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5 Reasons Why Fall Is NOT The Perfect Season To Break Up

Summer lovin' may have been a blast for Danny and Sandy (gawd, am I dating myself?) but what happened once they both headed to Rydell High? It shouldn't have come as much of a shocker that the two weren't together anymore. That's because fall, which starts today in the Northern Hemisphere in places that actually have seasons, is the most make-up or break up of all the seasons.

Who Should Play Liz Lemon's Love Interest This Season?

Who Should Play Liz Lemon's Love Interest This Season?

Perhaps this will be the season that Liz Lemon finds love? 30 Rock has put out a casting call for a new love interest, and it certainly has our mental gears turning. On the show, Tina Fey's character has been wooed (or tried to woo) Dean Winters, Jason Sudeikis, Matt Damon, and Jon Hamm. Who could possibly be next in that trajectory? The show is looking for an unknown between the ages of 36 and 40, who can embody "California-bred with liberal values and a youthful innocence."


Love Bytes: Redheads, No One Wants Your Sperm

Redheads are not welcome at a Danish sperm bank. Are pro athletes likelier to engage in domestic violence? Should sites that warn women not to date specific men be sued? Striking one particular phrase from your vernacular will make you much better at dating. Good stock answers for "why did you break up?" A 23-year-old woman thinks she knows the secret to love: marry rich.