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Divorce Is Leveling Off, Except For Older Black Women

According to the most recent stats, of all women who've ever tied the knot, the number of divorcées reached as high as 41 percent among the age-50-to-59 set. Black women reported the largest amount of splits in the group, with 48 percent claiming they'd divorced at least once in their lifetimes. On the other hand, Asian and Hispanic women know how to make it work, as only 30 percent or less have ever called it quits for good. Interesting, eh?

Last Chance: Describe Amazing Sex & Win NYC Trip + $1000

Last Chance: Describe Amazing Sex & Win NYC Trip + $1000

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the past few weeks we've been collecting your 10-words-or-less descriptions of 'amazing sex,' and what can we say but we're impressed. There's still time to impress us, however. You have until midnight tonight to submit the sexiest, most creative, most truthful description of amazing sex for a chance to win: A two-night stay in a leading romantic NYC hotel, plus $1000 in travel & food vouchers, brunch with Love Consultants Matt & Tamsen, and a Zestra Romance Gift Packet for Better Sex Effortlessly.

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Love Bytes: Can Marriage Survive A Love Child?

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links. Why powerful men can't seem to keep their pants on, how to let your partner know you're fuming without saying a word, and whether having sex after a dry spell will hurt like the first time. How to be the persuasive one in your relationships, how long is too long when it comes to dating, and 10 expressions that are less cringe-inducing than "making love".

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I Had An Online Romance With A Grandmother

When it comes to Internet romance, the status phrase "It's complicated" might just be the understatement of the decade. I would know, having just survived one of the most bizarre and convoluted online relationships that ever dared to call itself "love."

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What Guys Think Links: Cuddling & Powerful Men

Can musical tastes be a deal breaker? How to get him to cuddle. When your neighbor is your wife's male gyno. A Rabbi's opinion on why powerful men cheat. Nine scandals worse than Schwarzenegger. That hot person MAY actually be into you. Why many ladies prefer average dudes. Does the Catholic church blame hippies for certain major sins? Maybe we should lay of on guys masturbating. And how has technology made your relationship more annoying?

Don't Miss Your Chance To Describe Amazing Sex & Win $1000

Poll: Don't Miss Your Chance To Describe Amazing Sex & Win $1000

If you've got a knack for explaining the unexplainable and a libidinous appetite for sex, than get to typing! You only have three days left to brainstorm your best 10-word description of amazing sex and win a free trip to New York City. YourTango.com has teamed up with Zestra to scour our reader's minds and, believe us, nothing is too raunchy, sentimental, or disgusting. The winner recieves a New York City vacation plus $1000. Let us know your 10-word wanton thought here

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When It Comes To Love, Words Matter

Forget chemistry, similar values, having the same favorite movies or any of the usual signs we look for to see if a date may blossom into something long-term. What if the key to compatibility is in our words, or, more specifically, the words between our words?

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New Trend: Men Like To Pejazzle

Listen up, guys: Prince Albert's (aka genital piercings) are out, and pejazzling is in! Much like vajazzling, pejazzling is when a man grooms his business so that he can dress it up with Swarovski crystals. The crystals are stick ons, and they come in all kinds of fun shapes (right now, the most popular stick-ons are red lips and crosses).

The Sun In Gemini: Will This Influence Your Relationship?

The Sun In Gemini: Will This Influence Your Relationship?

On May 21st the sun officially enters Gemini, the third astrological sign in the zodiac. If traditional folklore is to be believed the sun in Gemini is the perfect time to open up the floodgates of communication and talk things out. Words, ideas and the finesse to string them all together in an engaging manner should come extremely easily during this period. This isn't the time for hysterical flare-ups or illogical attacks—Gemini is far too diplomatic and flexible for such a dogmatic approach to conflict.