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how to be romantic

50 Ways To Be Romantic Right Now

So you want to do something romantic for your beloved, but you're stumped for ideas. Whether you want a romantic gesture that's creative, outrageous, affordable, quick or classic, we've got the answer.

green zone, matt damon

Is Green Zone A Date Movie?

This Friday (March 12) Matt Damon is back to his badass, running, gunning and thinking ways with Green Zone. The handsome Oscar-ino (for Best Original Screenplay) teams up with "Bourne" episodes 2 and 3 director Paul Greengrass for this political blow 'em up. The big question, though, is "Green Zone" a date movie?

coffee date

How To Choose A First Date Restaurant

It's been a couple weeks since you and your latest match on eHaromy have started corresponding, and after a few late-night GTalk sessions, the two of you are finally ready to meet in person. Do you test the waters over flights of beer? Or do you pump up the romance with a picnic in the park? Decisions, decisions—this one more challenging because your date is more or less a complete stranger.

How To Spot A Facebook Cheater

How To Spot A Facebook Cheater

In this age of pokes and tweets, the definition of cheating has gotten a little blurry. So how can you tell when a guy isn't playing by the (face)book? Simple. 3 ways to spot a Facebook cheater.