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I Facebook-Stalk My Ex's New Girlfriend

I Facebook-Stalk My Ex's New Girlfriend

I’m not proud of this, but I am kind of obsessed with my ex’s new girlfriend. Not in an Alicia Silverstone in “The Crush” sort of way—I am not going to trap the chick in a shed and set a hive of bees on her to attack. That would be crazy! No, I just like to look at her Facebook page sometimes. It’s been set to private ever since the day I told my ex that I suspected he was lying to me about his relationship with her. He must have told her I was onto them, because suddenly I didn’t have as much access to this mysterious girl I’d only ever met twice, who slipped in and changed my life without me noticing.

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Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Dating Advice

You're on Twitter, right? Then we assume you're already following us. After all, we always tweet the latest news and advice on love and relationships. But if you're looking for more new tweeps to follow—ones who can give you the lowdown on dating—have we got the list for you. Check out our list of the top 10 tweeps who tweet about dating, all YourTango-approved.

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How To Make Your Date Stop Talking During A Movie

It's a problem as old as dating clichés themselves: As long as there has been dinner and a movie, there have been oafish bores who insist on yammering through the whole film. Science can't explain it. Don't even try to understand it. Just know what you can do to deal with it, especially if you otherwise like this dude. Even if your date isn't being polite, how can you handle the situation in a classy and considerate manner? Because let's face it:You're a classy and considerate lady, and his boorish behavior is going to reflect on you, too.

4 Non-Religious Reasons To Be Celibate

4 Non-Religious Reasons To Be Celibate

Recently Bristol and mom Sarah Palin made a headline-grabbing appearance on Oprah where one of the bigger headlines came out of Bristol's vow to abstain from sex and remain celibate until marriage. Whether you see this as a sincere vow of a teen mom humbled by the grown-up situation she's put herself in, or a as a publicity stunt aimed at boosting her and her ambitious mother's conservative image, celibacy is a movement that is gaining attention in both the teen and adult worlds as a lifestyle choice.


Odds Of Finding The One Exactly 285,000:1

The exact arithmetical chances of finding your perfect partner? 1 in 285,000. A math tutor at a U.K. university used the same formula that was used to determine how many civilizations might exist in our galaxy and applied it on a much smaller scale to his hometown of London. It turns out that on any given night there are probably 26 girls in the U.K. who might make a suitable partner for him.


Really, Science? Men Are More Evolved Than Women?

Researchers just revealed that the male Y chromosome is more evolved than female's XX chromosomes. The Y chromosome has advanced so much over the last 6 million years that there's now a 30 percent difference between the male genetic code and that of chimps, our nearest ancestor. If men's chromosomes are so different from apes, women ask, why can't they remember to put the toilet seat down?

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What 'Love Story' Taught Us About Love

In light of the recent death of Erich Segal, the former Yale classics professor who wrote both the novel and screenplay of "Love Story," we compiled the love lessons we took from the 1970 film. "Love means never having to say you're sorry" and more.

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4 Reasons Women Should Only Date Online

Some people still think online dating is only for freaks, geeks and ugly people. Case in point: a recent Business Insider article arguing that online dating is for old and desperate people, namely women over the age of 30 with no relationship prospects. The article's 23-year-old writer claims that women in their twenties don't need online dating, suggesting that instead of lurking behind the computer screen, they should go outside and meet people "the old-fashioned way." We at YourTango are not convinced. Why take on and dedicate time to additional activities and responsibilities if you can simply log on, fill out a profile, and start browsing matches in a matter of minutes?