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11 Things Never To Say To A Single Woman

Sometimes I think folks feel obligated to say something to make other people feel better and end up sounding crazy, coming off pretentious, or flat-out offending them. I know they mean well, but doggone, they can say some foolish stuff. I try to take that into consideration whenever I have a conversation about being single.

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Match.com Survey Says Only 6% Of Single People Are Unhappy

Leave it to the experts at Match.com to climb into the brains of singles all over the country and come up with some very interesting facts when it comes to the lovely state of being single. They surveyed 5,000 single Americans to see just how they felt about their non-relationship status, and found that only 6 percent called themselves "unhappy." Refreshing, isn't it?

moving in together

Should You Move In Together? It Depends On The Reason

Have you ever had your parent or grandparent say something like, "Why should he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?" It's so dehumanizing and silly, but of course they mean well, and you can't completely blame them — that was just their mentality growing up. Moving in together before you were Mr. and Mrs. just didn't happen. Now, it's practically all that happens. And guess what? Turns out, it's not hurting all of us "cows!"

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Love & Fashion: Confessions Of A Lifelong Beauty Addict

Great skin leads to a happier life. How to keep your wedding from becoming a tacky nightmare. Kate Middleton is going to princess camp. 6 must-have items for fall. How to wear fishnets without looking like a stripper. Designer Starbucks T-shirts. And, what it's like to be a beauty addict.

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5 Reasons Why Fall Is NOT The Perfect Season To Break Up

Summer lovin' may have been a blast for Danny and Sandy (gawd, am I dating myself?) but what happened once they both headed to Rydell High? It shouldn't have come as much of a shocker that the two weren't together anymore. That's because fall, which starts today in the Northern Hemisphere in places that actually have seasons, is the most make-up or break up of all the seasons.