the dumping as long as she were willing to move on with him.

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Airline Offering In-Flight Sex Shut Down

Sanctioned in-flight sex, we barely knew you. The UK's Civil Aviation Authority has shut down Mile High Flights, an English airline that provides couples with chartered flights just for having sex at 5,280 feet. According to the CAA, in-flight sex distracts pilots and flight staff from their jobs, thus endangering everyone on board. Mike Crisp, the company's founder, begs to differ, accusing the CAA of "prudish snobbery."

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Your Dating To-Do List For 2011

Well, 2011 is upon us. After a year of sluttin' it up and having a grand ol' time doing it, I feel very ready to meet someone special. A boyfriend, a partner-in-crime, if you will. With that in mind, I've already made some dating resolutions for the upcoming year, and have noted the 10 types of guys I plan to avoid now that I'm looking for a relationship with some depth, not to mention an exchange of last names. Having been actively online dating for the last year, I have definitely “put myself out there,” to use the annoying phrase lobbed around by advice-filled smug monogamists, but I also think I need to be more open-minded about WHO to date. Here are the 7 types of guys to date in 2011.

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Must-Read Sex Secrets From Dr. Ruth

Everybody's favorite sexpert, Dr. Ruth (or Ruth Westheimer, Ph.D, if you're curious about her full name) is out with a new book, "Top Ten Secrets for Great Sex: How to Enjoy It, Share It and Love It Each and Every Time." In an interview with AOL Health, she reveals a few of her secrets and answers to some of her most frequently asked sex and relationship questions.