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How Men Think: Myths And Facts

Think females are more sensitive than males? Not so fast says clinical psychologist David B. Wexler, Ph.D. Yes, it's true that by the time boys become toddlers, they've already learned to suppress a show of feelings. But Wexler cites evidence that boys actually start out as more emotional (yes, more) than girls.

Will Match.com's Purchase Of OKCupid Change Online Dating?

Will Match.com's Purchase Of OKCupid Change Online Dating?

OKCupid was first launched in 2004 and is a free online service that draws in about a million people monthly. For $50 million in cash, Match.com has snatched the site up in addition to their other purchases such as People Media and Singlesnet. Though Match.com has around 1.8 million users, Greg Blatt, CEO of IAC, thinks OKCupid's "younger and more casual users" could be an asset.

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The Worst Things To Say To Someone Who Just Got Dumped

After my recent breakup, 95 percent of the comments that people have made to me have been loving, supportive and wonderful. And then there were the ones that were not. Well-meaning? Sure. But not helpful. Dissing the man I (still) love? Not helpful. Here are 11 more things you should think twice, and then three times, about saying to a woman who has just been dumped.

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The Drunker Men Get, The Sexier They Think They Are

Yup, a study has surfaced that shows that the drunker a guy gets, the sexier he thinks he is. And after reading the results of this study, I have to say, it all makes perfect sense. Just think about the last time you were around a group of drunk dudes; (Wait…this morning? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?) I'm sure you noticed them all getting a little more…er…comfortable with themselves as the night went on. Too drunk to pay attention? Don't worry, I've got a handy little guide to help you understand just how thick those goggles are.

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A Casual Fan's Guide To Super Bowl XLV

For those casual football fans (women or men!) who've not been following the NFL all season but still love to watch the Super Bowl, here's a cheat sheet with a rundown of relevant details you'll need to be in-the-know on Sunday. Check out the Superbowl this Sunday, 6:30pm EST on Fox as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Green Bay Packers.

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What To Do About Your Reluctant Groom

Whether you've known someone for nine months or nine years, it's normal to feel a little jittery about becoming legally bound and vowing to spend the rest of your lives together. If all your fiancé is feeling is a little cold feet, he'll probably snap out of it pretty quickly and will appreciate you being patient during his minor pre-wedding existential crisis. But if this lasts more than a couple weeks and you find that he's becoming more and more distant or isn't explaining his sudden change of heart sufficiently enough for you, it would probably be a good idea to re-consider your engagement.