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Will Sex For Reproduction Go Out Of Style?

According to a recent Popular Science article, scientists speculate that sex for reproduction may soon go out of style. Don't get us wrong, sex itself will stick around, but thanks to advancements in embryology, our descendants who are actively trying to get pregnant may ditch traditional babymaking in favor of invitro fertilization.

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10 Ways Men Show Love

It's a cliche for a reason...men aren't always best at showing how they feel, even when they're head over heels. Here, 10 ways that men show you their love.

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What To Do If Your Spouse Is Depressed

When one spouse is depressed, a marriage is depressed. This illness erodes emotional and sexual intimacy and suffuses a relationship with pessimism and resentment, anger and isolation.

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A Case For The Missionary Position

When I grew up and started getting naked with boys, the principle remained: I liked my sex life plain and neat, simple and missionary. Boyfriends who tried to get me interested in doggy style or 69 came away from the experience sorely disappointed.

My Life With A Sexual Disorder

My Life With A Sexual Disorder

There's been a lot of talk lately about women's sexual health. Either we're not doing it, or we don't feel like doing it, or don't like the feel of doing it. I fall squarely into that third category, because when it comes to matters of the old in-and-out, my girl parts are afraid of boy parts. Sounds ridiculous, I know. But I have a doctor's note. My condition is called vaginismus. It's basically a gag reflex for your downstairs, or like the mythical vagina dentata, but without the badass peen-chomping teeth. It's goes a little something like this: Say I'm about to get down to business with my best guy. We're hot, we're heavy, we're headed to the bedroom. All casual-like he sidles his yang on up to my yin, and at the first whiff of that quivering member, we have a lockdown situation. My cooter shuts up tighter than a Chinese finger trap. Nothing's getting in. Not nobody, not no how.

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Ridiculous Cougar Myths To Ignore

Cougars are getting a bum rap—but you don't need me to tell you that. The media is having a field day portraying women over 40 as predators with only one thing on their minds—prowling for "Grade A" choice beef. Of course, this cartoon characterization was undoubtedly conceived by some immature male in the midst of a juicy, X-rated fantasy—but too many people are buying into the hype and believing it's true.

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The Summer Date Movies We Can't Wait To See

Now that summer's coming, we can say goodbye to coats, colds, hay fever, and best of all, spring's notoriously bad movies. Iron Man 2 came out a couple of weeks ago, marking the beginning of summer's crop of blockbusters. As much as we all love our outdoor summer dates, we've got to admit that it's nice snuggling up inside a darkened, air-conditioned theater when the humidity gets too hot to handle. Here are our summer movie picks for 2010

5 Reasons To Date A British Guy

5 Reasons To Date A British Guy

When the London-bred Ben Elman married his Connecticut-born wife on New Year's Eve in 2008, he was inundated with requests from her American friends, desperate to be set up with single, British men. Two years and one aha! moment later, Ben and his wife Becca created DateBritishGuys.com, a dating site geared toward American women looking to meet and date a British guy.