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10 Signs You're A High-Maintenance Girlfriend

Women who demand respect often get exactly that. And why shouldn't they? We not only deserve it, we should expect it. But there's a tipping point when a woman's demands jump the shark from self-respecting to totally high maintenance, or, as I like to call it, highmay.

Can You Imagine A Life Without Sex?

Can You Imagine A Life Without Sex?

As someone who makes a living writing about, lecturing on, and loving sexual interaction, it's difficult to imagine a world where sex doesn't matter. I'm not saying such a world doesn't exist—it certainly does.

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8 Secrets About Jackie Kennedy: She Was Desperately In Love

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was generally a beloved figure in American History. That is, until last night, when ABC News aired excerpts of the former first lady's audio interviews with historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., recorded just months after the death of her husband. In the tapes, which daughter Caroline released from the family archives, she's candid, gossipy, even cutting about several major political figures.

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Love & Fashion: These Human Barbie Dolls Could Use Some Love

Who are the human barbie dolls? Creepy women, that's for sure. The Martha Stewart Weddings fall issue is here and we're a bit too excited. Fashion and eating disorders: How much responsibility does the industry have? 10 things Michael Kors says every woman should have in her closet. 13 extremely sleazy T-shirts.

Hello, Rising Poverty Rate: 5 Tips For Dating A Broke Guy

Hello, Rising Poverty Rate: 5 Tips For Dating A Broke Guy

Just because a guy may be "financially challenged" at the current time doesn't mean he isn't the right guy for you--he could still be in grad school, helping family, or simply struggling to find a job in this terrible economy. Here are 5 pieces of advice to steer you clear of sticky situtations in the money department.

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6 Surprising Habits That Could Hurt A Man's Sex Life

In the past, erectile dysfunction — which affects 20-30 million American men — has been chalked up to factors like anxiety, stress, smoking and bad hygiene. While Viagra and other pills can offer a solution, there's something else men can do to ensure they perform better in bed: check their habits.