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crying man dries his eyes with tissue

A Spray That Makes Men More Emotional?

Men. They can be just as confounding as women when it comes to emotions—especially if it has to do with expressing them. But a recent study conducted by Dr. Rene Hurlemann of Bonn University's Clinic for Psychiatry and Dr. Keith Kendrick of the Cambridge Babraham Institute is finally offering some insight into why men are lacking in the empathy department. Hint: Blame it on Mother Nature. In the experiment, Hurlemann and Kendrick recruited 48 men, half of whom were spritzed with "empathy" spray—a.k.a. the hormone oxytocin—before being shown emotionally charged photos, like a kid crying or a man mourning. The results: Men in the oxytocin group registered higher empathy levels than those in the placebo pool. Intrigued, we mined professor Kendrick for more about how the male emotional mind really works.

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4 Books For Every Couple's Summer Reading List

The summer weather has been so great, that amidst all of the outdoor brunches, pondside picnics, and trips to the beach, it's easy to forget that the best most romantic summer experiences often occur when there isn't much activity around you. When you feel a little heatstroke coming on, why not pick up a good book and chill out? If there's someone special in your life, we recommend doing a joint summer reading list. You'll keep each other accountable, you'll develop your taste, and nothing says chemistry like bonding over shared love of a book. Here are four to get you started:

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Is He Worth A Second Date?

My pal Stella is going through a terrible breakup with a horrible man. Like most of us, Stella knows how to deal with their split (time, wine, chocolate, more wine, more time), but she was concerned about the bigger picture. Why had she gotten herself mixed up with this jackass in the first place?

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Is Sex And The City 2 Right About Marriage?

If there's one thing we learned from the Sex and the City 2 movie, it's that we're in the wrong income bracket. If there's a second thing we learned, it's that we're not trying hard enough. (Seriously; do we need to start wearing stilettos around our condo in order to keep the fires burning? Some of us have just been wearing bunny slippers.) If there's a third lesson to be had, it's that when it comes to marriage, you can make your own rules.

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How To Balance Your Love Life And Your Career

No one ever said managing a career was easy. Throw a relationship into the mix and you've got career suicide, right? Wrong. While we'd all love to forgo a day of work in exchange for a fun-filled day with our significant other, having a strong relationship doesn't mean your occupational goals have to suffer. It's quite the opposite! Extensive research on the subject of relationships and careers shows that people in successful relationships not only make more money, they're healthier, live longer, and get more promotions than singles do. So how can you juggle your relationship and your career? We've got the five tips that’ll keep your work and love life harmonious—and YOU sane!

Cast of Season 9 American Idol

10 Sexiest American Idol Moments

Well friends, yet another season of American Idol is drawing to a close. We know—we're sad too. As we wait anxiously for the country to dial in and decide between Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze, we would like to take this time to recognize the sexiest moments of Season 9—from the auditions, to Hollywood Week, to the top three.