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man surprising woman with flowers

Complete This Sentence: The Way To A Woman's Heart...

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, how does one win over a woman? Despite complaints about the contrary, we're actually not that hard to please, and a small gesture—be it a mid-afternoon "I love you" text or your offer to do the dishes—goes a long way.

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Would You Let Your 18-Year-Old Daughter Date A 36-Year-Old Man?

Gross. Gross, gross, gross. Rumors are swirling that Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato have been secretly dating now for a few months. Ryan, 36, is twice Demi's age—quick math—aaaaand she's 18. Perez Hilton and E! News say that things have gotten pretty hot and heavy between the two recently, but that the relationship kind of started cooling down after Ryan's ex-girlfriend gave birth to his baby girl, Kai. Nothing like a little baby-mama drama to hopefully scare an 18-year-old girl into being a single teen again.

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Jersey Shore Season 4 Trailer: New Hookups, Gross French Kissing

You guys, the "Jersey Shore" season four trailer is so gross. Does this mean I'm not going to watch it? No. In fact, I'm already planning a "Jersey Shore" season premiere viewing party with soppressata and limoncello shots. You're only allowed to come if you've got a fake tan and something with an Ed Hardy label. But leave your 'roid rage at the door, please!

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YourTango Quickies: Men Flirt To Stay Awake At Work

This week we learned that men flirt to stay awake at work, 16 percent of Americans think it's OK for husbands to hit their wives, and women are more avid sexters than men. So why is it that we hear about so many prolific male sexters in the news, huh, Anthony Weiner? Your weekly YourTango Quickies.

Surprise! Women More Likely To Sext Than Men

Surprise! Women More Likely To Sext Than Men

Based on news headlines, you'd think men are hands down more likely to sext (that is, for those who don't know, send sexy pictures of themselves via text) than women. But, color us surprised, it seems the opposite is true! The New York Times reported yesterday on a new study that finds women are more likely to send sexy text messages than men.

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Link Love: Escaping The Prison Of Dating Fantasies

A study on men who purchase sex ran into a few sample problems (they figured it out). What if your boyfriend was too into PDA? What if your romantic ideals are ruining your dating life? A funny piece about the miasma of awful (but available) guys. Would you tell your guy if you faked orgasms?

SallyAnn Salsano

Dating Tips From Jersey Shore Creator SallyAnn Salsano

Enter SallyAnn Salsano, a former Long Island guidette turned mega producer who added a new wrinkle to reality TV when her baby, 'The Jersey Shore,' hit MTV in December of 2009. The show—now entering into its fifth season—has been touted as single-handedly making MTV relevant again by cementing a new batch of celebrities and scoring the network millions in advertising revenue. We sat down with the fast-talking reality TV dynamo and chatted about love, dating and how all the Jersey Shore boys are husband material underneath it all.