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couple kissing holiday mistletoe christmas
Make sure to slot in some time for kissing under the mistletoe this holiday season!

5 Tips For Making Holiday Plans With Your Partner

The holidays are a jam-packed time full of lavish parties, loads of fun, and hopefully just a handful of obligatory commitments. If you're in a serious relationship, chances are much of this time will be spent with your partner.

mean girls holiday
Are we all secret "Mean Girls?"

Are You B**chy To Attractive Women?

So this professor of psychology at the University of Ottawa, Tracy Vaillancourt, recently conducted a study about how women react to other women's clothes and appearance.

husband wife happy holidays present
What makes women happy?

The Top 5 Things Wives Want From Their Husbands

What makes women happy? Believe it or not, it tends to be the little things that make women the most satisfied in relationships. We spoke with Dr. M. Gary Neuman, family counselor and author of "Connect to Love," who, based on his research, gave us some insights on what women want.

woman kissing frog
Okay, I'm just kissing this one frog, and then I'll definitely find Prince Charming...

How Many People Should You Date Before Settling Down?

Romantic comedies, fairy tales and Sex And The City have led us to believe that finding "The One" is the primary goal of a woman's life. Find that magical, elusive guy and you'll unlock a lifetime of love, affection and happiness, right?

castle princess moat prince charming
Stop waiting for Prince Charming to rescue you!

7 Reasons You're Not Married Yet

Many outside influences put pressure on women to find a man and settle down. However, many women looking for a spouse find themselves alone and unhappy. But why? You're a great catch. It may in fact be that the way we project ourselves on the outside, doesn't match with our inward desire to be loved and accepted by a man.

Thank You
A little bit of gratitude may save your relationship... and life.

Love Bytes: These Two Words Will Save Your Relationship

A dab of gratitude may save your relationship. Why men over-simplify and women over-analyze online dating. The top 11 first-date white lies. How a woman's orgasm caught on CAT scan became an Internet sensation. 5 things to consider before indulging in a sexual fantasy. The top 11 divorce and infidelity studies of 2011.

christmas party
Work that Christmas party!

9 Ways To Enjoy Being Single This Holiday Season

The holidays only amplify the loneliness surrounding single life. If you were feeling empowered and independent before December rolled in, a few too many smiling pairs might be causing your exterior to crack a bit. It's amazing to have someone, but if you don't, we're also advocating that you embrace your single status this holiday season. It's time to focus on other aspects of your life and stop stressing over when you'll find that perfect person.

holiday cute baby
Marital status and education affect your probability of having a child.

15 Signs You'll Never Have A Baby

New research shows more women than ever are remaining childless. Anneli Rufus on 15 statistics that could shape whether you will be one of them.