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Join YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge This October

We here at YourTango have gathered our very own relationship experts to launch the "31 Days to a Better Sex Life" challenge. Starting October 1, readers will have the opportunity to actively create more vivacious and healthier sex lives with the help of YourTango Experts, a consulting network of thousands of relationship professionals.

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Celebrating National Sexual Freedom Day

Lest you thought it was an ordinary day—think twice! Today, Thursday, September 23, has been declared Sexual Freedom Day. The Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit organiation based in Washington, D.C , is a leader in the push for sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

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How To Show Your Love When He's Away

"Lovesick" doesn’t just mean crying so hard after you have been dumped that you barf on your bed sheets. (Although, girl, I have been there. True story.) You can also be lovesick when you’re so engulfed in love for another person that being away from them makes you feel ill.

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3 Things Glee Teaches Us About Love

If you're like me, you gleeked out last night for the second season premiere of Fox’s hit show, Glee. It’s been three, long months without Finn Hudson’s face, Mr. Schue’s raps, and Rachel’s drama but now all is right with the world. We met the new football coach, androgynous Shannon Beiste, Rachel Barry 2.0, Sunshine Corazon, and blonde quarterback, Sam Evans, whose cover of "Billionaire" had me swooning. There were songs, slushies, and crack houses but, as always, there was love.

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How To Feel Good About Your Body In Bed

If you're like most women you probably hold back during sex sometimes because you aren't 100 percent confident about the way your body looks. If you're the type who switches off the light and dives under the covers before your husband can see you, then you may be missing out. When you spend time worrying about what body parts may be too soft, too jiggly or just plain ol' too big, you end up ruining your own good time (and his).

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How To Be Single In 2010

What up, single readers? This week, we'd like to throw you an extra bit of love, in celebration of National Unmarried & Single Americans Week. That's right. This week, all of the 82 million single and unmarried adults in the United States are encouraged to revel in their singledom, and in all of the freedom and awesomeness that their single status affords them. Just for you, we've rounded up some of our best posts on the single life, whether you're looking for ways to take advantage of your singledom, looking to find love or just looking to be be assured that you're not alone.

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5 Good Reasons To Kiss Right Now

Perez Hilton informed us that a new Guinness world record was set for longest continuous kiss this past weekend and—get this—by two males! The two College of New Jersey students dethroned last year's saliva-swapping record-setters, Germans Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart, who smooched for 32 hours straight. In honor of this accomplishment, we collected 5 good reasons to kiss, right now. What are you waiting for?

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Switzerland Opens Shelter For Divorced Dads

Thanks to a benevolent pastor's pilot project, newly-separated fathers living in Switzerland can have temporary shelter and a safe haven to recover from the trauma of their divorce. The shelter, which was opened by Andreas Cabalzar in late 2009, can house up to three fathers at a time. Cabalzar also designated two bedrooms for children of guests, who pay the equivalent of $166 per week to stay.

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This Man Wants You To Cheat

Say what you will about acclaimed philanderers' website Ashley Madison, but the proof is in the numbers—the site boasts a more-than-impressive 7 million members. So does founder and CEO Noel Biderman feel ethically conflicted about creating a portal for millions of roaming hands around the globe? Nope. Not at all.

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Dirty Little Secrets Women Keep From Men

A friend of mine, a guy who used to occasionally step out on his woman and hook up with other girls, had the strangest theory about the female species. “Women don't cheat,” he told me, when I asked if he was ever worried she was doing the same thing to him. “It's just not in their nature.” I just laughed. Of course, I was not at all surprised when he found out she'd been two-timing him for most of their relationship after their inevitable breakup, but he was completely shocked.