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AskMen's Top 99 Women List Shows Men Want Late-20s Brunettes

This blistery February day marks the unveiling of askmen.com's annual Top 99 Most Desirable Women poll results. 2011's results come with a twist, however. This year marks the 10-year-anniversary of askmen.com's Top 99, which makes for some interesting cocktail party statistics about the changeable and universal appeal of celebrities.

Love Bytes: "I Lost My Vibrator In The Breakup"

Love Bytes: "I Lost My Vibrator In The Breakup"

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links. What guys wish you knew about the Super Bowl, along with 5 things you wish he knew about how to please you. Why famous women are so desirable (yes, we really had to explain it), why looks may matter more than you think, and why holding grudges may be such a bad thing. These stories, along with Valentine's Day sex tips and the cutest way to hook a man we ever did see.

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Is February 13th Unofficially "Mistress Day"?

For restaurants and florists, the day before Valentine's Day is becoming just as popular as the actual holiday o' love. Why? Because February 13th is unofficially Mistress Day, the day when men pamper the women they're cheating with.

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How Men Think: Myths And Facts

Think females are more sensitive than males? Not so fast says clinical psychologist David B. Wexler, Ph.D. Yes, it's true that by the time boys become toddlers, they've already learned to suppress a show of feelings. But Wexler cites evidence that boys actually start out as more emotional (yes, more) than girls.

Will Match.com's Purchase Of OKCupid Change Online Dating?

Will Match.com's Purchase Of OKCupid Change Online Dating?

OKCupid was first launched in 2004 and is a free online service that draws in about a million people monthly. For $50 million in cash, Match.com has snatched the site up in addition to their other purchases such as People Media and Singlesnet. Though Match.com has around 1.8 million users, Greg Blatt, CEO of IAC, thinks OKCupid's "younger and more casual users" could be an asset.

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The Worst Things To Say To Someone Who Just Got Dumped

After my recent breakup, 95 percent of the comments that people have made to me have been loving, supportive and wonderful. And then there were the ones that were not. Well-meaning? Sure. But not helpful. Dissing the man I (still) love? Not helpful. Here are 11 more things you should think twice, and then three times, about saying to a woman who has just been dumped.