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A Year Of No Sex

A Year Of No Sex

Just before her 30th birthday, British journalist Hephzibah Anderson spotted her college boyfriend ring shopping with another woman ... and was startled to realize that he'd been her last meaningful relationship. Deciding that it was time to give up on flings and get serious about finding love, she decided to do the unthinkable: She gave up sex.

10 Simple Things Men Want

10 Simple Things Men Want

It's tempting to assume men only want two things: steak and sex. Entire days are devoted to perpetuating these kinds of cliches, yet they are humorous for us because we're amused that women assume this false notion is all we want. We're quite complicated creatures, and although probably not as baffling as any space alien from a Candace Bushnell column, men have secret wish lists of emotional needs that you may or may not be meeting.

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Would You Choose Sex Or TV?

It was 11:45 p.m. on a Wednesday night. My wife and I were exhausted and cozied up in bed together. We both had one thing on our minds. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same thing. I was craving sex and she was craving the season three finale of "Friday Night Lights." We were at a standstill, experiencing what some might call a "21st century marital pickle." It seems Netflix and sites like Hulu just might be the modern couple's greatest obstacles to a steady sex life. The continuous supply of great TV is so accessible and so compelling, many a good couple become hooked like crackheads and forget about making their own entertainment. Through burning eyes and next day regret, couples machete through a season of "Lost" or "The Wire," ignoring or forgetting to fuel their loins. But on this night, something in me snapped and I drew a line in the sand … with my penis. "Babe," I said, "we're in a losing battle against awesome TV. It will never end. There are too many TV shows out there; when do we get to do it?"


5 Signs You're Carrying Emotional Baggage

Though you've now been told for about the 37th time that, "it's not you; it's me," we're thinking it's time to consider the fact that it might, in fact, be you. And no, we're not insinuating that he broke up with you because of the way your hair frizzes up in the summer, or because you're always leaving Cheez-it crumbs in bed, or even because you sexted his mom by accident. No. What's really weighing you down, and effing up your love life, is all that emotional baggage.

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Surprise: Men Primp As Much As Women Do

Next time your guy groans that he has to wait around while you do your hair for a night out, tell him that you're on to him: Stylist.com reports on a new study conducted by Allure and GQ that found that 63 percent of men actually enjoy their daily primping routine, while 72 percent feel that they are under more pressure to care about their appearance than they were 10 years ago. And he's spending big bucks on it, too! A new study finds that men spends almost as much money on primping as you do.

Why Couples Start To Look Alike

Why Couples Start To Look Alike

For many years researchers have attempted to dissect the science between attraction. The results have varied widely; some scientists swear it's opposites and conflicting DNA that attract, others lay their bets on the like-minded and similar eventually shacking up. Well, the latest study to sprout out of the University of Michigan seems to confirm the latter—we desire what's familiar, and may even mature to look more like our partners the longer we stay together.

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Furries: They're Not All About Kinky Sex

This past weekend I landed, quite by accident, in the middle of Anthrocon 2010 -- the annual conference at which the whole Furry Fandom convenes.    It was a happy accident: I happened to be at a wedding in Pittsburgh, and our flagging after-party sure roared to life when a half-dozen costume-clad furries lumbered in. I took a Little Red Riding Hood–esque picture with a big, bad wolf -- who, underneath all that plush, is a vet.

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4 Love Lessons From The Jake And Vienna Interview

Learn from the Jake and Vienna post-Bachelor interview: in the case of a he said/she said breakup, don’t say anything at all. When a relationship ends, it's natural to want to mention your loser ex to whoever will listen, but it may not necessarily be for the best. The following are some lies you might tell yourself to defend your trash-talkin', and our reasons why you should stop, drop the issue and simply walk away.

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Bake Your Way Out Of Heartbreak

Since I've only had three serious boyfriends in my life, I can't really say I only become Betty C**ker when I have a breakup … because that would have only been three times. But I can say that every single time I get my feelings hurt by a man, which unfortunately is more frequently than I'd ever like to admit, I don't find myself in a carton of my favorite Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream. I find myself in the kitchen. My baking skills became more than just a way to ease my heartbreak; it became the best way to get back in the game and meet someone new.