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Wedding Survival Guide: Dos And Don'ts Of The Big Day

One thing I learned before I got married is that nobody loves to talk about weddings more than women who just got married. They’ll grab on to any socially acceptable opportunity to relive their experiences. Now, I’m one of those women who’s full of tips on how to get through your wedding day. One day, maybe you can pass a few of these dos and don’ts on to the next girl when you go to blab about your wedding.

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High-Achieving Women Just As Likely To Cheat As Men

Joris Lammers, a professor from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, studied answers to an anonymous questionnaire given to more than 1,500 business magazine readers ranging from top execs to the clerks in the mailroom. Respondents were asked about their thoughts on power, how confident they were about their own status at work and how willing they were to take risks. Lammers found that women at the top are just as likely to cheat as their male colleagues. "The strongest predictors are not religion or moral belief but power and opportunity," he told the Daily Mail. "Power can undermine your morality and increase your risk-taking, and the effect of power on women is just as strong as on men."

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Love Bytes: Why Women Adore The Bad Boy

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links. Why women continue to love the bad boys in their life, why getting married will not necessarily make you happier, and tips on how to improve your communication skills. These links, along with 15 fictional characters we want to sleep in our beds.

What Guys Think Links: Threesomes & Exes

What Guys Think Links: Threesomes & Exes

These people ruin dating for all of us. The importance of talking face to face. How to befriend an ex. Why dudes always want to get in touch with an ex. Hooking up with an ex who doesn't want exclusivity. The two-man threesome. Bisexuality in men: true or myth? What men really think of weddings.

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Are Divorce Rates Dropping Because People Are Delaying Marriage?

Do you dream of your fairy-tale wedding? Or are you one of the many who say marriage is dying a slow-but-steady death? While there's been much ado about the demise of marriage lately, it seems divorce is having a hard time staying afloat, too. Just-released government statistics show that many of those who are already hitched are staying together.

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Study: Swinging '60s Caused Priests To Sexually Abuse Kids

It seems like just yesterday that the news of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church broke. Priests, billed as ministers of the Lord and trusted for spiritual guidance, were charged with inappropriate relations with children. When those charges turned out to be true, the backlash was severe. Now, a study commissioned by Catholic bishops in the U.S. say that the sexual abuse scandals—you know, the ones where some priests couldn't keep their hands off of little boys—are no reflection of the Church itself. Rather, the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s are to blame.

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Study: Women Find Brooding Men Most Attractive

Having a bad day? Turn that frown upside down...unless you're a man in search of a girlfriend. According to new research from the University of British Columbia, women are more sexually attracted to brooding men than to smiling ones. Conversely, male subjects found cheerful-looking women more sexually attractive than women who display confidence and pride.

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The 10 Best Wedding Planning Books And Websites

Congratulations, you're engaged! If you plan to have a wedding, even a small one, here comes the next part: planning the biggest party of your life. But when do you mail the invitations? How should you style your hair? Do you have to give out favors? There are tons of choices when it comes to weddings and tons of books, blogs and websites to help brides with those choices. But wading through so much information could easily send you into wedding overload, so we did the work for you and selected our 10 favorite resources for all things wedding.