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An angry bride.

Jilted Bride Sues Cheating Ex-Fiancé For Cost Of Canceled Wedding

Can we just say this? What happens in Vegas does not stay there. Just ask almost-groom Robert Leighton, who definitely found that out the hard way. Apparently, the Chicago lawyer went a bit too far at his bachelor party and was hit with a lawsuit courtesy of his ex-bride-to-be. She discovered his Sin-City hook-up, and he discovered that poor decisions always crawl back home with you.

A woman confronts a man with flowers

Domestic Violence: Is It Just As Bad When A Woman Hits A Man?

Is domestic violence one area where a double-standard is justified? One writer argues that it is. In an article for BlissTree, Valerie Curnow says: "Usually I'm fiercely against double-standards, but I have to admit: I don't think that a woman hitting a man is the same thing as a man hitting a woman. Don't get me wrong: I'm anti-domestic violence (physical and emotional), or any violence for that matter, but I just don't believe that if a woman hits a man, the ramifications are the same as when the reverse happens." Should this double-standard exist?

Are Asians The Most Favored Race In Online Dating?

Are Asians The Most Favored Race In Online Dating?

And if populations ratios were to level out, then the average monthly messages received by white people would go down while it would go up for latinos, asians, and blacks, with asians receiving the majority of messages. In the chance that asians became the predominant race, 74% of white senders would send to asians, with 98% of asians, 71% of latinos and 66% of blacks doing the same. So, at least in online dating, is race relations just a numbersgame?

Woman looking in the mirror

Work On Yourself Before Working Things Out With An Ex

I began to revaluate myself and the way I treated others. During this time, I left my ex alone, which is actually harder than one could imagine. This might seem pathetic, but I wanted to call him every day. But for once I had to make things better, not rely on someone else to clean up the chaos. When the time came to do the dreaded exchanging of personal property, I had decided that I was going to ask him if we could give it another chance. If he said 'no,' I swore to myself that I would not weep and lay in bed ordering empanadas while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the aftermath.

Couple kissing on St. Patrick's Day

8 Last-Minute St. Patrick's Day Date Ideas

Disaster! St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, and both of you have forgotten to register for the local pub crawl. Don't curse your luck just yet — we've got a few ideas for creating a themed date night at the last minute.

Unhappy woman lying on the bed with man in the background

Sexually Incompatible Or Just In A Rut? Here's How To Tell

The thing with sex is that you can't always tell when it's just a rut or when you're sexually incompatible. I mean, at first glance they both look similar—lack of sex, frustration, etc.—but there are a few differences. So before you make any rash decisions, ask yourself: is the sex just getting boring (but fixable!) or are you and your partner sexually incompatible?

A woman lays on a bed.

7 Things You Didn't Know About The Hymen

Ah, yes. The hymen. That tiny little membrane that supposedly covers our lady parts. Let's clear a few things up, shall we? You might have grown up believing that whole urban legend about the hymen "ripping" or "breaking" during first intercourse, and as a result, there was going to be some major pain involved. Turns out that just isn't the case, folks.

Brad Womack waits to propose on The Bachelor.

Bachelor Brad Puts A Ring On It, Says Goodbye To Chantal O'Brien

OMG! Can you believe it’s over!? It seems like just yesterday that 25 scantily clad ladies strutted out of a limo and into Brad Womack’s life. After all this time, Brad finally whittled it down to two: Chantal and Emily—two ladies about as opposite as they come. Chantal is brunette, buxom and bubbly. Emily is blonde, underfed and reserved. Both are sweet girls, and I’m guessing people are split down the middle on who should get the ring. It’s not like in Jake’s season when it was clear he should have chosen Tenley but went with Vienna instead (and we all know how well that worked out).

Woman lying in bed

Why I Can't Be Casual About Sex

When it came to bedding guys, I used to be happily hedonistic. I might still be like that somewhere inside, but I'm not really sure; my long-term desires of commitment, love, marriage and children are clouding that hedonism a little bit. But I do know when Ex-Mr. Jessica and I broke up, the idea of being intimate with other men whom I didn't have a shared sense of intimacy and a love connection with made me viscerally repulsed. The idea of having sex with someone whose children you would carry if you accidentally got knocked, to having casual sex for fun (or "fun"), was too much for me. I still think it is too much for me.