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Couples Lose That Loving Feeling After 12 Years

When do couples lose that loving feeling? How many weeks, months, years into the union do eyes and hands start roaming? A new study out of the Grant Thornton accountancy group, which was based on a survey of 90 of the country's biggest family law firms, says the average is 12 years.

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How To Get Joan Holloway's Sexy Look

It's no wonder Esquire named actress Christina Hendricks the Sexiest Woman Alive earlier this year. Her pinup style is smoking hot, whether she's off-screen or playing the role of Mad Men's sexy secretary Joan Holloway. With the return of the series just around the corner, try your hand at her retro makeup and style that men love.

Maneater, Samantha Jones on Sex and the City

Sex and The City Fan Slept With 1000 Men

If you think we're kidding, think again! Inspired by the Sex and the City maneater, Samantha Jones, the then 20-year-old British university student, Christina, challenged herself to sleep with 1000 men within a decade. Despite growing up in a well-to-do home with parents who "would be devastated" if they knew about her plan, the brunette decided to embark on the challenge, because she longed for Samantha Jones' confidence in bed and ability to "have sex like a man".

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There's Nothing Wrong With Couples Therapy

There are topics people won't touch at cocktail parties because it's not "polite conversation." These are subjects people secretly want to discuss, but, when broached over hummus and Merlot, make them uncomfortable. These are precisely the things I love talking about. So here goes: My husband and I just graduated from couple's therapy.

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Bad Date? These 10 Were Probably Worse

After I go on a great date and wait with bated breath for a call that never comes, I of course conclude that the guy must have been kidnapped, has suddenly accepted that he was gay, or has died.

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I'm In Love With A Friend. Now What?

It's hard when you think you're fine being just friends with someone, but upon his Facebook status changed to "in a relationship," you realize you're not as happy for him as you should be. Here are 6 questions to ask before telling a friend you're in love with him.

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9 Traits Of Irresistible Women

How do you get a man to call you back date after date? How can women draw attention to themselves without going over the top? Here are 9 easy ways to become utterly irresistible to your dates.

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10 Words We Invented For Sarah Palin

The Twittersphere recently made Sarah Palin the butt of its jokes when she tweeted that "peaceful Muslims" should "refudiate" the the mosque being built in the spot were the Twin Towers once stood. Unfortunately, "refudiate" isn't a word. But does that really matter? After the jump, 10 words and phrases we think should be added to the love lexicon.