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Waitresses Sue Over Casino's Skimpy Flapper Costumes

A group of former Atlantic City cocktail waitresses is suing the casino where they worked after being fired because they were "too old" to wear a sexy new outfit the resort debuted. The Hotel Resorts Casino has found itself the target of a discrimination lawsuit by nine of the 16 women it gave pink slips to after it introduced a back-baring flapper-inspired waitress uniform over Memorial Day weekend.

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Why Men Secretly Wish They Were Women

Last week's Dude's List was all about why he likes to be a him rather than a her. However, I not so subtly hinted in that article that every advantage reflects a disadvantage, every strength hides a weakness, and so, this Dude's List I turn the tables on the boys. This time I go over the top dozen reasons you've got it over us.

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Link Love: More Weiner Talk

A new word for cheating on Twitter. A condom with a very popular likeness. PETA using sex to sell a point. Tips for far-less embarrassing phone sex. Can lack of sleep make a man really bad in bed? What happens when the date doesn't live up to his resume?

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Activists Protest Hugh Hefner's New Playboy Club

Perhaps is not such exciting news now that we live in an era when 8th graders go to Hooters on a field trip, but a new Playboy Club opened this weekend in Mayfair, London. Hugh Hefner first brought a Playboy Club to London in 1966, but it closed after 15 years. The new Playboy Club in London features "bunnies" ages 19 to 40 who'll work in either the cocktail lounge or the casino while they wear Playboy's iconic bunny costumes. And if men's enthusiasm to visit the Playboy Club in any way rivals women's enthusiasm to work for it, Hef won't have to worry: 3,000 women competed for 80 positions to don a Playboy Bunny tail!

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Too Much Cleavage? Try A Cleava

It's always been a dream of mine to have a small piece of fabric, conspicuously shaped like a thong, to snap on to my bra in the rare occasion that my cleavage just isn't cutting it. Since there are plenty of everyday situations where a bodacious rack peaking through the v-neck of a cute top isn't appropriate—work, church and meeting the boyfriend's parents—the Cleava was designed to help women go from corporate to casual in no time, without the painstaking task of putting on a pesky camisole.

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Study: Sex And The City Leads To Frank Discussions About STDs

Whether it's a one-night stand or a man you've been with for years, having frank discussion about sexual health with a partner is never easy. But a new study suggest that snuggling up for an evening of TV may make the talk a little less painful—as long as you're watching Sex and the City