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Couple holding moving boxes

Living Next Door To My Boyfriend's Mother Isn't So Bad

I moved in last January. After bopping around between three crappy apartments within eight months I decided it made the most sense to shack up with my beau. I mean I was there 99 percent of the time anyway, it only made sense that I live there, right? However, my boyfriend had never lived with a girl, let alone in an apartment next to his Christian minister mom, who didn't exactly approve of shacking up before tying the knot. But her love for her son (and for his amazing girlfriend) outweighed her traditional values, and, with her blessing, I moved in.

A woman happily listens to music.

The 11 Best Love Songs of 2010

From Katy Perry to Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift to Gaga, there were plenty of love-themed tracks to enjoy in 2010. Here are the songs that have been sending our collective hearts aflutter for the past twelve months, in case you managed to them out of your head in the first place.

Man and boy playing with pots and pans

How To Tell If You Are Dating A Man Or A Boy

As any girl in the dating world will tell you, you can tell pretty much all you need to know about a potential boyfriend from the house he keeps. We're not saying emotional maturity is reflected in one's furniture ... except, yeah, we kinda are. It's not about whether or not the guy has money; it's about whether or not he's learned to make his house a home without Mom's help. So, without further ado, we'd like to present 10 home goods that separate the men from the boys.

masculine man who women find attractive

Prefer Masculine Men? The Surprising Reason Why

Love a strong jawline on a man? Researchers at the University of New South Wales recently found that we're not just looking for signs of virility—we're looking for a badass. A new study shows that a poor, dangerous environment makes bad boy, masculine men attractive. Is this why Denise Richards is dating Nikki Sixx, another in a long slew of bad boys?

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Debunking 8 Common Prenup Myths

Prenups are a backup plan. Like any other backup plan—the fold-up flats in your purse, tampons in your desk drawer at work, the rape whistle on your keychain—you don't expect to use it, and you really hope not to, but thank God it's there when you need it. For women, divorce is financially dangerous, and you're necessarily subject to a 50 percent chance of suffering from it if you marry.

time cover person of the year mark zuckerberg

How TIME "Person Of The Year" Mark Zuckerberg Changed Dating

Today, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was named TIME "Person of the Year 2010." If the people at TIME were looking for a game-changer to receive this honor, they found the right man. Zuckerberg has undoubtedly altered the way more than half a billion people connect. He has changed our generation forever, and he definitely deserves the this distinction. However, we would also like to personally note Mark for yet another feat. He's managed to make our dating lives that much more complicated.

couple divorce lawyer

New Business: Let Me Fund Your Divorce! (For A Cut Of Winnings)

Divorce can be a messy business. As if the emotional fallout from a broken marriage weren't stressful enough, the legal bills and settlements are a major point of concern for spouses who have an entire lifestyle to lose. In response to the rising costs of divorce, firms like Balance Point Divorce Funding, have begun investing money into divorce proceedings for a cut of the winnings.