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SallyAnn Salsano

Dating Tips From Jersey Shore Creator SallyAnn Salsano

Enter SallyAnn Salsano, a former Long Island guidette turned mega producer who added a new wrinkle to reality TV when her baby, 'The Jersey Shore,' hit MTV in December of 2009. The show—now entering into its fifth season—has been touted as single-handedly making MTV relevant again by cementing a new batch of celebrities and scoring the network millions in advertising revenue. We sat down with the fast-talking reality TV dynamo and chatted about love, dating and how all the Jersey Shore boys are husband material underneath it all.

5 Facts About The 16-Pound Baby Born In Texas

5 Facts About The 16-Pound Baby Born In Texas

We've got to give Janet Johnson a round of applause for bringing her son, JaMichael Brown, into this world! He was the largest baby ever to be born in Texas, weighing in at 16 pounds. In case you were wondering, we've got a few more interesting stats (via The Huffington Post) about this monumental birth.


Link Love: Reviving & Killing The Romance

How to kill the romance in 1,516 easy steps. Sometimes forgetting an anniversary is a good thing. What's the difference between lust and love? Should you sleep with someone to get over an ex? Is snoring a deal breaker?

man doing laundry

Should Men Be Rewarded For Doing Chores?

Ladies, when you've finished cooking dinner, washing the dishes, folding the laundry and sweeping the floors, what kind of reward do you receive from your husband? A kiss? A foot massage? A week-long getaway with your girlfriends? Wait, you don't receive any of those things? That's what we thought. But, despite the fact that women do the housework with no promise of praise upon completion, an Australian news host has proposed an incentive program to encourage men to chip in around the house.


Love Bytes: 10 Types Of Men To Avoid

Would you want to smell like a doughnut, ladies? The little-known sex parasite. Kissing is good for what ails ya. What if you hated your BFF's guy? How texting is probably ruining your relationship. Should you watch porn together? Ten types to guys to avoid. How to avoid having your parents' marriage. Cheating dads make for cheating sons.