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Why My Emotional Affair Had To End

Last summer, I fell in love with my boxing teacher. I never kissed him. I never spent time alone with him. Though I did have mental sex with him at least a thousand times, and was only left with goose bumps and a weakened mind.

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Study: Breakup Pain Akin To Being Scalded With A Red-Hot Poker

Heartache is like being burned with a red-hot poker... Yeah. You only think we're spewing metaphorical lingo. According to the Los Angeles Times, a new study has found that our brains don't differentiate between physical pain, like that of injury or disease, and pangs of the heart, like the ones we experience after getting dumped. So, basically, we physically ache for our lost loves.

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Nature's Viagra: Saffron, Ginseng Named Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

Sorry, chocoholics: researchers have just declared saffron and ginseng as the two most potent aphrodisiacs. A team of scientists from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada found that these two natural substances improve sexual function and libido more than chocolate, and certainly more than wine, which impedes performance despite arousing lust.

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25-Year Study: Unhappy Partners, Money, Power Don't Make Us Happy

Happiness has more to do with individual choices, lifestyle and one's spouse or partner than it does with childhood, personality or genetics, according to new research. A comprehensive 25-year psychological study claims to have debunked the theory that long-term happiness in adulthood has strong ties to genetic makeup, personality traits and childhood experiences.

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6 Factors That Make You Less Likely To Divorce [Infographic]

It's the question we'd all love to have answered: why do marriages fall apart? A recently released infographic from The National Marriage Project offers data towards this end and also suggest the steps we can take to avoid divorce. According to the infographic, titled "When Marriage Disappears," if you want a long-lasting marriage, you should have a college degree, be over the age of 25, have a baby 7 months into your marriage, have a religious affiliation, a decent-paying job and have parents who are still married.

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'Divorce Wars' On CNBC: A Look At Millionaires' Messy Divorces

On Tuesday, March 29th at 9PM ET/PT, CNBC presents “Divorce Wars,” a documentary that explores multi-million dollar divorces through the eyes of several wealthy couples enduring excruciating divorce proceedings. In the CNBC original, correspondent Melissa Francis goes inside the bitter proceedings and explores the couples' engagement in a struggle for power, control, money, and ultimately, revenge. Included in the hour long documentary is the highly-publicized divorce of Justine and Elon Musk—co-creator of Paypal and CEO of Tesla Motors, along with the story of a divorcee who fought an 18 year battle to turn a $750,000 settlement into an eventual $15 million. Divorce lawyers specializing in high net-worth cases weigh in on what it takes to win "on the battlefield of emotional pain and financial gain," as well as two entrepreneurs who have turned the so-called "divorce wars" into a business all its own.

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Can A Serotonin Deficiency Make You Gay?

Plenty of movies and TV shows toy with the possibility of turning research subjects gay by injecting them with a serum, but findings published in Nature demonstrate that real-life scientists can do something similar by tweaking the serotonin levels in mice.

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Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

Yes, it's true: There are health benefits to some of our worst habits. So why does being bad feel so good? "'Bad habits allow us to act like children, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on the circumstances," Dr. Daniel J. Carlat, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine, author of "Unhinged" and the Mental Health Specialist for AOL Health's Medical Advisory Board, told AOL Health. Read on to find out which of your "bad" traits you shouldn't break.