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What Guys Think Links: Don't Lie About Your Age To Get Laid, Dude

What Guys Think Links: Don't Lie About Your Age To Get Laid, Dude

Dudes, don't lie about your age. How much hyperbole about a woman's looks is OK? How many times should you ask someone out before giving up? Are all men dogs? What to do when you're dating a guy who doesn't "date." What to do when he doesn't want to meet IRL. Things that are really scary for guys (in bed). Em And Lo are looking for a few new Wise Guys. And Maxim has tips for making any bachelor party totes tops.

How Hurricane Irene Can Help You Find A Boyfriend

How Hurricane Irene Can Help You Find A Boyfriend

As the threat of Hurricane Irene continues to loom over the East Coast, many, especially New Yorkers, are trying to figure out if it would be best to stay or to leave. In case our hurricane-sex talk (it really is hotter, the vast majority says!) wasn't enough to convince you that being stuck inside during a storm isn't so bad, the Village Voice's brilliant "How to Find Your Hurricane Boyfriend" will be.

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Women Who Like One-Night Stands Hate Other Women

Ladies, how do you prefer to be approached by a man? There is surely no single answer to such a question—unless, of course, you're talking about a one-night stand, according to a new study. It claims that when it comes to casual sex, women prefer straightforward and aggressive pick-up tactics, and men are more than willing to deliver them.

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Study Says Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

As a curvier brunette with very dark brown hair—maybe even light black—I find that, when it comes to men, I lose to blondes…a lot. That might sound ridiculous to you, but I bet it makes perfect sense to the blonde girl that, er, distracted a guy I was having a fling with my senior year of college. But who's bitter? (I am. I so, so am.)

New Survey Shows Interesting Patterns in Breakup Recovery Process

New Survey Shows Interesting Patterns in Breakup Recovery Process

In the year since I launched breakup recovery website Pink Kisses, I've heard all kinds of stories about women getting over heartbreak with moxie, courage and just plain determination. My team and I have come to recognize significant breakups as turning points and chances for redefinition that are rarely simple or easy. We've noticed some things that just seem to be universally true about getting over a broken heart, whether it's moving on after a two-month relationship or a 17-year marriage. We're constantly mesmerized by people's stories.

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Poll: Is Sex Hotter During A Hurricane?

Hurricane Irene is heading for the East Coast, and some say it'll be the worst hurricane we've had in decades. Many of you will be hunkered down at home, just waiting for it to end. And if you have a partner, it just might be a great opportunity to get busy...


5 Worst First Dates Ever

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I say, why kiss the frogs in the first place? Just send them on their merry way after you've figured out they're completely psycho.

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3 Ways To Spot Your Future Ex-Husband

If you could instantly recognize that a guy is trouble, then you'd think the divorce rate would be a heck of a lot lower... right? Debra Weiner is the author of How to Recognize Your Future Ex-Husband, and shared a few of her insights on how to do just that in a recent Huffington Post article.