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love you pancakes from glamour engagement chicken creator

You've Met Engagement Chicken, Now Meet "Love You Pancakes"

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the ladies at Glamour must have men lined up around the block. Does Engagement Chicken ring a bell? We're willing to bet it's the most-used chicken recipe in the world: an editor at the magazine made it years ago for her boyfriend, who immediately dropped to his knees and proposed. The editor shared the recipe with the office, published it in the magazine, and to date, the chicken has been attributed to 70 marriages and counting. Now, you can find that recipe—and 99 more—in Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive's new book, 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know: Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes to Get You Everything You Want in Life. The ladies at Glamour were generous enough to share another tasty recipe from the book: Love You Pancakes. Here's what the mastermind behind the recipe—and Glamour editor—Caroline Campion told us about the from-the-heart pancakes:

A sexy woman sprays perfume.

Can This Fragrance Make Men Fall In Love?

Harvey Prince put research into practice with Eau Flirt, a perfume with pumpkin and lavender notes that "men subconsciously associate with happy, positive and stimulating memories." Both pumpkin and lavender are also proven olfactory aphrodisiacs. Since 2007, the company has created fragrances that tap into the psychology of scent. One perfume called Ageless Fantasy is supposed to make women who wear it smell younger by combining fruity scents people associate with childhood memories. Another called Chutzpah promises to imbue women with confidence—and presumably, keep them from being a putz—via whiffs of citrus and precious woods. Well, bottle me up and call it Skeptic. I wasn't convinced, but I couldn't resist the chance to let my perfume do the flirting for me.

Rock Star Writes A Love Song For His Future Wife. Aww.

Rock Star Writes A Love Song For His Future Wife. Aww.

It's arguably every girl's fantasy to date a rock star, and when said rock star writes a love ballad about you and your upcoming nuptials, well, that's as close to girl porn as you can get. Ryan Ogren—lead singer of Southern Californian band Runner Runner— wrote his hit single "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)," an ode to his fiancee, as a wedding night song for the pair's upcoming wedding this summer in the Dominican Republic. The song, included on Runner Runner's self-titled debut album, is intimate and balmy, with lyrics like "I won't let you go/I need you to know/you are my heart forever."

Woman hitting a man with a bouquet of flowers

Should We Intervene In Our Friend's Dysfunctional Relationship?

Much like an obese person has to want to lose weight or an alcoholic has to want to get sober, Bill's going to have to want to be in a healthy relationship before he gives up Erin or considers counseling. No amount of helpful encouragement from well-meaning friends or loved ones will push an addict to give up his drug of choice—including food, booze, and a dysfunctional relationship—before he's ready.

pregnant bellies

US Birth Rate Is Down Except Among Women Over 40

While we've read plenty of reports claiming that young people are postponing marriage for later in life, the CDC has released research suggesting that women are delaying pregnancy as well. The study, which surveyed data between 2007 and 2009, found that the birth rate for women over 40 in the United States rose steadily in those two years. In other age groups, it fell by 4 percent. Researchers claim that it is the sharpest decline in three decades.

A woman and man on a date

Beautiful People Expect Their Dates To Pick Up The Tab

Good-looking daters actually expect free meals?! Well... yeah. Pretty much, says a new study. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, researchers from the University of St. Andrews placed 245 men and 171 women in hypothetical dating scenarios. First, the subjects were asked to judge their own attractiveness—how pretty or handsome they imagined themselves to be. Then, the participants were shown 12 photos of potential dates, some beautiful and some unattractive, and were asked to decide who they would rather have pick up the tab if they went for dinner. Most subjects were totally fine with splitting the check, as 47 percent of men and 50 percent of women said they would prefer such a situation. However, of the men and women who thought themselves attractive, a trend emerged: they were more likely to want their dates to foot the bills instead of chipping in.