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Link Love: Are Housewives Credit-Worthy?

Secrets of sexually satisfied couples. Bad (unhealthy) habits lead to bad sex. Lessons learned from a boyfriend who doesn't care for the barrier method. Are people addicted to love or really addicted to approval? What if you had to have your husband's approval to get a credit card? And who's better at online dating Adele-heads or Juggalos?

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Using Google Plus On A Date Is No-No

Although texting may be a primary form of communication with potential suitors, a new survey warns that being too involved in your phone—and not involved enough with your date—is a big taboo while out on the town.

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What Guys Think Links: Dating Is Hard For Good Guys Too

Modern dating, even for the awesome ones, isn't easy for guys either. What advice would you give for someone who has never been kissed? How to convert a frog into a prince without witchcraft. Is divorce really freedom? Why are we so quick to forgive faithlessness? Is porn ruining your sex life? Should we allow porn in prison? What do we think of strip club regulars? Forbidden sex is pretty outstanding.

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Get Sexy Summer Legs In Six Weeks

Shape has designed a quick and easy six-week workout plan to help you get strong, sexy legs you'll feel confident about on the beach—and your man will love. The fitness challenge is said to build muscle in your butt and thighs, while not ignoring your upper body.

8 Reasons Men Lose Interest

8 Reasons Men Lose Interest

If the relationship with your guy started with a drunken hook-up, moved on to a casual but intense sexual connection, had a short pause in the land of "I love you," and is now feeling distant and uncoupled, maybe your "relationship" was never what you thought. Feelings of infatuation are strong, and can make us think, "Wow. This is real love!" But without some underpinning of compatibility, people just tend to lose interest and drift apart.

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Want To Know His Penis Size? Look At His Fingers

Ladies, there's no need to get into his pants (or receive a naughty picture message) in order to gauge the size of his package. And forget that old wives tale about the size of his shoes. Instead, just take a look at the length of his fingers.