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Judge Gives Woman OK To Masturbate At Work

Well, it looks like somebody's Mondays just got a whole lot better. AOL reports that a Brazilian judge gave a female accountant legal entitlement to masturbate at work and watch porn on a company computer.

Study Says Power Leads Both Men And Women To Cheat

Study Says Power Leads Both Men And Women To Cheat

Unfaithful politicians are all over the headlines; just look at the tabloid history of Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer and John Edwards, all forced to suffer the repercussions of being caught with their pants around their ankles. But political figureheads aren't the only ones who cheat. Look at Tiger Woods. Or Donald Trump. They all have two things in common. First, their infidelity. Second, their positions of power.

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8 Interesting Stats From New 'Playboy' Sex Survey

News flash: the internet has changed sex! (Not the mechanics, obviously—but how you get to the sexy time, yes.) But really, think about what the interet has brought to love and sex: Porn! Naked pictures! Online dating! Wait, you already knew that? Probably, but the results of a new Playboy sex study are still worth a look.

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7 Date-Worthy Hat And Hair Accessory Trends For Summer

While you might be asking yourself who would want to wear a Beatrice-esque fascinator, there are actually a lot of pretty, and more subtle, versions on the market in muted colors and smaller accents. In fact, we're going to suggest you wear one. They're the season's hottest new trend in hats and hair accessories. Plus, we have six more great looks to consider for your summer dates.

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"10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders" List Sparks Online Mayhem

Well, this is uncomfortable: USA Today reports that the HoustonPress is under fire for publishing an article titled "The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List." To compile his favorites, writer Richard Connelly scoured the databases of 15 different counties to pick out the best in a batch of mugshots.

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What Guys Think Links: Friend Zones & Mood Music

Seventeen songs for getting sexy. The pros and cons of watching naked movies with your partner. Wedding night sex myths. Why having a really big penis sucks. Escaping the friend zone. Never buy him pajamas. One bro's foray into online dating. Why staying together is harder than breaking up.