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A 3-Step Guide To A Sexy Summer Fling

There have been many things I've always wanted but never had. Money. Jason Bateman's hair. A French girlfriend. A neighbor who grows pot. Skill with a ninja throwing star. I'd trade all of that, however, for a genuine summer romance. A real one—not a regular relationship that happens to begin in summer. A sweaty blur of sex on warm-weather materials (inflatable raft rubber, grass, slip-n-slide, baseball field dirt, etc), a fling that involves crisp white wine, sun-burnt shoulders, and the weird pride that comes with getting sand your orifices. Here's the thing, though! The type of summer romance I'm talking about is actually pretty easy to have, with a little coconut-scented elbow grease. And before you marrieds and coupled-offs think I'm once again giving you the shaft, what I'm about to propose includes you as well. If you're willing to get creative and get a little bit uninhibited, this ride has seats for you and your wedding vows.

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Is Infidelity In Our Genes?

Getting married can seem like such a crapshoot: Will you wind up with someone like the stalwart, not-found-anywhere-on-Earth hero of a Nicholas Sparks novel—or a guy who, down the line, reveals himself to be a total cad? And what part does genetic predisposition play? This week, the Well column in the New York Times examines the scientific factors determining the likeliness of a partner to cheat. One hot topic indeed. Specifically, reporter Tara Parker-Pope compares a handful of new studies, including one that seems to debunk the influence of what's previously been called the "infidelity" gene, a variation in the gene that regulates vasopressin—a male bonding hormone. This new study says that possessing such a glitch might lead to a less stable partnership, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're cozying up to a Tiger.

Does Masturbation Count As Sex?

Does Masturbation Count As Sex?

Besides raising the contents of our stomachs into our mouths, Lawrence Taylor's rape case has also raised a number of important questions about sex. Namely, does masturbation constitute a sex act? Lawrence Taylor seems to think masturbation isn't sex. What do you think?

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5 Love Lessons From A Catholic Priest

My husband and I are both uncomfortable with organized religion. I must admit, though: those Catholics do know a thing or two about love. Three years later, we still sometimes turn to our Pre-Cana workbook. It provokes discussion, and enables us to communicate about our marriage in ways that never would have occurred to us without it (um, rationally and maturely). But you don't have to sit through a marriage prep course in order to glean valuable lessons from a wiser-than-thou Catholic priest. Because Father Pat Connor—a Catholic priest for more than 50 years—has finally written the book on love.

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Is Robin Hood A Date Movie?

After Tarzan and Rome & Juliet, Robin Hood is likely the most-remade movies in the history of cinema. Every decade or so, a director or television show-runner gets his shot at telling the story and only need to include the following: an archer, a tax-crazed monarch, some merry men, a lil slice of heaven called Nottingham and a little romance with an earnest noblewoman. Everything else is up to the auteur's vision.This time around Ridley Scott has Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett to play with, but is the new Robin Hood actually a date movie?

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5 Ways To Get The Glowing Skin Men Love

Want a sexy summer glow without the sun? This fair-skinned (okay, sometimes downright deathly pale) writer bravely went where she hasn't gone since the Great Self Tanner Mishap of 2004, and tested a new batch of faux-glow products. The top five self-tanners we recommend.

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7 Sex Positions Men Love

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Make his night and drive him crazy with these sex positions that men love. Ultimately, sex is about love and intimacy, so while the positions are part of the fun, the real payoff is the way various maneuvers allow you to connect and explore each other in different ways.