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Study: Cheating Runs In The Family

n unfaithful father makes for an unfaithful husband. You may now add this to your handy list of relationship adages to live by right next to, "If he treats his mother like crap, he will probably treat you the same way." According to a new study done at Charles University in Prague, men were found to be far more likely to cheat if they grew up with a father who was unfaithful. The daughters of cheaters, however did not suffer a similar fate.

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Sound Off: After New York Legalized Gay Marriage, I...

Where were you when New York legalized same-sex marriage? While we're a long ways from passing any federal laws in favor of gay marriage, it's tough to deny that last Friday's events mark significant progress for the LGBT movement. After all, the movement began in New York City's West Village, which erupted in cheers after hearing in the news.


What Guys Think Links: Of Tomboys & Cheating Men

The word slut. 10 things men wish women knew about sex. Non-verbal sexual cues (and noises). Guess what: life rarely hands you anything, even in love. Hotter: tomboy or girly girl? The New Jersey physics professor and the online prostitution ring. How to break it to a guy that he was your first. The value of objectivity when you've been wronged. Maybe the men who cheat are just jerks. And exploring May-December romances. Plus a joke.

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What Your Sock Drawer Says About Your Personality

First impressions aren't everything, you know. You may come home from a date with a wonderful guy, who seems like he's got everything together—promising career, steady income, nice apartment, calls the next day, everything that makes you swoon. But the detail-oriented men (and women) of the world may be tucking a dirty little secret into their drawers; their sock drawers, that is.

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Link Love: Going Dutch On The First Date

Going Dutch on the first date. How is she dating him? Ever have that exact moment when you know with absolute clarity that you're in love? Yes, some bachelor parties are THAT bad. Six middle school lessons that could save your marriage. And why starting over may be more work than fixing a damaged relationship.

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Denver: Where Men Will Wine And Dine You

If you're the type of woman who likes to be treated like a queen but are having trouble finding the right guy, you might want to take a trip to Colorado. Denver has been named the city with the most generous single men, according to a study from WhatsYourPrice.com, which found that guys there spend an average of $221 on the first date. The other cities in the top five were Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago and Los Angeles.