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Ask Him Out, And 4 More Experiences You Should Have In College

This is for the young ones, who are enrolling in school for the first time or for those who've been there and done that and want to reminisce for a bit. College is an exciting time. (And no I'm not being paid by any institution.) Many students around the country, will be on your own for the first time, you'll meet people who will either intrigue or disgust you—or a little bit of both—and you might even learn a few things along the way.

10 Signs A Woman Is Cheating: Do They Ring True To You?

10 Signs A Woman Is Cheating: Do They Ring True To You?

In June, researchers at Indiana University found that women cheat almost as much as men do, with 23 percent of men and 19 percent of women admitting to unfaithfulness. Yet, the reasons women and men cheat are often different, with women being more emotionally driven. You've got to think like a lady to catch one in the act—or stop the act from happening in the first place.

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5 Ways Online Dating Is Like Looking For A Job

As I recently answered a witty e-mail from an online dating site while ignoring a boilerplate one, I got to thinking about the similarities between searching for someone to date and looking for a job. In both cases, your resume/profile and initial letter are the only thing standing between a dream life and rejection. Here's how you can be better at both.

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Love In Numbers: 10,000 Women Want Ryan Gosling's Babies

10,000 women want Ryan Gosling's babies: But the "Drive" actor just wants to make them with one lucky girl. 12 celebrities with naughty piercings (ouch!) 10 most stylish mommies-to-be. 8 ways to set yourself up for dating disaster. 3 reasons why he stopped texting you.

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A New Cell Phone That Will Make Out With You Is Being Created

It was only a matter of time beside someone decided to take sexting to the next level. A dude by the name of Fabian Hemmert, a designer at the Berlin University of the Arts, is working on three prototypes for phones that can give you actual physical affection that corresponds to the actions of the person on the other end of the line.

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One-Third Of People Say 'I Love You' Within A Week

The cool breezes of autumn may have you looking for something a bit more human than a pillow to snuggle with. As you start the hunt for fall romance—or continue with your current relationship—a new survey from the makers of Wet personal lubricants has a few tips to share.

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What Guys Think Links: Soul-Rattling Sex For Cool Autumn Nights

Why amazing sex should be a prerequisite, not a bonus. The freakiest women are sometimes the quietest. Which gender is lazier in bed? Can you teach someone to be better in bed or to like what you like? Moby wants to do porn. How to exit "the friend zone." How to get a guy to take a hint without hurting his feelings. Breaking hearts ain't what it used to be. Why daddy issues are a crock. And what if he wants babies and she doesn't.

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10 Signs You're A High-Maintenance Girlfriend

Women who demand respect often get exactly that. And why shouldn't they? We not only deserve it, we should expect it. But there's a tipping point when a woman's demands jump the shark from self-respecting to totally high maintenance, or, as I like to call it, highmay.

Can You Imagine A Life Without Sex?

Can You Imagine A Life Without Sex?

As someone who makes a living writing about, lecturing on, and loving sexual interaction, it's difficult to imagine a world where sex doesn't matter. I'm not saying such a world doesn't exist—it certainly does.