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Would You Quit Your Job To Save Your Marriage?

Despite the fact that marriage may no longer be what it once was, and that failure in marriage is probably likelier than success at this point, I refuse to believe that people have given up on the institution completely. But there's no denying marriages are hard work: they take a lot of time, effort and an ability to withstand—and possibly learn to be charmed by?—your spouse's disgusting habits. What I'm not sure of is whether marriages need one person to quit their job and say "I'm devoting myself to this marriage 100 percent." That just doesn't seem realistic to me, but apparently that's what Ifeyinwa Offor Walker did, according to the Wall Street Journal's The Juggle blog.

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Jupiter Is Moving Into Aries—Will Your Love Life Improve?

It seems like there are varying degrees of astrological devotion these days. Some pass it off as ambiguous social commentary that can apply to anyone, some watch in awe as the characteristics of their sign so closely parallel their lives, and some live and die by what the stars have to say. Whether you casually read your daily horoscope at Starbucks each morning (that is SO me!) or if you spend hours learning every detail of your rising sign, the stars don’t discriminate when it comes to having a say in your relationship. For better or worse, your love life may be about to change! On January 22nd (at 12:12 PM EST, to be exact), Jupiter moves into adventure-loving Aries, where it will remain until June 4th, 2011. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, meaning this is the start of a whole new 12-year cycle. Look back to where you were a dozen years ago. The decisions and new starts you implemented then are now drawing to their natural conclusions, and it's time for fresh beginnings, especially in your love life!

Love Bytes: Are You Allergic To Your Partner?

Love Bytes: Are You Allergic To Your Partner?

Love Bytes: 12 must-click love and relationship links. The top 10 argument triggers for couples and when they are most likely to occur. Trying to get over a breakup? We have 21 remedy strategies and 10 get over it strategies. We found that both semen allergies and mile high sex kits do exist in real life, and that your blow up sex doll may just save your life someday. These stories, along with women telling their sluttiest stories, this week on LoveBytes.

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What To Do When (Surprise!) Your Fiance Is Gay

Kiri Blakeley was one of the enviable ones. Happily ensconced in a giving, loving,10-year relationship she marveled at her luck while watching the rest of her New York City gal friends tried to negotiate the waters of the meet-and-greet market. Until the night her fiance cried gay.

5 Unexpected Turnoffs For Men
Your go-to smokey eye and painted lip? Skip it on date night.

5 Things That (Unexpectedly) Turn Men Off

And you thought just nagging him to death or dragging him to the latest ensemble cast rom-com blockbuster were the ultimate no-nos. Turns out, in the world of love, there are more than a handful of moves that can turn a guy off. Here, five of those things that might unexpectedly launch him right out of bed ...

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10 Dating Commandments For Dudes

When it comes to dating, there are some rules that should not ever be broken. Here are 10 dating commandments—for men!—that should be etched in stone. (Don't worry—we'll do 10 for women too ... eventually.)

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Shocking Stat: 25 Percent Of People Answer The Phone During Sex?!

A new poll by British company MyPhoneDeals.co.uk recently tracked customer phone use and to obtain some stats. They took numbers on pretty interesting questions, and we'll just say the answers were "interesting" as well, for lack of an all-encompassing word. One survey question asked users whether or not they had ever taken a phone call in the middle of sex. A ridiculous 25% of people admit to answering a call while doing the deed. Yes, that is one in four!

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Study: Paying For Online Dating Sites Is More Effective

One of the reasons free online dating sites are so popular is that paid sites sound like a ripoff. Who wants to shell out hundreds of dollars to meet the love of their life? Last spring, OkCupid argued that people should never pay for online dating because there aren't enough people willing to pay a fee for dating services. Since fewer people means fewer matches, online daters should stick to free sites that may have a larger base of active users. Although OkCupid are right in that people hate paying for websites, others argue that matches on paid dating sites will take the service more seriously since they'll want to make the most of their financial investment. The Big Think cites a study published in Current Psychology that tested this idea on a group of undergraduates last year.

Women think about food more than sex

Women Think About Food More Than Sex

Although we all know that men tend to think about sex more frequently than women do (one in 20 think about sex once a minute—wow!), a new survey of 5,000 people shows that women may be substituting those hot and bothered thoughts with worries about what they're eating. The British survey found that 25 percent of women think about food every 30 minutes, while only 10 percent report thinking about sex that often.