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Can Love Replace Advil?

Want less pain in your life? Fall in love. A new study has scientists talking, and for once, their suggestions might be fun to follow. As TheScientist reports, a recent study suggests that romantic love actually functions as a painkiller. Researchers discovered that the goo-goo-ga-ga feeling associated with new love actually activates your brain's dopamine centers. These centers are also influenced by illicit drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines, which may explain the phrase "addicted to love".

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Can You And Your Partner Afford A Career Change?

A voluntary career change involving a serious pay cut isn't necessarily easy to cope with. If your significant other has come to you wanting to talk about a career change, hopefully it's something you can believe in, like supporting his lifelong desire to be a teacher, not joining his little brother's garage band. But even if your heart's behind him and your relationship's rock solid, it doesn't mean that your finances will be, too.

How To End An Engagement

How To End An Engagement

You probably know if you need to end your engagement. You're fighting all the time. You never agree anymore. You spend too much time apart. When you're not together, neither of you seems to miss the other much. You've just lost the spark. It's time to end things, and you're the one who will be doing it. For the least amount of hurt, use these five tips of proper end-of-engagement etiquette.

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How Long Should You Wait For Him To Propose?

A friend's astute husband once said to me, "If it hasn't happened after two years, it probably won't." We're talking proposals, of course. Kate Middleton would have left four times over, per this man-wisdom. But after an eight-year courtship, the recently engaged young lady is now a soon-to-be royal. Eight years is a long time and it really begs the question: How long should wait for your guy to pop the question? And when do you walk away?

Shocking New Stats About Marriage And Families

Shocking New Stats About Marriage And Families

We knew times were changing, but we didn't know just how much. On Thursday, Pew Research Center released a report about the developing social trends for American marriages and families. There were a ton of interesting statistics, and we were a little shocked by some of the numbers and opinions. It was a bit of an information overload, but we broke down the charts, analyzed the graphs and found a few items that were particularly noteworthy. The shifts in family dynamic and strong opinions made for some unexpected figures.

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Huh? Men More Forgetful Than Women

How often have you complained that your husband can't seem to remember anything? You ask him to take out the trash, and fifteen minutes later he's still watching TV, claiming you never spoke to him. You remind him to pick up milk on the way home from work, and he shows up empty-handed. Yet he never seems to forget when his favorite football team is playing or when that race is airing on ESPN. Is it selective memory? Well, maybe not. As it turns out, the guys may have an excuse for their inability to keep up with things as well as women do.

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How To Decode Your Man's Messages

It's always a tricky tightrope when you're dealing with a dude to know when to be there for him—and when to cut and run. Here's a handy guide that will help you know when your guy is just being a guy—or if you've got a dud on your hands who needs to be dumped.

This Kind Of Couple Fights Most About Money

This Kind Of Couple Fights Most About Money

Money management is one of the most challenging aspects of being married. Should you open a joint bank account? How do you save for retirement? While there isn't a definitive right or wrong answer to these questions, the fact that some married couples are happier with their finances than others begs the question of why. To understand how incomes affect marriages, Mint.com conducted a survey comparing how young professionals (under 30, college educated, household income of over $50k), affluents (household income of over $100k), and the general populace divide their money. There are a lot of numbers involved, so we've summarized the most interesting data for you: