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Best Of YourTango!

Best of YourTango—Sex, Neurosis & J-Goss

Mid-August and the living isn't easy, contrary to the popular refrain. Sweat stains, mother issues and relationships gone haywire seem to be the themes of late here over at YourTango. But that's alright—with the dog days of summer soon to be behind us, we're looking forward to taking romantic walks down leaf-strewn lanes and to catching up on the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows.

dating tips

5 Can't-Lose Dating Tips

Landing Mr. Right isn't easy … even for an intelligent and successful woman. Weeding through the players, the losers and the psychos can be hopelessly frustrating, and when you finally find a man with potential, you'll usually find fifty other hopeful bachelorettes competing for his attention. If you want to win at the game of love, you'll need to quickly stand out from the rest of the pack and captivate your quarry from the start.

dream analysis

What Do Our Dreams Mean?

If you remember your dreams, you no doubt would like to know what they mean. Share your dreams with us and we'll ask our dream expert to analyze them.

divorce help

Learn About Divorce Without Consulting A Lawyer

"What Your Divorce Lawyer May Not Tell You: 125 Questions Every Woman Should Ask" is a new book by Mary Rubin. Rubin is a divorcee and the founder of DivorceSource, "the country's first consulting firm specializing in the practical issues of divorce." The book is about the practical, not emotional side of a divorce, and looks like a good resource for women who are in the early-to-mid stages of divorce. It won't answer all your questions but it will give you a basic understanding of how divorce works and will probably help you decide how to move forward.

3 Ways To Handle Infidelity Like A Celebrity

3 Ways To Handle Infidelity Like A Celebrity

Diamonds, God and reality shows. What do these three things have in common? They're all ways and means recent celebrity women have handled their part in an affair. In more simplified terms, high-profile ladies seem to go one of three routes when trying to get over their part in an affair:

How To Love Your Breasts During Sex

How To Love Your Breasts During Sex

Women's Health has a great feature this month about bringing your breasts into sex. The piece points out that we talk about breasts all the time, but we're usually talking about the non-sexy aspects of the boob—cancer and breast-feeding for example. But boobs are also a sex organ, and WH lists a bunch ways to enjoy your breasts plus some interesting facts. Here are the best of their tips, plus a few of our own.

The Secret Ingredient For Better Sex

The Secret Ingredient For Better Sex

Despite the desire most of us have to stay cool and dry and at arm's length from other people during the summer, now might be the best time to get it on. All that sweat we're emitting may, in fact, be the hottest ingredient for a sexy encounter.

good sexual chemistry

4 Signs He'll Be Good In Bed

One could definitely, definitely make the argument that good sex is so elusive that it's near impossible to spot. We'd agree. But here's four ideas we think may help sniff out who may be good in bed before any clothing comes off.