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What His Favorite Cocktail Says About Him

Gin & tonic guys are "often the guys who get thrown out of the bar then appear a few weeks later as if nothing ever happened," says an expert. What's your guy's signature drink? Check out Glo's slideshow and find out what it says about him.

kissing a guy

What Guys Think Links: Are There Degrees Of Cheating?

A parachuting porn. Is it really a big deal when guys watch porn? What we can learn from guys who are terrible with women. How to wallow in breakup pain without letting it devour you. Do you have to marry her to let her know you're committed? How to keep a fellow's interest. The grand spectrum of infidelity. Five role-playing scenarios that aren't completely cliche. A few FYIs for guys on getting things right in the bedroom. And a vibe that's powered by Google.

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Lesson Of The Day: Don't Use Plan B As Your Only Birth Control

xoJane's "Health Editor," a term we're going to use very loosely, wrote a piece about why she prefers the Plan B method of birth control to all others. Why? Well, in her words, the Pill will make her "fat," make her "spot," and according to her, will not prevent her from getting preggers because she's in that teeny-tiny minority who got knocked up on it.