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jealous of his female friends

How To Deal With His Female Friends

In general, I'm not really a jealous person; in fact, a recurring fantasy is to watch whomever I'm seeing with another woman (I haven't done that yet—I like keeping it in the fantasy realm). But maybe I'm more jealous than I'd like to think, because it's taken meeting several of his friends for me to assess them individually, to get to know them, before I feel totally comfortable. Some of them ask him for back rubs, and the first time I saw him take his hands to another girl's muscles, I can't lie: it bothered me.

sex phobia

Fear Of Sex Indoors And 12 Other Sexual Phobias

Most of us have either had or fantasized about outdoor sex, but for Danielle Vincely, it's the only type of sex she knows. Earlier this week, the 24 year-old reported a phobia of having sex indoors, saying that the experience chokes her up and gives her near-panic attacks. After trying anti-depressants, Danielle decided that she would rather have sex where she likes it—on park benches and hoods of cars—than become depedent on drugs.

What To Expect From New Jerry Springer Dating Show

What To Expect From New Jerry Springer Dating Show

Have you heard? Jerry Springer will once again be the moral compass talk show host on the Game Show Network. This time for a brand, spankin' new dating show called Baggage. Three contestants will compete for a date by divulging in their personality flaws upfront, thus carrying their "baggage" out in the open as to avoid future surprise. Springer describes the show as "fun and lighthearted," but with Springer steering the ship we aren't so sure. Here are five Baggage predictions.

dating undateable men

10 Traits Of Undateable Men We'd Still Date

The authors of Undateable—a compendium of 311 things men do, say or wear that renders them... well... undateable—interviewed "hundreds of smart, funny, normal women" in an effort to pin down the top red flags and deal breakers men can be guilty of. Flipping through, however, we began to wonder if the average woman was rendering herself undateable... simply by being so judgy.

health care reform and relationships

4 Ways Health Care Reform Affects Relationships

Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, (it's OK if you have been—we don't judge) you know that President Obama has really been shaking things up on Capitol Hill. Standing at the helm of the Democratic majority, he managed to push the first health care reform bill in 50 years (Medicare) through Congress. We have to admit, political parties aside, that this is an enormous achievement. But after the smoke has cleared, along with the shock and excitement, and the dismay of most Republicans, many are wondering how all this will affect their lives. And here at YourTango, of course we're worried about how this will impact our relationships. Government progress? Be still our hearts! But after the smoke has cleared, along with the shock and excitement, many are wondering how all this will affect their lives. And here at YourTango, of course we're worried about how this will impact our relationships. So with a salute to Uncle Sam, we put on our hard hats and dove into the 2,074 page bill to pull out the facts that matter most to you and your lover.

what men do to attract women

Crazy Things Men Do To Attract Women

A group of Australian researchers rounded up a group of 96 young men and had them perform skateboard tricks. All the skaters first did a trick in front of a man and then in front of an attractive woman. Overwhelmingly, the researchers found that each man was riskier when in front of the woman.

jesse james bad boy

Jesse James: The "Bad Boy" Mom Warned Us About

Who doesn't want to be that special girl who can turn a big, dumb, sexy, tattoo-covered biker into a domesticated Prince Charming? We all want to be that girl, but Sandra Bullock WAS that magical girl. Not only did WE all love her, but the biggest, baddest dude in the cable biker world fell at her adorably quirky feet, while she played loving stepmother to his adorable half-stripper children. It was the fractured fairy-tale version of the American Dream. We all wanted it to work.

happy couple outside

10 Things Happy Couples Talk About

Over the weekend, Psychological Science published a study saying that people are happier when they spend more time discussing meaningful topics than engaging in small talk. Seventy-nine college students had their conversations recorded and analyzed by researchers, who distinguished between chit-chat about the food or the weather from discussions about philosophy, education, or religion. Subjects who reported the greatest amount of satisfaction spent only 10 percent of their conversation on small talk, while the unhappiest subjects kept 28.3 of their talking time in the shallow end.

sober dating

I Gave Up Alcohol To Help My Love Life

I stopped drinking when I was 29. I was tired of the consequences outweighing the benefits—tired of calling in sick to work, tired of hooking up with people I would have run from sober, tired of crying and throwing things for no reason. Oh, and did I mention I was tired of all the drama drinking brought to my love life?