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Complete This Sentence: On the Fourth of July, I Will....

If you're anything like us, you're too enamored with the long weekend to focus on work today. We can't wait to start barbecuing and baking patriotically-frosted cupcakes. And while the Fourth of July isn't necessarily a romantic holiday, there are few activities more romantic than watching a fireworks display on someone's rooftop. So tell us — how are you spending the long weekend? Complete this sentence: My plans for the Fourth of July are....

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne

Love Lessons Learned From 'Larry Crowne'

Every summer needs a feel-good rom-com—so why should this summer be any different? Enter Larry Crowne, the new flick starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Sure, you wouldn't think the film fits the bill to read its log line: down-and-out, middle-aged guy loses his minimum wage job and is forced to rediscover his sense of identity. But this quirky comedy has more than a few surprises in store—find out what we got out of it.

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Why You Should Take A Break From Dating This Summer

To many people, the warm weather months can feel like an exciting time to pursue a summer romance or fling. For others, it may just feel like the perfect time for a new start in general—like anything is possible. Essence encourages you to aim for the latter but ditch the first. That’s right; they break down the reasons why you should take a break from the dating scene. My favorite benefit of this “dating sabbatical,” as they call it, is one they compare to the time break you give yourself to check over a paper or presentation. You complete it, then go back to it later and often see all these things (like mistakes) you never noticed before. They say taking a break from dating for a while can also help make things like red flags become easier to see.

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Link Love: What To Do When She's Way Out Of His League

8 Facts about sex rehab. Should you stand by your man if he's a selfish nutbag? What if your friend is totally out of her boyfriend's league? The heart may be the window to the soul but the lips are the window to the libido. Can a lady date a shorter man, seriously? Glamour's 2011 Woman of the Year nomination.

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Poll: Would You Ever Date A Guy Who's Slept With A Prostitute?

Would you ever date a man who'd slept with a prostitute? Or could you even? It's a question of morals and values, or maybe only what we can overlook in a relationship and what just simply can't. It's different for everyone. When The Gloss recently surveyed a handful of women on the topic, they got a wide variety of answers.

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'No Strings Attached' And 'Friends With Benefits:' Same Movie?

Are 'No Strings Attached' and 'Friends With Benefits' the same movie? I know, I know—your first reaction is probably the one that I had. "This is old news! We already know these movies are dealing with the same best-friends-sleep-together-then-fall-in-love story." But neither of us is as awesome as The Blind Film Critic, who mashed up the two trailers to show that even the perspective shots are the exact same. (OK, so he probably didn't make it himself, but he had someone combine the trailers to show the truth.)

Will Machines Marry Us In The Future?

Will Machines Marry Us In The Future?

Is it just us, or do weddings get more creative every year? We've read about ceremonies in McDonald's, ceremonies held in funeral homes, and festivities featuring groomsmen dressed like Storm Troopers. Not that creativity necessarily entails pomp and circumstance. Those who favor a more understated brand of outrageousness can now try AutoWed, a new vending machine that will marry couples for just a dollar.