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Complete This Sentence: I'm Single Because...

Wedding season might be in full bloom, but that's nothing to fret over if you're unattached. Wedding receptions are a hotbed for people on the prowl, which brings us to our real question: why are you single? In the interest of polling, we'd like to know whether you're single by choice, single because of where you live, or single because you're trying to recover from the end of a relationship. Complete this sentence: I'm single because...

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Do Men Want Relationships More Than Women?

Women have always been thought of as the ones more focused on relationships, but new research suggests that the roles may actually now be reversed. In a study conducted by the dating site ItsJustLunch.com, 47 percent of men wondered whether there was relationship potential after the first date. In contrast, 50 percent of the women surveyed thought only about whether they wanted to see the man again after going out with him once.

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8 Reasons To Hate The Bachelorette

There's no doubt that ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are addictive, soapy fun. The formula works: Each week the star further narrows a group of potential love interests, interacting with them in various contexts, from traditional dates to overnight stays in the "fantasy suite." At least, it works as a TV show; its track record for producing successful relationships is dismal.

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Livin' In L.A.? You're More Likely To Get Laid

A new sex survey conveniently sponsored by Trojan found that people in Los Angeles are getting busy more often than the rest of us. According to the survey, Angelinos do it about 135 times a year, while the rest of us poor cads only get laid about 120 times a year.

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Study: Cheating Runs In The Family

n unfaithful father makes for an unfaithful husband. You may now add this to your handy list of relationship adages to live by right next to, "If he treats his mother like crap, he will probably treat you the same way." According to a new study done at Charles University in Prague, men were found to be far more likely to cheat if they grew up with a father who was unfaithful. The daughters of cheaters, however did not suffer a similar fate.

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Sound Off: After New York Legalized Gay Marriage, I...

Where were you when New York legalized same-sex marriage? While we're a long ways from passing any federal laws in favor of gay marriage, it's tough to deny that last Friday's events mark significant progress for the LGBT movement. After all, the movement began in New York City's West Village, which erupted in cheers after hearing in the news.