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sex on the beach
Sex on the beach? Don't mind if we do.

Public Sex Is As American As Apple Pie, Survey Says

Even if you have yet to do it in a public place, you've probably thought about it. Go ahead, admit it. There's no shame in trying to spice up your sex life with the threat of getting caught. There's a primal urge in all of us to do something that's both scary and mildly exciting. And the thought of being caught with your pants down is definitely a bit of both.

vain man mirror
This guy really likes himself.

Study Says Men Are More Vain Than Women

It's redemption time, ladies! A new study has found that men take longer than women to get ready. I'm thrilled with the news and I'll probably throw it in some future boyfriend's face, but I'm not sure I believe it.

marriage proposal
He might be ready for marriage if... he says he is. Men are annoying like that.

Love Bytes: 10 Signs Your Man Is Ready For Marriage

10 signs your guy is (finally) ready for marriage. The many things it means when your dude says, "dude." The perfect date, featuring Aziz Ansari. A preview of the intense new film 'Shame,' about sex addiction. Is it lust or love? What happens when your guy is always trying to rescue his ex?

Cyber Monday CyberMonday deals 2011
Cyber Monday is here! Time to score great deals on gifts for your loved ones.

Our 10 Favorite Romantic Cyber Monday Gift Ideas!

Happy Cyber Monday! Time to get ah-mazing deals online, without having to shove people out of the way unceremoniously. Since we just love helping your love life blossom by suggesting the best holiday gifts for your special someone, we've handpicked our 10 favorite romantic gift ideas you can get deals on today.

Kourtney And Kim Take New York
Kourtney & Kim Take New York premiered Sunday, despite all the Kardashian boycotts.

Kourtney & Kim Take New York: The Whiny B**ches Are Back

No matter how many signatures they gathered, the Kardashian boycotters' efforts were a bust, and season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York premiered last night in all of its glory. And thank goodness they didn't win, because this was some good stuff.

7 Signs Your Guy Will Never Grow Up
It seems like men never really grow up.

7 Signs Your Guy Will Never Grow Up

There is an adjustment period in every relationship. You are both learning what you can and cannot deal with, what you absolutely must have and what you can live without.

Cosmo has some tips on what to do if you want to walk down the aisle. But do we agree?

What Guys Think Links: 10 Steps To Becoming "Wife Material"

When he loathes your friends. When a lady gets caught in the friend zone. What do guys look for in a wife? He talks about his guilty pleasures. Going to your ex-wife's wedding AND loving it. Some of the web's worst sex advice. And why the orgasm should be a result not a goal, per se.