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8 Reasons For Black Women To Date White Men

To me, there is nothing more physically beautiful on this earth than a 100 percent cocoa, dark-skinned Black man. But a relationship is not built on beauty alone: looking beyond the physical, there are plenty of options more financially, intellectually and emotionally stable. It’s time to taste the unknown.

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The 10 Best Colleges To Find A Husband [GALLERY]

Students, we know what you're thinking: with some smarts, we can can find terrific marriage mates at every college in the country. But a new report suggests that the number of couples who meet in college is lower than ever…so from where are the solid marriage-material types graduating?

What Are The 5 Top Libido Killers?

What Are The 5 Top Libido Killers?

Who doesn't want a healthy and satisfying sex life? And yet, a substantial and growing percentage of people struggle with low libido and sexual dysfunction issues. Overcoming this challenge in order to benefit from the many emotional and physical benefits of lovemaking should be on the top of your list when you consider that hundreds of major medical studies correlate an active sex life with a longer life, better heart health, a healthier immune response, reduction in chronic pain symptoms, lower rates of depression and even protection against some cancers.

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5 Ways To Beat Empty-Nest Syndrome

With your children finally off to college, are you faced with an empty nest for the first time? With a newly quiet house and kids far away, your newfound freedom may be throwing you for a loop. This new time in your life may be forcing you to face some unexpected feelings. Will life be boring and empty now that everyone's gone?