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Why "Put Yourself Out There" Is Bad Dating Advice

As is the plight of many a single woman with friends who have settled down, Cecilia has been getting plenty of unsolicited advice about how she can meet Mr. Right. One of the most common pieces of advice? "Put yourself out there!" Cecilia and I share a mutual loathing for this particular phrase.

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Man Boobs And Beer Guts: Turn-Offs?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported that the number of male breast reductions have increased by 80 percent in the past year. Indeed, most women we polled will take a beer gut or receding hairline over man breasts any day of the week.

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For The Guys: How To Lock Down A First Date

Earlier this week, Telegraph newspaper ran an article in which they listed nine tips for men to secure a first date, including "learn to dance," and "be patient." In a real mind-twist, the article also suggested men "ignore all dating tips they find online." Better advice would have been to ignore dumb dating tips online. Men don't need to learn to two-step to secure a first date, but there are some helpful strategies that can actually go a long way in making that first step — asking a woman out — more successful. After the jump, eight ways a men can score a first date (no dance class required!).

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Tim Tebow V Mancrunch: Super Bowl Double Standard?

Super Bowl XLIV is just around the corner and suddenly memories of Janet Jackson's Super Bowl nipple slip and Prince's phallic guitar posturing seem like good old-fashioned American entertainment. This year the great Super Bowl ads race has turned political in a heated face-off of right- and left-wing media.

Why You Should Enjoy Being Single

Why You Should Enjoy Being Single

Being single means doing many things on your own and having more alone time. Some people are less comfortable with this than others. They see it as a punishment. I don't. As a half-introvert who spent much of her teens writing poetry and daydreaming, I will attempt to make the solitude thing palatable for the singletons who don't care to look inward/play solitaire/shop alone. Here's what's awesome about stagging it through life.

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Love Bytes: Bedroom Advice From Gamers

Love bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links: overlooked romantic comedies, Mr. Right is a no-go, embracing your inner gay man, sex dreams, advice on texting from a single guy, Christina Hendricks, approachability, lady journalists.

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Sex Advice

Two lists down ... so many more to go. Because, while you may now consider yourself an expert on both dating and the male mind since we shared with you our favorite feeds, you've still got a lot to learn about getting down and dirty. The 10 tweeps in today's top 10 are well-known in the sex-positive world. They are sex educators and erotica writers. They are therapists and advice columnists. They are pornographers and sex acitivists, and they have the lowdown on how everything workd down there. So quit blushing and click the follow button.

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Six-Month Sex Challenge: Could You Do It?

Often, when you're in a long-term relationship, sex is put on the back burner. If it weren't for heightened airport security and the requisite frisking, busy couples might get no action whatsoever. This is what happened to Dr. Trina Read, sexpert, best-selling author, and sex coach. After the birth of her second child, Dr.Trina decided to get her sex life back on track, vowing to have sex with her husband once a week for six months—and blog about it, naturally. Throw in the holidays, flu season and two kids under the age of 3 and you got yourself a Six-Month Sex Challenge.

Why Won't He Have Sex With Me?

Why Won't He Have Sex With Me?

He does not want to sleep with me. It's been three weeks and nothing. Not just nothing—I mean the complete absence of sexuality in an awkward, platonic way. We go out to dinner several nights a week and we kiss, hug, and hold hands in public. I've met most of his friends at this point and we've even spent nights together. And yet, nothing. I have tried every trick in the book to get him to seal the deal—I've smooched and even fondled him. And yet Matt remands steadfast and as abstinent as a priest.