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A Glimpse At The Future Of Sex Toys

A Glimpse At The Future Of Sex Toys

It's 2010. Everybody and their father has admitted to using and enjoying sex toys. We gals, in particular, can attend nary a girl's night, book club meeting or parent-teacher conference without ultimately comparing favorite vibrators. But we all know, like sex itself, vibrators can be totally awesome or frightening and weird. A sex toy designer divulges the newest and weirdest in adult toy innovation. Here at Lemondrop we're often like, "Hey, what gives, sex industry? Who invents this stuff?" Answer: Chad Braverman. Well, not just Chad. But he's an actual "adult novelty" designer (for venerable house of naughty-bit ticklers, Doc Johnson), has actually won some awards for his R-rated creations, and he agreed to answer some of our silly questions

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Do We Need A Dating Prenup?

Though The New York Post recently ran a story about couples signing "pre-prenups" before marriage is even on the table, most cohabiting, or even co-existing, couples don't bother. I mean, if it's legalities you want, either get married or go down to City Hall and register as domestic partners.

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He's Just Fine Being Single, Thanks

There are so many great things about being single. But by the way our friends, family, government and Olive Garden waitresses treat us, you'd think being single made you some tragic donkey, hopelessly alone and destined to careen off a cliff with no one around to hear your last heehaw. Guess what? Some of us are single by design. Some of us like it.

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4 Sexy Eco-Friendly Lingerie Picks

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is just around the corner! We checked in with Eco Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable by Stefanie Iris Weiss for two great places to buy eco-friendly undergarments. Plus, check out our top sexy and sustainable picks from each of her recommendations.

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Do Female Breadwinners Have Better Sex?

I want to earn more money than my husband to have a better sex life. Fact: I want to be a successful businesswoman. I never want to feel like I have to rely on a man to pay for my clothes, travel, entertainment, food, housing... anything. Which is not say I don't enjoy receiving gifts, but when it comes to my relationships, I've made a conscious decision to strive to be the breadwinner.

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Bust Up Cups Review: Do Men Notice Cleavage Size?

You may not have realized this, but men love boobs: their pillowy softness, the mesmerizing way in which they bounce, the responsiveness of the nips to both slight climate changes and soft caresses... So it stands to reason that the more boobage you have, the more of a man magnet you'd be. Right? We put Bust-Up Cups cleavage enhancers to the test. Did men notice?