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What Men Think: 5 Ways Guys Get Over Breakups

A recent Wake Forest University study analyzed the emotions of 1000 young men and women after a breakup and found that men are more reactive when a relationship ends. The researcher speculates that a crumbling relationship dents the male ego and causes him to question his self-worth more than women in similar situations. We asked 5 guys what they think about this study and how they get over breakups.

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Married Men Getting Richer, Thanks To Women

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, married men are leading richer lives. Literally. Here's the breakdown: the median household income for married men has gone up by 60 percent since 1970, while the income for single men has only shot up by 16 percent. The trade-off for succumbing to a life limited to one sexual partner for the rest of one's life? Maybe. Though Pew has several other, more logical explanations.

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How A Bright Smile Can Change Your Life

Smiling can change your mood, making you feel happy even when you didn't think you could. Think about it—people are always busy, whether they're late to work, shopping around, or running errands. We often forget how easy it is to smile and the significant effect it can have on improving your perspective.

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5 Steps to Flirty, Fake Lashes

Men say they love full, long lashes on women, and they're every celebrity's dirty little red carpet secret. Want to copy this sexy star style for eyes he won't be able to stop staring into? Go faux in five easy steps.

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Why I Don't Mind Falling For Gay Men

I am prepared to make a confession for the sake of womankind. I've given it a lot of thought (arguably too much) and decided it's time to come clean for all the girls out there who've been down the same road. My message: You are not alone, and you are not to blame. (deep breath...) I have fallen for gay guys—repeatedly, hook, line and sinker—and I am not ashamed.

5 Relationship Tips From Bethenny Frankel

5 Relationship Tips From Bethenny Frankel

The hilarious Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives of New York City fame, debuted her own reality show last night. Bethenny Getting Married? follows Bethenny as she gets married, has a baby, and settles down with fiancee Jason Hoppy. We tuned in for the sassy star's hilarious one liners, but we got something else, too...relationship advice! Here, the five love lessons we learned from Bethenny Frankel.

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Striptease Tips From The Burlesque Handbook

Burlesque superstar Jo Boobs has been wowing audiences and teaching eager exhibitionists, like myself and Margaret Cho, with her amazing va-va-voom skills. The School of Burlesque’s Headmistress Jo has taught me all my naughtiest moves, and took me from clumsy nerd to confident lap dancer.

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My Gay Ex-Husband Still Lives A Secret Life

Within two years of reuniting, I sold my home in California and moved to Virginia to be with him. We moved into an apartment temporarily while our dream home was being built from the ground up, and Gary proposed to me on the newly poured foundation. Eight months later, we received the keys to our new home, and we were married the same evening in our empty dining room. For a while, my life seemed perfect. I had a handsome husband, a brand-new home, we both had stable careers. My husband went to work every day and came home on time every night, which gave me such a sense of security. I should have been a very happy woman, but for some reason, I wasn't. I started spiraling into a deep depression, and I couldn't understand why.