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5 Relationship Tips From Bethenny Frankel

5 Relationship Tips From Bethenny Frankel

The hilarious Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives of New York City fame, debuted her own reality show last night. Bethenny Getting Married? follows Bethenny as she gets married, has a baby, and settles down with fiancee Jason Hoppy. We tuned in for the sassy star's hilarious one liners, but we got something else, too...relationship advice! Here, the five love lessons we learned from Bethenny Frankel.

woman stripping in bedroom

Striptease Tips From The Burlesque Handbook

Burlesque superstar Jo Boobs has been wowing audiences and teaching eager exhibitionists, like myself and Margaret Cho, with her amazing va-va-voom skills. The School of Burlesque’s Headmistress Jo has taught me all my naughtiest moves, and took me from clumsy nerd to confident lap dancer.

woman sits up in bed looking upset while her husband sleeps

My Gay Ex-Husband Still Lives A Secret Life

Within two years of reuniting, I sold my home in California and moved to Virginia to be with him. We moved into an apartment temporarily while our dream home was being built from the ground up, and Gary proposed to me on the newly poured foundation. Eight months later, we received the keys to our new home, and we were married the same evening in our empty dining room. For a while, my life seemed perfect. I had a handsome husband, a brand-new home, we both had stable careers. My husband went to work every day and came home on time every night, which gave me such a sense of security. I should have been a very happy woman, but for some reason, I wasn't. I started spiraling into a deep depression, and I couldn't understand why.

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Secret Tips From Successful Marriages

Since I’ve been married for 20 years, I’ve been elected to dig up some of the truths about married life. I had some ideas of my own, but I also polled a bunch of my long-married friends. They told me that over the years, their eyes had been opened—and it has not always been pleasant.

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Modern-Day Love Letters: 7 Celebrity Authors

As technology progresses, the manner in which we express love has gradually changed. Gone are the days of handwritten love letters as we venture onto the information superhighway and become restricted to 140 words or less. From emails to texts and IMing, many of us would deem ourselves lucky if we ever receive a post-it note with an "I love you" on it. In celebration of the ever-evolving love letter, here are 7 famous men who will go down in history for declaring their love in writing.

5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship

5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship

As you've probably already heard,the long-awaited iPhone 4 is here, and the internet is abuzz with how Apple's latest gadget will change everything. Although they probably meant "everything gadget-related," we think that the new phone could do a thing or two to relationships as well. Here are our predictions of how the iPhone 4G will change the relationships of its owners.

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How A Baby Can Strengthen Your Marriage

A growing stack of research reveals that happy marriages take a nosedive when a couple becomes a family. Thanks to sleepless nights, new expectations, and the demands of bringing up baby while holding down a job, 30 to 50 percent of all new parents feel as distressed as couples already in therapy for marriage problems. When a couple has a baby, their marriage can still stay strong. Here's how.