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William and Kate royal wedding kiss

Will The Royal Marriage Last?

In the run up to the big day, bookies have been minting fortunes. Odds were offered on the music, the honeymoon venue, the color of the Queen's hat. Even the length of the sermon. Will the bride's wedding car break down before her prince whisks her off in a ceremonial coach? What shade of white will the dress be? Will Prince Harry remain sober for his best man speech? Will his trousers split? The gloomiest bets by far have been on how long the marriage will last. Some say a day. Some, a lifetime. One to 10 years seems to be the favorite.

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What Guys Think Links: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Enjoying the Kentucky Derby together. How to meet a guy if you're an over 35 divorcee. What is Single Woman Syndrome? Why being happy is sexy. 10 extra reasons to love condoms. What guys think of menstruation. How to initiate sex after a lady has a baby. When he doesn't say "I love you." How to win over in-laws.

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Study: Obese People Are Less Sexually Satisfied

As if being obese didn't have enough pitfalls, findings published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy suggest that the extra pounds can weigh down your sex life. A weight loss drug study involving 134 women and 91 men, who were all moderately to severely overweight, revealed that when probed about their sex life, obese people are more likely to report less sexual satisfaction than the general population.

A man and a woman lead horses in a field.

7 Romantic Horse Movies In Honor Of The Kentucky Derby

They say a girl's first love is her horse. Maybe that's true—if she's lucky enough to have one. In American culture, horses have long symbolized adventure and a return to nature in an increasingly industrialized world. It's no wonder that My Little Pony and its ilk are still popular today. The Kentucky Derby wouldn't have the same appeal if there were cars instead of horses racing around Churchill Downs. In literature and film, horses serve their riders in multiple ways. The beautiful animals are strong and often wild, but in need of love and care.

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Neptune In Pisces: What This 14-Year Cycle Means For Love

Have you ever yearned for a more passionate love life? Have you ever wondered why you haven't found your soul mate, or if you have, have you wished she or he was more romantic? This spring you can stop wishing: On April Neptune moved into Pisces, ushering new era of enchanting, extravagant romance. Neptune changes signs once every 14 years, so this is a major shift. Here's what it means for you.