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Do you and your loved one butt heads when it comes to political beliefs?

Do You Love Someone, But Hate Their Politics?

Do you love someone who doesn't share your political values? Or perhaps you know an R or a D or an I who is making a life with her opposite number? Purple States is casting red-and-blue couples for a docu-drama that will air in the fall of 2012.

big bang theory
There are (at least) seven reasons to date a geeky fella.

Love Bytes: 7 Reasons To Date A Nerdy Guy

Older ladies still appreciate their jollies. What we can learn from the Dutch. Why can't a guy talk about sex with his buddies? What are guys really thinking when they create a dating profile? Some pick-up lines, per science, really work. And, why you should date a geeky dude.

Help! My Boyfriend Wants An Open Relationship!
He also wants me to stay thin and dye my hair, both of which I do for him.

Help! My Boyfriend Wants An Open Relationship!

My boyfriend made it clear when we began dating that he was into having a semi-monogamous relationship — meaning that emotionally he would only want to commit to one person but physically he would want to have affairs, but he and I would plan and make terms and conditions for these escapades.

thanksgiving turkey
How one writer decided to be thankful for being single on Thanksgiving.

"I Got Dumped Two Days Before Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving can really suck when you're single. I should know, I've flown solo to six consecutive turkey dinners. A few years ago, when I thought I was going to have my first coupled-up T-day in ages, I got dumped out-of-the-blue two days before.

What Guys Think Links: Why Men Love Swedish Women
Elin Nordegren is a Swedish hottie.

What Guys Think Links: Why Men Love Swedish Women

Swedish women are having ALL the sex. Can ladies and fellows be "just friends"? How to win his mom over on Thanksgiving. Auto-correct may ruin your entire life. There are a few things dudes need to just quit doing, like sending penis pictures. Six reasons you're pretty, awesome and pretty awesome. Some men like cucumbers pickled and some men like curly hair. Is it love or insecurity?

woman cooking
Annoying teenagers on Twitter seem to think it's still the 19th century.

Thanksgiving: Is It Sexist To Expect Women To Cook?

Looking at Twitter's trending topics daily often leaves my mouth gaping open at what ridiculous things the kids are talking about. Today, "Women Who Dont Cook" is trending (apostrophes and other minor grammatical details apparently don't make it into trending topics). Brilliant.

woman mustache
Sometimes "being a man" is not a compliment.

6 Very "Male" Dating Mistakes Women Make

"Typical man." Ever heard a friend say that? Or be the one to say it? We're taught that for the most part, men just don't care as much as we do. We're taught that they are not as sensitive as we are, that they don't pay attention as much as we do or read into things like we do. Unfortunately, we're guilty of a lot of the same stuff.

frog prince kissing
One day my prince will come...

5 Fairy Tales You Shouldn't Believe About Love

As yet another celebrity marriage bites the dust, one wonders if these two actually talked about the realities of the future more than the endorsements for the wedding ceremony. To give them the benefit of the doubt that at least one or two conversations were had before the trip down the aisle, what kept them from seeing the obvious red flags?