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happy young couple

Study: Young, Childless Couples Are Happiest

The latest research on happiness isn't so jolly: Great Britain's Understanding Society finds that happiness in marriage declines with age. Older couples are less content than their younger counterparts, while young, childless couples are the happiest of them all.

man whispering in woman's ear

Just Ask Me Out Already!

It's come up a couple of times recently and it's gotten so irritating that I finally have to say something about it. I'm pretty sure you're not even aware of what you're doing or why it bothers me. So here it goes. I would like you to ask me out on a freaking date.

royal wedding gnomes

8 Hilarious Royal Wedding Souvenirs—Buy Yours Now!

In November 2010, an industry was born. Upon hearing of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement, scores of retailers scrambled to produce royal wedding memorabilia items that will inevitably sell for thousands of dollars on eBay one day. Here's our roundup of the most sentimental, strange and comically inappropriate commemorative items up for sale right now.

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Dating Tips That Work From The Woman Who Tried Everything

Dating is a multi-million-dollar industry, with enough books, services, websites, and professionals to terrify any hopeless romantic into joining a nunnery. If you've ever wondered which of these methods works best, allow me to introduce you to Rachel Machacek—she's tried them all. Literally. In her book The Science of Single, she spends an entire year just casually dating by using every popular method out there. She survived, and luckily we got to grill her about all the musts, must-nots, neurotic thoughts and weirdo guys out there.

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When Your Ex Goes On To Be A Great Catch

Lately we've been talking a bit about breakups and the lessons we learn from relationships that have ended—but do men actually get more out of a "failed" relationship than women? A guy friend of mine, let's call him Adam, says—and we're both aware that this is generalization—that men are almost always better boyfriends in their next relationship than they were in the one that came before it. Hence the reason why women can sometimes be heard complaining, post-breakup, something along the lines of, "The girl who gets him next is getting all of the benefits of my hard work! He wasn't this sensitive/emotional mature/considerate when we first started dating—I had to teach him all that! And now some other chick is going to get to enjoy all those things, having no idea that it was my doing. No fair!" C'mon, you know you've at least thought something similar about an ex. I know I have!

Sandra Bullock wins the 2010 Best Actress Oscar

The 10 Most Romantic Oscar Acceptance Speeches Of All Time

Over the years, thanking your significant other has become commonplace at award ceremonies. Now, we just expect to hear some spouse-gratitude in pretty much every acceptance speech. But luckily, scattered between all the average shout-outs, are some super-sweet moments laced with a touch of romantic sentiment. With this list, we count down our top ten favorites.