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Is He Cheating On You Financially?

We all fear discovering an unfamiliar perfume lingering on our man's collar or a smudge of lipstick that isn't our shade, but sometimes his cheating isn't with another woman … it's with his wallet. Maybe you found a statement for a credit card you never knew existed, or suspect he's been blowing the cash you thought he was saving for retirement. When your faith in your partner's honesty and financial fidelity is shaken, how do you keep it from tearing your relationship apart? Manisha Thakor offers the following advice for coping after he's been fiscally unfaithful.

Have You Checked Facebook For Your Husband's Wife?

Have You Checked Facebook For Your Husband's Wife?

First, let's review: Last week, the mother of three from Cleveland was going only by "Megan" in a local TV report, and we can understand why. While it might sting to find out that an ex is now officially hitched via Facebook, it's another thing altogether to discover your current husband is not only having an affair, but that he married the Other Woman in a very public wedding at Disney World.

How To Wear The Color Men Love Most

How To Wear The Color Men Love Most

We're betting red dress shirts have been flying off the shelves since last week, when a study revealed that women are attracted to men in red. But the reverse is true, too—men go gaga over a woman in red. Here's how to update your look with the sexy shade that men love the most.

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Inception And Love: Dreaming About Your Ex

We admit that Inception really made us use our thinking caps. We left the theater with a number of burning questions: What is real, how is Joseph Gordon-Levitt so gosh darn adorable, and most importantly... what does it mean when you dream about an ex?

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Making The Most Of The Dating Game

You know when someone touches you for the first time? Not an incidental arm graze, but a meaningful, purposeful touch that says, "Hello, it is on." I was standing beside Tall Guy in Central Park, watching a softball game when he casually reached a tattooed arm around me and hooked his hand around the narrowest part of my waist, my favorite body part. Every nerve ending in my body jumped to attention. I think I let out an audible gasp. He pulled me closer to him and I instinctively laced my arm around his back. The non-verbal, "Oh yeah. I'm feeling it, too."

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How Is Your Marriage Different From Your Mother's?

We recently wrote about a study in which researchers found that divorce may run in the family. This study focused on the influence of siblings rather than parents, but that's probably because the parent-child connection is already so obvious. Of course children will model the relationships they've seen growing up. Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash, author of He's Just Not Your Type and That's a Good Thing, is writing a book about marriage, and this is one of the many areas she's doing research on. If you'd like to weigh in and be quoted in her latest book, tell us below: How is your marriage different from your mother's? And is that a good or a bad thing?

My Ex Was Abusive Like Mel Gibson

My Ex Was Abusive Like Mel Gibson

As a pop-culture voyeur, I do get a certain schadenfreude from listening. But as a woman, I also get a chill. Because brutal as those rants are, it took me a couple rounds before I finally said, "OK, I haven't heard that before." Because I have an abusive ex exactly like Mel, and I had tapes like Oksana's. And hearing it all again makes me just a teeny bit sick to my stomach.